Aaaaand NOW: A word from Dallas’s Grandpa …

The last time we saw him publicly, he was openly encouraging people to violate campaign finance law.  He’s been locked away since then, but someone felt obligated to let him out in the wake of Tuesday’s debacle to record a message to the NCGOP troops. (Of course, we got a copy.) 

Hayes starts off by thanking party volunteers and leaders for their work in a “challenging election season”:

[…] “There are no words to convey just how appreciative I am.  We won 95 of 170 legislative seats, held on to our 10-3 US House delegation, and passed four of six amendments.  […]

Prior to Tuesday’s vote, the GOP held 110 out of 170 legislative seats. Oh, and Wake and Mecklenburg counties each now have a grand total of ONE elected Republican representing them on Jones Street.  MORE:

[…] “While we lost a super-majority in both chambers, we held on to a strong governing majority in both chambers.  […]

“Strong governing majority”?  Before the election, the GOP had the numbers to run over the governor if he tried to veto anything.  Now, vetoes can be sustained by legislative Democrats.  MORE: 

[…]At this point, I estimate having 66-54 in the House, 29-21 in the Senate.  A difficult night in our statewide court races.  But in almost all those races, we faced a significant challenge on the ballot from additional non-endorsed Republican or third party candidates.  I would note that the combined total for both candidates identified as Republican in the state Supreme Court race was higher than the vote total won by the Democrat candidate that only won because a fake Republican split our vote.”[…]

*I bet that is quite a comfort for Justice Barbara Jackson as she cleans out her office in the Supreme Court chambers.*   In addition to new far-left nut job Justice Anita Earls we also have THREE more Democrat judges than we started the week with.  MORE:

[…]”We had a difficult night in some of the state’s largest counties.  It’s not a reflection on our party, our counties, or our candidates.  […]”

Soooooo  — Whose fault IS it?

[…] “The national GOP problem seen all over the United States — we’ll be working on [garbled] those areas in the next 24 months.  While our most challenging election in a decade, all in all it was pretty darn good. Not great. Not devastating. But we survived, and survived together. […]”

Aaaaaah — the buck stops SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Hmmm.  Some North Carolina counties, like very-competitive Lee County, had a great Republican victory on election day.  

I guess it all depends on WHO the generals are directing the action in the field.