A reality check for Fantasyland-on-the-Potomac

ellmers1We’re getting all kinds of stories from the drive-bys about how Renee Ellmers is saving the GOP from being perceived as “harsh” by millenials and young women. Never mind that she is now bitching about a pro-life bill identical to one she enthusiastically endorsed in 2013. 

You’re hearing a lot from establishment GOP types — including Prince Reince — about how the party just needs to tone it all down.  Stop talking about “messy stuff.”   Never mind that polls still show Americans oppose late-term abortion by 2-to-1.  *Even women and millenials.*

Last night, I encountered an example of just how the strategy by Ellmers and the DC crowd might be blowing up in their collective faces.  A friend of mine — a woman in her 20s who works as a nurse in a local hospital —  was watching a report on Ellmers’s derailing of the bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks.  She turned to me and said: “You know, we’ve got several babies at 20 weeks sitting in incubators in our hospital.  They’ve got arms., legs, faces AND hair.”queen

There you have it.  Someone — who Renee and the DC GOP allege to be so concerned about — sees the rationale behind the legislation the establishment is trying so hard to sweep away.

This bill in question was initially a response to the atrocities committed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell — a Philadelphia area doctor made famous for performing abortions at 7-8 months dumping baby corpses in dumpsters with pizza boxes, and  flushing baby body parts down toilets. He even snipped spinal cords of babies born alive.

Democrats didn’t even raise an objection to the stuff Ellmers now claims to object to.  Democrats didn’t really make waves about the late-term abortion legislation during the 2014 elections.  Many Democrats who refused to condemn late term abortion lost their seats. 

Perhaps the establishment wanted to deep-six this whole late-term abortion thingie, and saw the eager-to-please congresswoman as the perfect patsy to take the PR hit. If that is the case, it is truly a shame that our elected leaders are forsaking a matter of common decency and humanity for pure politics. 


4 thoughts on “A reality check for Fantasyland-on-the-Potomac

  1. The liberal Big Media and the party nomenklatura (an appropriate Soviet term for twerps like Priebus) willfully disregard the polling results which show their attempts to whitewash what Ellmers did are nonsense. Women and millenials, as well as most Americans supported this legislation that Ellmers sabotaged:


    Wendy Davis was Texas’ Abortion Barbie. Renee Ellmers is North Carolina’s Abortion Barbie.

    I read that the Susan B. Anthony List, which has supported Ellmers in the past is planning to take retribution against those in Congress who sabotaged this legislation. Good for them! I would fully expect National Right to Life to join in the effort to bring Ellmers down.

  2. If Renee trully has a nursing background then she is one messed up broad. She will probably vote with the Dems instead of either defunding Planned Parenthood which is a misnomer or still allow the feds to pay for all abortions at taxpayer expense. Last time I looked we are running out of taxpayers to pay for all these unconstitutional programs.

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