The SCC Files: No one wants to claim ownership of DEI “training” event at the college.

It’s amazing how the politicos and the apparatchiks scatter when someone turns the lights on.

We already told you about a DEI propaganda event, thinly disguised as “workforce training”, has been scheduled to occur on the campus of Sandhills Community College in August.  Marketing materials assign sponsorship credit to organizations such as Moore County’s Board of Education, the county’s economic development board, the Moore County Chamber, and the college itself.

Almost immediately, folks affiliated with those organizations began fielding tough questions.  Multiple Sandhills Community College trustees confirmed to us that they were not briefed about this event, nor did anyone seek authorization for the college to sponsor the event.

Here is Moore County Board of Education chairman Robert Levy responding to questioners on Facebook:

So, where does someone get off claiming — without permission from a person in authority —  an organization (1) OKed the use of its logo on marketing material, and (2) is an event sponsor?

Here is the full list of local sponsors and partners for the August event:

(The Small Business Center is also part of Sandhills Community College.)  

The release promoting the event also cited something called The Lumina Foundation as a sponsor.  The following screenshot from their website should give you plenty of clues as to where they fall on the political spectrum.

The college’s logo on this event’s promotional material continues to seriously raise questions about the commitment of Sandhills Community College to remove the stink of DEI from its campus.

If you are a Moore County Chamber member, your membership dues are likely being used to pay for this nonsense.  Moore County taxpayers also deserve some reassurance that their hard-earned tax dollars are not being used to pay for this kind of nonsense.

DEI is about dividing us into racial, gender, and other politically-approved categories. It’s anti-capitalist.  It’s also about punishing a significant chunk of our society for alleged past wrongdoings that modern-day citizens had little to no involvement in.  We need to push for a society that encourages hard work and offers rewards based on merit. No reparations. No special favors.