Aahhh! Don’t you just love that leftist big-tent open-minded “tolerance” stuff?



We on the right are frequently criticized by The Left and its comrades in the allegedly mainstream media for pushing “moderates” out of the GOP.  The latest example is the coverage of the retirement announcement by Senator Olympia Snowe (RINO-Maine).  It was stunning AND newsworthy WHEN SHE DID VOTE WITH HER PARTY.   Of course, the media chimed in with a lecture about how we need to tolerate diverse opinions within the ranks of the GOP.  Tragically, GOP leaders often hang their head and nod in agreement with that nonsense.

The N&O, the main organ of the NC Democrat Party’s communications department, is today ho-humming reports of leftist retribution against two Democrat state legislators who committed the unpardonable sin of voting with a GOP majority FOR a budget that actually CUT taxes AND spending:

The state’s trial lawyers are buying a TV ad critical of Rep. William Brisson’s support of a bill last year that would have given broad protection to pharmaceutical companies against product liability lawsuits.

Brisson, who represents Bladen and Cumberland counties, is one of five conservative Democrats who bucked their party on a number of issues last year. Brisson was one of the primary sponsors of the drug-maker protection bill, although that provision was eventually stripped from the bill.

A Senate judiciary subcommittee is considering resurrecting that protection.

The TV ad by N.C. Advocates for Justice singles out Brisson:

“Should politicians give pharmaceutical corporations immunity when they sell harmful drugs? Representative William Brisson says yes. He took political contributions from pharmaceutical corporations and voted to give those corporations immunity. Immunity from personal responsibility. That’s wrong. Everybody should be accountable for their actions.”

Brisson has a Democratic challenger in the primary, but none in the general election.

State Rep. Jim Crawford (D) is also targeted in the sights of liberal interests:

Progress North Carolina ACTION today filed a complaint with the State Ethics Commission against Democratic Rep. Jim Crawford of Oxford, for using state legislative staffers on state time in a political commercial.

The ad grew out of a report on WRAL that noted that several legislative staffers were seen in the background of the House chamber in the ad. Crawford later confirmed that they were on state time when the ad was shot.

“Rep. Jim Crawford abused the power of his office for political gain,” said Gerrick Brenner, the group’s executive director. “We call on the Legislative Ethics Committee to begin an investigation as soon as possible.”

Crawford is a conservative Democrat who bucked the party’s leadership to join the Republicans to help pass a budget last year. He faces two Democratic opponents including Rep. Winkie Wilkins, who was thrown in the same district as a result of redistricting.

I am ALL for enforcing SOME ideological purity in the parties.  Put the people who want to cut taxes, government spending, and the reach of government in the GOP, and the rest who like government spending and an intrusive bureaucracy into the Democrat Party.   Let’s actually make the parties STAND for something.

But the leftists should stop demanding big-tent tolerance of ideological deviation from the Republicans while the Left’s comrades in the Democrat Party brutalize any of their officials who dare to embrace fiscal sanity.