#ncpol: FXD for NC-03?

That’s the word we’re hearing — that former Civitas boss Francis X. DeLuca (FXD) is seriously contemplating a run for the congressional seat to be vacated by the retiring Walter Jones in 2020.

DeLuca, since leaving Civitas, has stepped up his media game in the district significantly.  He has a regular weekly appearance on at least one popular radio talk show in the district.  DeLuca also devoted an inordinate time pre- and post-retirement from Civitas speaking to Tea Party and other activist groups within the Third District.

It’s our understanding that DeLuca has also discussed a run with a number of political heavy-hitters on the ground in the Third.  

I’ve got mixed feelings on DeLuca.  He got in some good licks against some well-deserving targets while at Civitas.  But he was often way too soft on GOP malfeasance.  (Much of that, however, can  probably be blamed on the influence of his then-bosses Art Pope and John Hood.)

If DeLuca throws his hat in the ring, he will be the latest big political name in an already very crowded GOP primary field.  There are at least three sitting legislators — senator Harry Brown, Rep. Mike Speciale (and one other House member) — seriously contemplating runs for the seat.  NCGOP vice-chairman Michele Nix is also reported to be seriously eyeing a run for the Third.

It wouldn’t be a shock to see Phil Law and Scott Dacey — the runners up for the seat in May — back in the 2020 mix.  There may be others we haven’t IDed yet.  A lot more can happen over the next year to eighteen months.  

9 thoughts on “#ncpol: FXD for NC-03?

  1. It is always interesting, to a sitting NCGOP District Chairman, to read of the impending candidacy of someone in the press, instead of receiving a phone call with “what do you think about???”. Guess the old Boss Tweed system is dead and gone but I believe and know that District Chairs have a pulse on their electorate, as proven again this spring in CD3 and several others. 2002 is both tomorrow and a long way off…CD3 is also the graveyard of strong potential candidates for the US House. Let the best candidate win.

    1. In order to be a candidate, you have to be a candidate. Do not feel left out as I have not been talking with ANY political people in the 3rd!



  2. I have much respect for DeLuca. He has a great resume and certainly the contacts and ability to raise $$$. He has a lot of energy and is very likable. Nix is never going to make it.

  3. Does he have a residence in the 3rd District? DeLuca is a great conservative, as shown by his leaving Civitas when Obama Republican and fake conservative John Hood started trying to micromanage that organization. However, rural eastern North Carolina tends to be allergic to those seen as carpetbaggers.

  4. The establishment will be very well represented in that 2020 primary it appears.

    State Sen. Harry Brown of Onslow has made noises about running. He was a key player in bringing the lottery to NC and voted to repeal HB2, and he is a spender. On the other hand, he did work hard for the moratorium on wind turbines. He is a wealthy car dealer and would likely be well funded.

    Rep. Greg Murphy is one of the most liberal RINOs in the House, but would have lots of money from the medical community in Greenville. where he is a doctor. Murphy told his local GOP committee that his reason for seeking a House seat was to bring the Obamacare Medicaid expansion to NC, then tried to walk that back, and then flip-flopped back to sponsor a bill to do just that, which failed in the House. He was also the chief sponsor of bringing Michelle Obama’s “food deserts” program to North Carolina. Murphy has also been a supporter of Obama’s green energy push in North Carolina, and showed support for Obama’s LGBT agenda by voting to repeal HB2.

    Liberal Washington lobbyist Scott Dacey, who has demonstrated that he can raise lots of money from fellow DC lobbyists and special interests, may well come back for more. Dacey is a prolific contributor to liberal Democrats and a crony of the RINO establishment leadership in the House starting with John Boehner, so he would be an awful representative.

    Michelle Nix, who has transformed from the grassroots oriented conservative she was as a county chairman to an establishment apologist as NCGOPe vice chairman, is making noises about running. It is hard to say where she would raise money to run,

    On the conservative side, State Rep. Mike Speciale, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus is the name that is heard most often, and he has a pretty solid voting record across the board.

    1. Of the ones you mentioned Speciale stands out. I can’t see myself voting for any of the others.

      1. The real danger in this district is that with non-Republicans being able to vote in the primary and a totally absurd 30% standard to win a primary, we could end up with a nominee whom genuine party activists just cannot support in November. The insiders who engineered that 30% change have stabbed the party in the back big time. I’ll bet the Constitution Party will be watching this one.

        Maybe we need to talk Walter into running again.

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