A triumph of symbolism over substance

We’ve got rampant unemployment.  We are accumulating debt faster than our economy can produce value.  Our borders are being overrunconf by illegal immigrants.  ObamaCare is crippling the economy and killing what has been the greatest health care system in the world. And the drivebys and the politicians are focused on the Confederate flag. 

Yes, a 150 year old historical symbol — an artifact, if you will — is being blamed for all kinds of modern day crimes and other assorted social ills. All kinds of southern states are being brow-beaten into purging the flag from within their boundaries.  Retailers are banning the sale of items with Confederate imagery, while continuing to sell Black Panther and ISIS paraphernalia.  (They’ve even banished ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ from the airwaves!) Graves and statues of Confederate figures are seriously being considered for removal from their long-time official placements.  Republicans in Congress have even voted to ban placement of Confederate flags — one day per year at no govleeernment expense  — on the graves of actual Confederate veterans.   In North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory suggested ending the production of Confederate flag license plates — which likely led to the on-going run on them.

Yes, the left is trying to relive the Reconstruction and Civil Rights eras of our history.  And not one bit of this will do anything to help with the problems afflicting our nation.  Not one. 

Symbolism is all leftists have to go with.  Their signature agenda accomplishments have all been nightmarish failures.  FDR’s New Deal has resulted in a bloated federal bureaucracy and a mountain of debt. LBJ’s Great Society has resulted in our longest war ever for this nation — The War on Poverty.  The family structure — for blacks and whites — has been ripped apart.  Poverty and literacy and crime are worse than when it all got started.

Leftists tried to distract blacks from the overall failure of their agenda by coming up with this African Pride and whole African-American thing.  (Thanks to the sorry nature of our public schools, we now have a significant portion of a whole generation believing Africa is A COUNTRY.) 

If ONLY we had this much passion about repealing ObamaCare and securing our borders. The scary thing to think about is — Now that the left has won this one, what will they go after NEXT? 

8 thoughts on “A triumph of symbolism over substance

  1. The issue with the Confederate Flag was to cover-up their vote on the TPP that will destroy our already weak economy. The flag was a symbolism of Northern Aggression trying to take away states rights and even then they threw in the slavery issue to generate a war. Our entire government after the feds started bringing more states into the Union has been about controlling the population. The Northern states are still trying to control what happens in the South even when large numbers of Northerners leave to make a better life for themselves in the South. I will proudly fly the Confederate Flag as it is still part of our Southern Culture even though the government would like to destroy our culture. The government won’t be happy until it returns our nation to slavery for all individuals.

  2. Agree with Frances. Destruction of Property, stealing was done By North. Confederate Flag removed was Confederate Fag for Northern Virginia probable flag used at Gettysburg VA. NORTH Carolina Confederate Flag has no Cross but stars, stripes. Obama has ongoing Crises to distract from all The Failures!

  3. The last paragraph says it all and is the one we must heed. The answer is OUR CHILDREN with Common Core. And we are letting this happen!! How many of you really understand what this curriculum is, who is behind it and what the end result will be if it is not overturned?? How many of you are helping to stop it?? And do not give me the old “well homeschool” excuse. Homeschool curricula is aligned to common core–as are all of the standardized tests which homeschoolers have to take!! Do any of you know what is happening to American History? Do you know what APUSH is? Whitewashing our southern heritage is nothing compared to the complete whitewashing of our American heritage. Please read Dan Forrest’s op-Ed at http://www.ladyliberty.com. HE gets it.

  4. I have no use for our carpetbagger governor, Pat McCrory, or the worthless Republicans in Washington. They are pure and simple frauds, not conservatives.

  5. Here’s a prime example of why the Left’s “social justice warriors” are nothing more than brazen hypocrites, frauds, fakes, and plaster saints. So, mock them, loudly, at every opportunity, and never stop fighting them. Most of all, remember — they are hollow, soulless cowards, through and through, so don’t be afraid of them.

    Stand firmly on your principles, and don’t back down.

    Congressman Gohmert Reads “Slaver Flags of Islam” in Congress

    In his article, posted on Monday, July 13, 2015, Daniel Greenfield writes ~

    “Congressman Louie Gohmert read a portion of “Pull Down the Slaver Flags of Islam” on the floor of Congress which addresses the hypocrisy of censoring the Dukes of Hazzard while opening the doors to Islamic racism and other forms of supremacist bigotry and nostalgia for slave-owning cultures. . .

    If we are going to eradicate the symbols of every culture that ever traded in slaves, there will be few cultural symbols that will escape unscathed. But the academics who insist on cultural relativism in 19th century Africa, reject it in 19th century South Carolina thereby revealing their own racism.

    And so instead of fighting actual modern day slavery in Africa and the Middle East, social justice warriors are swarming to invade Hazzard County.”

    Read more at: http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/

  6. All of this is nothing more than an attack on southern conservative values. Sadly, the attack was initiated by the Republican Establishment which despises its southern base who are their most loyal voters. Governor McCrory has launched a vicious and vindictive crusade to destroy the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans, although probably 100% of its membership voted for McCrory. Go figure.

  7. Hey, the left and Obama are following the words of former advisor Rahm Emmanuel: “never let a crisis go to waste”. The Confederate flag non-issue is this month’s “crisis”.
    Anything to distract from the record of the worst president in American history (which at least got Jimmy Carter out of last place).
    While he rushes to call other families who were victims of perceived “injustice”, Obama has yet to call the family of Kate Steinle (the San Francisco woman murdered by a five times deported illegal alien).
    But never mind all that. We need to get rid of the Confederate flag!

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