Aaaaand NOW: A word from Dallas’s Grandpa …

The last time we saw him publicly, he was openly encouraging people to violate campaign finance law.  He’s been locked away since then, but someone felt obligated to let him out in the wake of Tuesday’s debacle to record a message to the NCGOP troops. (Of course, we got a copy.) 

Hayes starts off by thanking party volunteers and leaders for their work in a “challenging election season”:

[…] “There are no words to convey just how appreciative I am.  We won 95 of 170 legislative seats, held on to our 10-3 US House delegation, and passed four of six amendments.  […]

Prior to Tuesday’s vote, the GOP held 110 out of 170 legislative seats. Oh, and Wake and Mecklenburg counties each now have a grand total of ONE elected Republican representing them on Jones Street.  MORE:

[…] “While we lost a super-majority in both chambers, we held on to a strong governing majority in both chambers.  […]

“Strong governing majority”?  Before the election, the GOP had the numbers to run over the governor if he tried to veto anything.  Now, vetoes can be sustained by legislative Democrats.  MORE: 

[…]At this point, I estimate having 66-54 in the House, 29-21 in the Senate.  A difficult night in our statewide court races.  But in almost all those races, we faced a significant challenge on the ballot from additional non-endorsed Republican or third party candidates.  I would note that the combined total for both candidates identified as Republican in the state Supreme Court race was higher than the vote total won by the Democrat candidate that only won because a fake Republican split our vote.”[…]

*I bet that is quite a comfort for Justice Barbara Jackson as she cleans out her office in the Supreme Court chambers.*   In addition to new far-left nut job Justice Anita Earls we also have THREE more Democrat judges than we started the week with.  MORE:

[…]”We had a difficult night in some of the state’s largest counties.  It’s not a reflection on our party, our counties, or our candidates.  […]”

Soooooo  — Whose fault IS it?

[…] “The national GOP problem seen all over the United States — we’ll be working on [garbled] those areas in the next 24 months.  While our most challenging election in a decade, all in all it was pretty darn good. Not great. Not devastating. But we survived, and survived together. […]”

Aaaaaah — the buck stops SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Hmmm.  Some North Carolina counties, like very-competitive Lee County, had a great Republican victory on election day.  

I guess it all depends on WHO the generals are directing the action in the field.

11 thoughts on “Aaaaand NOW: A word from Dallas’s Grandpa …

  1. Those Wake and Mecklenburg Republicans did okay in 2016 when the Christian conservatives had their back with HB2. Then, with Hayes encouraging it, the leadership and those very legislators stabbed the Christian conservatives in the back. No wonder the Christian conservatives in those districts stayed home in 2018 and let those betrayers go down in flames, often by narrow margins. Hayes was part of the problem in those losses. Smart politicians know that a cardinal rule is “don’t piss on your base”, but Hayes, Moore, and Berger are NOT smart politicians. They would rather pander to the far left and the corporate bullies.

    Hayes worked the legislature to water down the influence of the grassroots with that ridiculous 30% threshold to avoid a primary runoff, but he could not be bothered to work the legislature to get proper partisan elections for our courts that would have saved our Supreme Court majority.

    Hayes is a failure and needs to go.

    1. I only disagree with one thing you have said: I consider the failures shoved down our throats acts of sabotage.

  2. A few things are going to turn NC Blue. Demographics and the education system are two of the most important and they ain’t changing. The urban areas are only growing and becoming bluer as they expand with those educated in liberal and leftist schools. Now more than half of all Americans do not pay taxes and receive more in benefits. California was once a Red state and so was Georgia,which will be Blue in a couple of elections.
    Florida will more than likely be Blue in 2020 as a major demographic shift has taken place there.
    The seeds of destruction were sown a few decades ago and several rang the alarm bell but were ignored. Now it is too late. There is no magic bullet or person to put the genie back in the bottle.

    1. You could say the same thing about a lot of other places that face the same demographic factors (except that outside the US, blue is the color of the right and red the color of the left), BUT it is the right that is charging forward. Look at elections this year in Austria, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Australia, Ontario, etc.

      In Ontario, Canada’s most industrialized and most populous province, the parliament went from 55-28 Liberal to 76-7 Conservative, for example. That was the result of a new leader, Doug Ford, taking the Conservatives much to the right of their previous positions.

      In Austria, the Social Democrats went from being the largest party and holding the chancellor (prime minister) to third largest, with two parties of the right taking both the number one and number two positions, and electing 28-year old Sebastian Kurz, a very outspoken conservative as the world’s youngest prime minister.

      This trend was repeated in other countries holding elections this year, in spite to similar demographics to those you point out.

  3. “More than half of Americans don’t pay taxes” can be attributed to the infamous Karl Marx. A graduated progressive INCOME tax is one of the 10 planks of Communism. “We the people” lost control of our destiny in 1913 with the passage of the 16th amendment.
    A flat consumption tax would envelope the rich, poor, all in between, tourist, crooks and yes Uncle Sam himself. Also the 85,000 page tax code would become just a memory along with the IRS. Sadly it would take the majority of 535 members of Congress, with
    steel backbone to make that happen. I cannot envision that at this point in time.
    Browny Douglas

  4. The failure of the GOP legislature to reform the UNC system is proving disastrous. the system is a leftist juggernaut that is fast turning NC blue. Republicans are totally clueless what is happening. Those Republicans who try to explain it to them are marginalized.

  5. A challenger is needed against the Hayes / Woodhouse team. This ongoing debacle needs to end.

    Will Jim Womack step forward again? If so, he will need a supporting group exposing the flaws of Hayes / Woodhouse. Womack did not go negative last time, and someone needs to be telling the true story of Hayes / Woodhouse. I say Womack has earned first crack at it.

    If not, we need to find another candidate. I wonder if John Blust would make the run?

      1. It has been somewhat unclear where Dan Berry stands within the party. Is he conservative or a RINO? Is he grassroots oriented or elite oriented? I had heard rumors at one time that he might be the elite endorsed crown prince of the Hayes group, but that rumor might be wrong.

        1. I have the same concerns expressed by GUWonder but I also have to give credit to Union county for giving us Congressman Mark Harris without the strong turnout for him in Union that would never have happened. Who is responsible for this I do not have that answer but I also have to say that driving down HWY 74 and seeing a big sign on the side of the road that said UNION GOP at there headquarters shows a really good prominent presence in the county for such a highly traveled road not sure who’s doing that was either but they should be commended on a nice classy display

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