NC drivebys covering up sexual misconduct? (*YA DON’T SAY!!!*)

Yessirree.  North Carolina’s, um, “favorite” geriatric driveby — rumored to be the inspiration for the title character in “Weekend at Bernie’s”  (filmed on NC’s Bald Head Island, Figure 8 island, Kure Beach,and Wrighsville Beach, for what it’s worth) — is wowing us again with a political shocker: Drivebys  cover up  misconduct by their favorite pols.

(In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t play that game ’round these parts.)

And Rob Christensen ought to know about that.  He followed John Edwards around for a year — starry-eyed — as the Raleigh ambulance-chaser cum-senator ran for president in 2008.  The whole time — Rob failed to notice the blonde with the video camera who — we later learned, THANKS to The National Enquirer — had been knocked up by Edwards while his wife was home dying of cancer.

Rob spends this column waxing fondly about the state media’s long history of overlooking bad behavior.  In reality, it’s a crystal clear admission of how badly we’ve been failed by the people allegedly employed to keep us informed and preserve The First Amendment.  (And why certain newspapers are having to practically give their paper away these days in order to knock up their circulation numbers.)

3 thoughts on “NC drivebys covering up sexual misconduct? (*YA DON’T SAY!!!*)

  1. A certain former Democrat powerhouse in Raleigh whose name begins with a B was well known to accept being set up with a woman by lobbyists as the preferred form of bribe, while he kept his wife at home down east and away from his doings in Raleigh. This went on for years and everyone around the legislature knew it. There is little doubt that Rob did, too.

  2. This is quite the laugh-fest. First the whole past-tense point of view is laughable as if sexual harassment stopped in the 1960’s. Then, Rob completely ignores how he did the exact same thing very recently.

  3. Whoever gets to deliver my eulogy and whenever that time comes… I humbly ask that it be noted that I – AgentPierce – came up with both …. Reverend “Bully” Barber AND Rob “RielleWho” Christensen.

    OK… and Chancellor “Chihuahua” Folt and John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque too.

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