#ncpol: Goodwin, NCDems “overselling” 2018 tidal wave?

The crew at North Carolina Democrat Party HQ is aggressively pushing the idea, on social media and with the help of their drive by media pals, of a Jones Street takeover in 2018. Unfortunately, for the gang at HQ, their own elected are not buying the spin.  At least, that’s the message I got from the handful of Dem “honorables” I encountered while traversing the holiday party circuit. (Believe it or not, I know some.)

One from Jones Street told me:

“I think the whole tidal wave idea is being oversold by the party.  I don’t see it, frankly.  I think the Republicans will still have a majority when the smoke clears in November.  But I think we’ll make some inroads in Charlotte and Raleigh — the Dollar seat, the Malone seat.”

It’s pretty clear that the GOP base is not happy with congressional and legislative Republicans right now.  Can’t Democrats take advantage of that?

The “honorables” I spoke with said the NCGOPe will counter that problem with some constitutional amendments on the 2018 ballot.  (The marriage amendment sure helped gin up turnout when it was on the ballot.)

One “honorable” I spoke with told me — I still don’t know if he was joking — that one of the proposed amendments to the state constitution will seek to establish “a right to hunt and fish.”


8 thoughts on “#ncpol: Goodwin, NCDems “overselling” 2018 tidal wave?

  1. but if Dallas and Grandpa keep sending out such moronic emails from HQ to get the GOP base active then the D’s will have a easier time…. can you say spam folder

  2. My sources suggest that your sources are spot on, which is to say, there will likely be a blue ripple. But losing the veto-proof super-majority IS a big deal for both sides, and that is much more than possible. Ten months is a long time in politics.We all know how good those folks down at 1506 Hillsborough Street are, at losing majorities and governor’s mansions.

  3. The sad thing is that our clueless leadership is too good at shooting themselves in the foot. There are rumblings they may try to end election of judges and make them political appointments instead. That would infuriate the base. They have already put themselves in a position that they are not trusted by many Christian conservatives when they sided with Soros and the far left and repealed HB2. They need to do some very serious damage control there with the GOP base, and I hope they comprehend that. They need to concern themselves with what the folks back home want, not the demands of the insiders in Raleigh.

    In ;quite a few districts, some new faces from primary challenges may improve the strength of the GOP ticket, by replacing some out of touch establishment types with candidates more attuned to the GOP base.

    1. Hey…
      They need to leave the judges election alone .Whet they need to go back doing is rotating the Superior Court judges from county to county like it used to be and the State senate needs to approve the bill to combine Robson county and Scotland County into one judiciary District would say the states in a lot of money .

  4. I am afraid Dallas and Grandpa are going to focus on keeping their power. Their liberal circle in Raleigh and across the state are misreading the public. If us commoners show up and vote, Dallas and Grandpa will look like fools in November. However, that focus on themselves will cost us some critical conservative seats. After November, the door will be open for a revolution in party leadership.

  5. Just for kicks google search: Indivisible: Flip NC; also go on FB and do the same. They embrace the Tea Party Movement of Conservatives and now have developed their own progressive liberal counterpart.

    1. “Indivisible” is just Antifa without the violence – a very far left bunch of Bolsheviks.

      Unfortunately, the left is pumped up for this election, and our side is in the doldrums from our leadership not pushing the conservative agenda. The failure to repeal Obamacare and the repeal of HB2 has disillusioned too many of our people. We need to get on our game and our leadership needs to start leading and in the right direction. One start would be to move the gun rights bill that is bottled up in committee in the State Senate. The 2nd amendment crowd is an important part of our base and they are getting increasingly restive over the leadership’s failure to move that bill.

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