#NCGOP: “We spend MORE than the Democrats. Vote for US!”

I never thought I’d see the day where the Republican Party bashed the Democrats for opposing increased spending.  But here’s Dallas:

[…] Dallas Woodhouse, the state Republican Party executive director, said the party’s list of targeted districts will expand depending on this week’s budget votes. The GOP will look hard at defeating Democrats representing districts with high numbers of state employees, he said.

Democrats can’t say they want more spending on education and higher state employee wages and then vote against a budget that provides that, Woodhouse said.

“The Democrats voting no on this budget, while bad for the people of North Carolina, will absolutely expand our target list,” he said.

“If they don’t vote for it, they suffer the consequences.”[…]

4 thoughts on “#NCGOP: “We spend MORE than the Democrats. Vote for US!”

  1. Why the party lets this goober anywhere near the media is beyond me. He should go back to his old job as a janitor at the State Fair. Here is a good example of why Woodhouse should be kept away from the media:


    Until the current regime, it was always the state chairmen who represented the party with the media, and they did not say things that upset the base like Woodhouse does.

    1. honestly at this point who wants to give the NCGOP $70 to attend the state convention?

  2. @John Steed & Patrick: I agree with you both. Between Woodhouse and Michelle Nix the NCGOP is being dragged into the gutter. I wouldn’t spend 70 cents to attend the state convention, much less $70.

  3. On one level, it is a smart strategy to use this issue to go after Democrats in somewhat marginal districts with a lot of state employees.

    But saying that to the media is dumb as a brick. One, it alerts potential targets to build up their defenses to such a line of attack, and two, it tells our base that our party really does not stand for anything. After things like the repeal of HB2, that only hurts motivation of our voters to turn out in the election.

    Blabbing this to the media shows that Woodhouse does not have the brains that the Good Lord gave a cockroach.

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