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‘Electioneering’ rule bites Democrat recommendations for SBoE

  Democrats got two NCGOP nominations for the state board of elections thrown out, and it appears Republicans are returning the favor.   Wake County elections board member Greg Flynn (also a liberal activist and blogger), and Valerie Johnson have been knocked out of consideration for the new board, which…

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NC-09: Robeson Democrat goes dark, still hasn’t filed final campaign report

A Robeson County school board member running for NC Senate in November — who appears to have been a significant vehicle for disbursing payments to GOTV “consultants” — has not communicated officially with the state board of elections since October 30 and has not submitted his final campaign finance report….

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Green card holder registered to vote (and VOTED) in Columbus County

Those folks fighting tooth and nail to block voter ID — claiming there is no fraud at the polls — will be left sputtering by this story: A federal judge has chastised election officials in North Carolina who let a Korean woman with a green card vote in three elections….

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#ncga: OVERRIDE !!!!

We saw something today we’re not likely to see much of over the next two years:  an overridden veto.   The House and Senate overrode Roy Cooper’s veto of HB 1029 — legislation to reform the state board of elections and ethics commissions.  The bill basically rolled back the clock…

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Monkey Business Report: Fake PAC gets Dem GOTV $$$ in Robeson County

The national media and their patrons in the Democrat Party are fixated on Bladen County and alleged Republican electoral malfeasance there.  Meanwhile, next door in Robeson County, there was a significantly larger sum of money — and a larger cast of characters — involved than there was in the McRae Dowless…

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ASK and ye shall RECEIVE …

We raised questions earlier about why election day shenanigans in Bladen County were being scrutinized, but monkey business across the border in Robeson County has not.  According to reports in the national media, THAT may be changing: North Carolina election officials are investigating possible irregularities with absentee ballots in the…

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‘Toilet Boy,’ The N&O and Incompetence.

*Talk about three things that go GREAT together. * The N&O’s Colon Campbell — renowned for his blockbuster HB2 disinformation extravaganza — is doing his best to whip up hysteria among the public, carry leftist water, and just plain lie to the dwindling number of people who still read his…

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[#ncpol] Professor Dave & GK: Investigate the investigation.

Legislators packed the great majority of North Carolina’s kooks who managed to register to vote into three congressional districts. Satan could register as a Democrat and STILL win by 70 percent. The result?  G.K. Butterfield, David Price, and Alma Adams (who struggles with counting). Butterfield and Price are demanding a…

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Time to lawyer up?

It looks like that might be the way forward for the newly-minted Constitution Party.  Here’s their spokesman Joe Guarino: Yesterday, I had reported here that the General Assembly’s override of Governor Cooper’s veto of “sore loser” legislation would potentially affect nominations the Constitution Party of North Carolina had already submitted…

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Aaaand the nominees ARE ….

The newly-minted Constitution Party of North Carolina held its nominating convention this weekend.  Joe Guarino, a friend of The Haymaker and the boss at The Triad Conservative, is the new party’s treasurer.  He has identified on his blog the TEN candidates who have received the party’s blessings to run under…