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#ncga: House bill seeks in-state tuition for illegal aliens

  Check out HB 319 filed on Thursday.  Sure, its sponsors are a bunch of Democrats. Sure, it’s filed in a Republican-controlled chamber.  But with a smaller majority, and a lot of stinkin’ Tilli$$$ Republicans slithering around,  ANYTHING is possible. The “In-State Tuition Equity Act” would grant  in-state admission status  to UNC system campuses and the state’s community colleges.  So, kids who have flouted this country’s  citizenship and immigration and…

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$$$-strapped ECU med school drops $10 mil. on FOOTBALL

It seems like just yesterday that the Brody Medical School at East Carolina was bemoaning its tight finances and seeking MORE government funding. Actually, it was a mere TWO years ago. Now, we’re hearing that the med school is going to do its part to bail out the struggling ECU football program: East Carolina University has designated $20 million in university money to settle a deficit in its athletics budget…

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The ‘Cultural Revolution’ comes calling in Carolina

The Chi-Coms orchestrated a massive purge in the early-to-mid 20th century to eradicate any all all capitalist, bourgeoisie, and / or “traditionalist” elements from Chinese culture.  American leftists are trying it here with attacks on Confederate monuments and our nation’s Founding Fathers.  In North Carolina, we’ve seen it in the attacks on the Silent Sam war memorial in Chapel Hill, the war memorial statue in Durham, the forced name change…

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Cultural Appropriation: *”Isn’t that special?”*

We’ve filled you in previously on the very “special” counsel to GOP legislative leaders.  From picking a fight with me, to bashing Donald Trump, to apparently blessing the works of our local social justice warriors, Brent Woodcox continues to amaze and dumbfound.   Some background first on this latest episode: And here’s our favorite Amazon warrior princess — and right-thinking blogger — Raleigh’s Lady Liberty giving us the 411 on…

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Char-Meck schools go ‘gangsta’ on N. Meck taxpayers

Not so long ago, we were told how terrible it was to crack down on local governments.  (Something about bathrooms and cross-dressing.) Well, that apparently only applies if sane folks are hassling the liberal counter-culture. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools has dropped a bomb on taxpayers in North Mecklenburg that even The Charlotte Observer finds offensive: […] The most reckless public officials in Charlotte were at it again Tuesday, escalating a fight that…

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Effort afoot to return controversial edu-crat to Lee County?

Dr. Jeff Moss has a way of stirring things up wherever he goes.  Until 2013, Moss had a stormy tenure as superintendent of schools in Lee County, North Carolina.  He left that position in  2013 to take the superintendent job in Beaufort County, South Carolina.  Earlier this year, Moss left the Beaufort job. Meanwhile, there is  a search on for a new president of Central Carolina Community College in Lee…

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RINO rage over DPI’s Johnson

I was a little lukewarm about Mark Johnson when I first met him during the 2016 primary campaign.  But since he’s been in office, he’s done a bang-up job of getting on the last nerve of all the right people. Here’s the latest: The fight over who is running North Carolina’s public schools remains unsettled, with both the State Board of Education and Superintendent Mark Johnson insisting they’re in charge….

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#ncga: It’s gettin’ all STUPID up in here.

Keith Poston, a guy who used to run communications for the state prison system when the Democrats ran Raleigh, is now the head guy for something called The Public School Forum of North Carolina — which is little more than a mouthpiece for all of the leeches who devote their lives to sucking as much taxpayer revenue as possible out of state coffers in the name of the lil’ chil’ren….

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#ncga: Charity calls out Tarte on his PORK

I thought it was unusual to see $200,000 tucked away in the recent budget agreement for “classroom supplies.”   Those are normally appropriations handled by local governing entities — city councils, county commissioners, and school boards. The budget agreement even cited a charity called DonorsChoose to handle the allocation of the funds. It was even more curious to see that the money was only earmarked for certain schools in the…

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#ncga: The public schools as LANDLORD ???

Some of the same people who spent the last few days hollering about the schools being “starved”  NOW want the public schools managing and renting “affordable housing ” to teachers and other school employees. (*Holy Mr. Roper, Batman!*) Some Durham area Democrats filed HB 936 on May 17th.  It allows Durham County schools to provide “affordable housing” to the system’s teachers and employees. Hmmm.  There is apparently money available to…