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#ncga: Bill tying Dale Folwell’s hands on state health plan slated for committee action Tuesday

  State treasurer Dale Folwell simply wants to introduce a little transparency into the relationship between health care providers and the state health plan: share some specifics about what you’re billing the plan, work with Folwell’s team to help control costs, and continue to be part of the team.      (Management of the state health plan was passed over to the state treasurer’s office some years back by the…

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#ncpol: The party of Medicaid Expansion ????

  Yep.  The crew that convinced all those elected Republicans in Raleigh to become WHORES for subsidized solar shysters is now working to convince the NCGOP to include Medicaid expansion in that embrace.   SO sayeth ‘Toilet boy’ at the NC Insider:         You may remember that Shumaker and Stewart were the duo that saddled the NCGOP (and the rest of us taxpayers / ratepayers) with that…

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Moore County commissioners lash out at county’s state legislators

  It’s been rare to see something like this in collegial, get-along  Republican Moore County.  But here it is, in a prepared statement from Moore County government: Senator Tom McInnis and Representatives Jamie Boles and Allen McNeill did not inform the Moore County Board of Commissioners regarding bills they recently sponsored, Senate Bill 190 and House Bill 281, respectively, authorizing the commissioners to create a special tax district for the…

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#ncga: House’s anti-Folwell bill sitting in Murphy’s Health committee

  Remember how we told you about the hospital lobby drafting a bill clipping treasurer Dale Folwell’s wings and passing out a lot of cash to get the House to move on it?   The bill restricts the treasurer’s ability to manage the state health plan.  (A number of years back,  the health plan was moved into the realm  of the state treasurer because too many legislators were making mischief…

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#ncga: House bill seeks in-state tuition for illegal aliens

  Check out HB 319 filed on Thursday.  Sure, its sponsors are a bunch of Democrats. Sure, it’s filed in a Republican-controlled chamber.  But with a smaller majority, and a lot of stinkin’ Tilli$$$ Republicans slithering around,  ANYTHING is possible. The “In-State Tuition Equity Act” would grant  in-state admission status  to UNC system campuses and the state’s community colleges.  So, kids who have flouted this country’s  citizenship and immigration and…

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#ncpol: N&O’s ‘Randy Andy’ breaks from Twitter to lead new driveby assault on GOPer

  The newest kid on the block at The N&O has learned that place’s playbook very quickly and very well.  You’ll typically find Paul A. “Andy” Specht on social media posting selfies, hawking subscriptions to his employer’s money-bleeding, dying flagship publication, or generally making snarky comments about GOPers.   In other words, carrying on the legacies of John Frank and Colon “Toilet Boy” Campbell quite effectively.  Andy’s latest contribution to driveby…

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The next scandal to smack Raleigh

  To get a preview, just look at what’s already happening south of our state border: Horry County Schools’ $220 million deal with a contractor to build five new schools prompted a state law enforcement investigation, the district revealed Tuesday in a statement.   The statement also reveals that communication between the CEO of First Floor Energy, the contractor selected to design the schools, and a contracted school board attorney…

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#ncpol: See the Influence-peddler for “struggling rural hospitals” whine and moan about his luxury Caribbean vacation.

It must be tough being a pampered, overpaid Raleigh influence-peddler.  Here’s one right now apparently complaining  about how tough his life is: Let me translate.  @Adam Stewart is the Twitter account for the deputy chairman of Sandals Resorts — the famed all-inclusive vacation chain with locations throughout The Caribbean.  One of their properties is called “Royal Barbados.” Here is the apparent owner of the @SelectSandy account: And last but certainly…

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#ncga: Even more RATS pile on Folwell in the House

  We told you earlier about a bill promoted — and likely drafted by — the hospital lobby to screw over treasurer Dale Folwell.   Well, the list of weasels and rats putting their names on the bill is getting bigger.  Some folks apparently owe the hospital lobby much more than we realized.  Here’s an updated list of the sponsors: Rep. Chris Humphrey (R) — Mr. right place, right time….

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#ncga: They came for your mopeds. They came for your grass clippings. NOW they want your kid’s bike.

  The remnants of the ‘conservative revolution’ in Raleigh sure are sounding a lot like the flaming bags of poo we threw out in 2010.  There must be something about getting closer to all that taxpayer and lobbyist ca$h that make you want to get deeper into other people’s business, pilfer away more of their hard-earned cash, and not give one damn about cutting the size or scope of our…