Constitution Party closing in on NC ballot access

The Democrats and Republicans held a monopoly for so long on our state’s ballots.  The Libertarians got on.  The Green Party — much to Dallas Woodhouse’s delight — just got on.

Now, The Constitution Party — billed as an alternative for conservatives disgusted with the GOP — is closing in on earning a place on the state’s ballots.

According to the party’s official site, they need a total of 11,925 signatures on petitions to be submitted to the state board of elections.   According to the site, they — as of this writing — have 8500 signatures.

13 thoughts on “Constitution Party closing in on NC ballot access

  1. Help me understand how splitting the Conservative/Republican vote is a good thing. I’m as frustrated as you are.

    1. It is not. It heralds the end of the North Carolina Republican Party as we knew it. But it’s been a long time coming, and you can thank most of the present, and all of the past NCGOP District Chairmen for paving the road to the destruction of the NCGOP by joining ranks with the RNC/Mitch McConnell crowd who’ve come to openly target conservative candidates and conservative initiatives. In short, they’ve pretty much made it clear that there is no meaningful place for conservatives in the NCGOP.

  2. The Unaffiliated vote is the fastest growing category of voters in the state. They are looking for a place to ‘go’, that won’t play them for total suckers. The Constitutional Party might just be a viable home. I’m going to sign their petition. There’s absolutely nothing to lose.

  3. I know quite a few NC Republicans signing on with the Constitution Party. Rank and file conservatives are so fed up with RINO Republicanism that they feel they have no other place to go. I predict the Constitution Party is going to become very popular in NC. The Republican Establishment have no one but itself to blame for the coming decline of the GOP.

  4. Godspeed their efforts. North Carolina needs a conservative party. The Republican Party is not a reliable institution for conservative goals. We can thank our leadership for bringing us to this place. They have betrayed us.

  5. If the Constitution Party rapidly replaced the Republican Party, as the Reform Party did to the old Progressive Conservative Party of Canada a decade or so ago (and ultimately absorbed it, taking the Conservative Party name thereafter, dropping the word “progressive”), that would be one thing, but a protracted three way fight could be a disaster for conservatives.

    What concerns me is the prospect of a Constitution Party candidate taking votes from a US Senate nominee Mark Meadows or a Governor nominee Dan Forest, letting a Democrat win. Even if the party leadership did not want to challenge such a solid conservative, the Democrats could get a ringer to switch parties and file. Anybody registered in the party can file as a primary candidate.

    Of course, no one would shed a tear over the Constitution Party challenging some of our RINO oongresscritters or wannabees. Indeed, should Pittenger or Dacey win their primaries, I would expect them to be top targets of the Constitution Party. Ditto some of our RINOs in the General Assembly.

    1. Well then, the General Assembly Republican Caucuses had better tweak the law to permit dual nominations, like they allow the New York GOP and New York Conservative Parties to do, while they have the opportunity to do so. That way, the NC Constitution Party has the option of nominating a Mark Meadows should they so choose.

  6. I too fear splitting the vote. I’ve heard that Kasich is considering an independent run in 2020. That would guarantee a Democrat win. As much as I agree with the Constitionslist Party, Is rather work to get their candidates to win the GOP primaries

  7. Someday some party is going to have to conjure up enough courage and integrity to identify to an ignorant public when a ringer steps into the arena and files under their banner. I’m not interested in being part of a party only willing to stand up and say rah rah for the team. If it doesn’t mean anything more than that then it doesn’t mean much.

  8. If you live in Eastern North Carolina and want to sign the petition Please contact me. I will get a petition in your hand. You can email me at I will be at the polls in New Bern in the afternoons and all day Saturday. We will be at the Shad Festival in Grifton and the Pickle Festival in Mount Olive. We will be at the New Bern gun show April 28-29.

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