#ncga: Cook retirement sparking a coastal GOP battle royale?

Popular state senator Bill Cook (R-Beaufort) confirmed to the drivebys what we all knew to be inevitable.  Redistricting put him into a very Democrat district already represented by a Democrat incumbent. 

He could have slugged it out in a quixotic manner, but he decided to retire from the General Assembly on a high with his head held up.  To local political observers, Cook has been an important, effective public servant who has done a great job to grow the GOP’s influence in a district that used to be dominated by Marc Basnight’s Democrat machine. 

Early in this current redistricting process, GOP state Rep. Bob Steinburg (Edenton) made it clear he was leaving the House and aiming for a new coastal senate district that includes much of Cook’s current constituency. 

Steinburg IS an A-Number-One solar goon who has been passionate about state mandates and subsidies for wind and solar power. (You know, things that please liberals and jack up our power bills.)  He’s been close to House leaders, despite his less-than-stellar attendance record for votes.  

Steinburg has been in the House since 2013.  That year, he earned an 82% conservative rating from Civitas.  He dropped to 70% in 2014 and 68% in 2015. He earned a 71% rating in 2016 and 72% for 2017.

Small-government types along the coast, I’m told, are less than enthusiastic about being repped by Steinburg on Jones Street.  Many of them have been looking for options.  They MAY have found one in Dare County businessman Clark Twiddy. 

Twiddy has been exploring the idea of running to succeed Dan Forest as lieutenant governor.  Twiddy is a friend of Forest’s, and I am told is a Republican in Forest’s mold.  They have worked together on the state community college board. 

He’s also known as a friend and ally of outgoing senator Cook.

Twiddy is a US naval intelligence veteran who has been working for years in his family’s successful business on The Outer Banks.

The full-court press is on to convince Twiddy to change his focus from Lieutenant Governor to state senator.  I am told Twiddy is listening to all-comers, and is promising a decision on this matter shortly after The Labor Day holiday.  (We’ll be watching this one.)



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  1. john steed
    August 30, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Steinburg is an Obama Republican. Twiddy would be a breath of fresh air.

  2. J.P. Jones
    August 30, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    Phil Berger and the Senate Redistricting Committee have now proclaimed Beaufort County is no longer a coastal county. With Republican friends like we have in Raleigh, we don’t need enemies.

    • GUWonder
      September 1, 2017 at 10:50 am

      If you are no longer a coastal county, then shouldn’t they mandate that you be taken out of that high wind insurance area, too?

      • J.P. Jones
        September 1, 2017 at 11:19 am

        Naw. I’d bet money they wouldn’t do that. But it’d sure be nice not seeing my hard earned money flying away in the wind.

  3. Myron Smith
    August 31, 2017 at 1:59 am

    Senator Bill Cook Supporting NC Commercial Fishermen and other needs for the Coastal regions of NC. Senator Cook’s district areas should have remained. Have Republicans in NC Legislator sold out to the NC CCA, Coastal Conservation Association which only represents .0013 % of NC Recreational Fishermen? This is what Robin Hayes did which prevented past Governor Pat McCroy with the Toll Road costs in Charlotte area and Destruction of NC Commercial Fishing Industries. We will lose a Great Senator Bill Cook. Hope Clark Twiddy wins. NC Representatives like the donations of the CCA!!!

  4. Raphael
    August 31, 2017 at 10:14 am

    It would seem to me that Clark Twiddy would be in a much better position to run for Lt. Governor in 2020 as a sitting State Senator than as a mere civilian. Twiddy is an impressive candidate.

  5. J.P. Jones
    August 31, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Observe Bob Steinburg (the one smiling like a Cheshire cat with the conservative F grade). He plays ball with the leadership and their donors, such as the solar power industry, so he gets rewarded. Bill Cook represents his district. And oh my Lord, is a conservative, too. Of course, GOP leadership concludes: Cook out; Steinburg in!

  6. Mark Harris
    August 31, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Clark, please run, please. Steinburg needs to be defeated. He has done nothing to help the conservative movement.

    • Holly Audette
      September 1, 2017 at 10:42 pm

      Please note, Dr. Mark Harris, candidate for Congress has confirmed this is not his post.

  7. Cicero
    August 31, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    Clark needs to run against Steinburg, he would have my full support. Bob Steinburg is known as one of the rudest members in the caucus, aside from that, his voting record proves he is no conservative. All instances I’ve witnessed where someone questions his motives, he is increasingly hostile — this is not a quality of a true public servant. The outer banks, eastern nc, and our fishermen deserve better.

  8. Raynor James
    August 31, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    These people (makers of remarks above) get it – especially Myron Smith. Senator Cook certainly deserved better as did the people he represented. However, if Twiddy is as represented, I hope he wins and wins big! THAT might show the bad guys a thing or two.

  9. AL Gore
    August 31, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Why are you conservatives so upset with Bob Steinburg? Just because he values the comfort of the polar bears more than he does the ability of rednecks in northeastern North Carolina to afford their electric bills? Steinburg has done great work fighting for President Obama’a green energy legacy and for the polar bears. . That he votes against the state GOP platform on wind and solar energy makes him a real hero to those of us in the hard core environmental movement.

  10. John Daniels
    August 31, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    Steinburg is far from what I expect of a statesmen. He was very rude when I first met him. He didn’t care of what I was talking about. He talked over me the entire time. I’ve never voted for him since. Fortunately Senator Cook was and is always willing to listen and actually help us with the issues we were or are facing up against. If Senator Cook supports Mr. Twiddy, then that is who I most certainly will support. Thank you Senator Cook for standing up for us in the Legislature and keeping your word to actually voting to christian conservative values.

    • Holly Audette
      September 1, 2017 at 11:02 pm

      Where and when did you first meet Rep. Steinburg Mr. “Daniels”?

    • Representative Bob Steinburg
      September 2, 2017 at 1:43 pm

      When was that John and what was the issue? If you trated me with kindness and respect you got it back. If you dodnt, you got back what you served up.

  11. Raphael
    August 31, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    I hope Republicans actually want to hold on to this Senate seat, even though the geniuses on the Redistricting Committee have made that a good bit harder. With the right candidate running the right campaign it should stay Republican in spite of their weakening it for the GOP.

    When the old 1st had two new general election candidates running in the district for the first time in 2012, it was a photo finish that went to a recount which Bill Cook won by a razor thin majority. Now the Redistrciting Committee has removed the district’s largest county, Beaufort, which votes about 60% Republican, and replaced it with 4 other counties, the largest of which, Hertford, is heavily Democrat and two of the others lean Democrat.

    Bill Cook won the first time because he had a good record as a State Rep. with no political baggage that hurt him in the Senate race, he ran a very active campaign with a lot of personal contact, and he is a very outgoing campaigner who comes across extremely well one on one. In the next two elections, his strength as a candidate and record as a legislator powered him to much stronger majorities bby pulling in more of the swing vote..

    With the changes to the district, there is no room for error in the 2018 race. We need a candidate with solid campaign skills, who has no baggage that will hurt him with the GOP base or with swing voters, and who will spend the time Bill Cook did out on the hustings. Particularly important is Dare County with a big concentration of swing voters.

    Clark Twiddy has demonstrated in his appearances in his bid for Lt. Governor that he has the people skills as a campaigner, and he carries no issue baggage that I am aware of. He comes from Dare County, where he is well and favorably known, meaning he should hold the all important swing vote there.

    As others have mentioned, there is a real question about the people skills of Bob Steinburg as a campaigner, and his baggage from voting left on wind and solar will hurt him with elements of both the GOP base and swing voters. This is a big issue in several counties in that district, with Currituck being the first county in the state fo place a moratorium on solar, and huge grassroots opposition to wind in Perquimans and Chowan..I cannot see any way that Steinburg would have the appeal to the big crop of swing voters in Dare County that Twiddy would.

    In short, I am fairly confident that Twiddy could hold this seat for the GOP, even the way it has been butchered in redistricting, but I have serious doubts that Steinburg could. If we want to win, then Twiddy is the man.

    • September 1, 2017 at 8:25 am

      VERY I interesting hit piece on me by this blog. Interesting that Civitas last rankings scored me st 36th. Most conservative in the House out of 120 members. Go ahead and do g the conservative praises of Clark Twiddy if you like but the folks in my district will not support a candidate who gave significant money to Roy Cooper for Governor in 2016 and when he ran for AG in 2012. His family has supported ST
      AN WHITE, Elaine Marshall, Marc Basnight and a host of other Democrats for decades. As for my conservative credentials I sponsored HB2 and never surrendered. There are no more subsidies in NC for Renewables and I cast a vote for ending them. I support economic investment for many of the poor counties I represent putting tools in the box for commissioners to use or not…their choice. I won’t apologize for that. This is all about keeping Jordan Hennesey pulling the strings in Dare County. He already controls Rep. Nev Boswell, who has a 64 Conservative Civitas ranking a d he plans on cuckolding Mr. Twiddy in the same manner. Folks in Dare are sick of it. I am ready to face Clark Twiddy or anyone else in my District for this,seat. I have won by huge margins by working for all the people I represent. It is,a winning formula that I plan on continuing to utilize. You think Republicans in the north east will buy into this narrative and support someone who has given to Democrats including to Roy Cooper in the critical 16 election for Governor? Think again

      • Representative Bob Steinburg
        September 1, 2017 at 9:12 am

        Civitas scored .e 26th most Conservative in the House, not 36th as I errantly tupoed.

        • Representative Bob Steinburg
          September 1, 2017 at 9:22 am

          Twiddy supported Roy Cooper for Governor with a hefty check. Also for AG in 12. The same Cooper who pounded us on HB2 WHICH I sponsored and remained steadfastly in support of throughout and who wants our historic monuments torn down. No true Conservative is going to support anyone who supported Cooper in any way. You can book it.

          • Toxhandler
            September 2, 2017 at 6:38 am

            No true conservative would ever vote for Tim Moore for Speaker, either.

          • GUWonder
            September 2, 2017 at 1:10 pm

            Good point, Tox. Bob Steinburg stood with the establishment this last session when the conservatives in the House tried to replace Tim Moore with someone who would be more conservative and less dictatorial. That is a major litmus test and Steinburg failed it.

    • Holly Audette
      September 1, 2017 at 2:55 pm

      Yes, come one come all and support the man who gave thousand to Roy Cooper for Governor in 2016. That will surely be something Republicans will feel very good about in the very next election after. That is baggage that I am confident will have great significance. You can’t just dismiss it with the all businessmen do this-big deal. This was a crucial race for the GOP against a guy who absolutely is hell bent against all things GOP. Mr. Twiddy may be “well and favorably” known in Dare where much information that effects elections is just now coming to light. Look at the circle of influence, look at the family’s consistent support of Democrats-not the past-the currrent, and look at Jordan Hennessey’s Machiavellian motive. You may think that is palatable to the whole, time will tell. Is Ms. Boswell going to make excuses for donations to Roy Cooper while claiming another candidate isn’t GOP enough? Where did the donation get presented to Roy Cooper just a few months ago? Describing a scenario that so obviously cleanses one candidates past should be suspect. Shouldn’t the voters hear from Mr. Twiddy regarding his choices the way Rep. Steinburg has stepped up and addressed his? Crickets.

    • Representative Bob Steinburg
      September 2, 2017 at 1:44 pm

      When was that John and what was the issue? If you trated me with kindness and respect you got it back. If you dodnt, you got back what you served up.

  12. Liz
    August 31, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    I like Clark, but someone told me he gave money to Roy Cooper and Marc Basnight. Is this true or can anyone help me? I dont know how to look this up but I sure hope this was just a rumor.

    • Holly Audette
      September 1, 2017 at 2:03 pm

      Try FollowTheMoney.org. Lots of information and donation history for you to inform yourself.

  13. Representative Bob Steinburg
    September 1, 2017 at 8:26 am

    VERY I interesting hit piece on me by this blog. Interesting that Civitas last rankings scored me st 36th. Most conservative in the House out of 120 members. Go ahead and do g the conservative praises of Clark Twiddy if you like but the folks in my district will not support a candidate who gave significant money to Roy Cooper for Governor in 2016 and when he ran for AG in 2012. His family has supported ST
    AN WHITE, Elaine Marshall, Marc Basnight and a host of other Democrats for decades. As for my conservative credentials I sponsored HB2 and never surrendered. There are no more subsidies in NC for Renewables and I cast a vote for ending them. I support economic investment for many of the poor counties I represent putting tools in the box for commissioners to use or not…their choice. I won’t apologize for that. This is all about keeping Jordan Hennesey pulling the strings in Dare County. He already controls Rep. Nev Boswell, who has a 64 Conservative Civitas ranking a d he plans on cuckolding Mr. Twiddy in the same manner. Folks in Dare are sick of it. I am ready to face Clark Twiddy or anyone else in my District for this,seat. I have won by huge margins by working for all the people I represent. It is,a winning formula that I plan on continuing to utilize. You think Republicans in the north east will buy into this narrative and support someone who has given to Democrats including to Roy Cooper in the critical 16 election for Governor? Think again

    • Representative Bob Steinburg
      September 1, 2017 at 9:07 am

      Typo, Civitas score me 26th not 36th.

      • Representative Bob Steinburg
        September 1, 2017 at 9:27 am

        Also Twiddy gave a big check to Roy Cooper in 12 and 16. The same Cooper who bashed Conservatives over the head with HB2, A BILL I sponsored and supported and remained true too as well as the guy who wants to tear are monuments down. Please. And posting a grade of F on me.what a joke that is. The Haymaker must have gotten a check to put out this piece. It is laughable. Can’t wait for the primary race to begin.

        • Brant Clifton
          September 1, 2017 at 10:24 am

          First of all, a grade of 68 IS AN ‘F’ in many, many places.

          It’s amusing to have our ethics challenged by a sitting member of the General Assembly, of all people. Shall we commence documenting connections between the donations your campaign received and the votes you cast?

    • Brant Clifton
      September 1, 2017 at 10:29 am

      Fact check: Jordan Hennessey is senator Bill Cook’s legislative assistant. ==> (http://www.ncleg.net/DocumentSites/SenateDocuments/2015-2016%20Session/Senate%20Staff%20and%20Offices%202015.pdf )

      What he has to do with Clark Twiddy? I don’t know.

    • john steed
      September 1, 2017 at 12:01 pm

      You seem to have left out one that you should have remembered, Bob. In looking at your campaign reports, I see some hefty checks from Clark Twiddy to YOU. Maybe they were not as huge as those from your wind and solar buddies, but they were substantial enough you should have remembered them, I would think. And you are hardly the only Republican Twiddy has given to.

      Unfortunately, in business, there is sometimes a tendency to give to both sides to have access if you need it. I remember one of Dare County’s most big time Democrat contributors, a retired oil man, maxing our to Jim Martin in his first race for governor, not because he supported Martin, but because he maxed out to everyone in both primaries who might conceivably win the governorship.

      Then there are those on your contributor list who do not give to both sides but are out and out liberals. The payola for your renewable energy position is obvious, but what about the hefty contribution you took from the trial lawyers PAC, for example, one of the most ultra liberal and Democrat oriented special interests in North Carolina? What service did you render for them or did they expect from you?

      The Civitas rating has lost much of its credibility with the strange rating they put out for this last session, leaving off some of the most high profile conservative / liberal key issues but including a partisan bill that was not ideological, and even taking the anti-property rights side on that bill to curtail the property rights of average citizens living around the intensive hog production facilities. On that last one, Civitas bizarrely counted the anti-property rights vote as the conservative one, and you were right there voting against the property rights of average North Carolinians. Did that big check you got from the NC Pork Council have anything to do with your vote?

      • Holly Audette
        September 1, 2017 at 2:35 pm

        This is a familiar nom de plume, Jordan. In fact if people look at them they should recognize how contrived this entire post is. Al Gore? Cicero? The two names in reverse? You must assume people to be fools. I love the Mark Walker. Was that to imply is the remarks of candidate Mark Walker? I will have to ask him that question. I wonder how our beloved Lt. Governor will feel about someone announcing his run for that office, claiming to be in the same outsider and conservative mold, lauding his close connection with the Lt. Governor giving thousands to Roy Cooper for Governor in 2016. Roy Cooper who has made HB2 his big fundraising issue, beating the NCGOP with the issue while our Lt Governor championed it around the nation with his stellar conservative defense. So Bob Steinburg believes local governments in rural NENC should have as many economic development tools as possible for those local governments to consider and decide which ones are right for their communities and this is the issue you think proves he is not a “real” conservative compared to Clark Twiddy’s thousands to Roy Cooper in the most RECENT and critical 2016 election? Here is the deal. Bob Steinburg has already been vetted by over half of the constituents in the newly proposed district. Mr. Twiddy bought in to Jordan and maybe RV’s assurance all he had to do was announce and they could assure his victory. Lots of diminished bank accounts in the history of that kind of arrogance. NENC voters are done with being presented candidates like royalty. They will do their homework. Everything about Mr. Twiddy will be out in that vetting process. He would absolutely be the best thing to happen to the Democrat Party who would have so much ammunition they could actually have a shot at victory. Given the inner circle in this plan I would not be surprised if that is the intent to begin with.The days of money being the big eraser that wipes away the past have come and gone. They can’t be so stupid they don’t get that so it makes me wonder if that late shift in ambition serves that exact goal, a Democrat again in the Senate seat. Same players, same money, same naked ambition. Along with a guy who just wants to be King. Hey Jordan, thanks for making my point. Clark Twiddy did give money to Bob Steinburg indicating his belief he was the right representative and now, when it serves his personal ambition, he decides he is not. Like his own ambitions and his own contributions to Democrats like Roy Cooper for Governor in 2016 and for Roy Cooper Attorney General in 2012, he happily butters bread whichever side gets him personal advantage. By the way, Jordan? If you claim contributions are what influence votes, what leaves Senator Cook out of that formula? He took many, many contributions from entities with particular issue position interests. Shouldn’t we assume the same of him if we accept you claims of influence regarding Rep. Steinburg? You can continue to desperately try to sell Clark Twiddy as the champion of conservative, outsider GOP status and Bob Steinburg a “liberal” but I am confident the facts will reveal the truth. You know Bob will not hire you- so you want someone who will so you can continue to be, “senator” without having to be elected. Claiming the conservative mantle cannot be reconciled with Clark Twiddy’s actions and contributions.

        • john steed
          September 1, 2017 at 7:15 pm

          I have posted on this site for a long time and I am not the individual you claim, whom you seem to have a fixation on. I don’t recell you have posted here until your sudden appearance to defend Steinburg.

          Expanding wind and solar power is the opposite of economic development. It raises electric rates and that will make NC uncompetitive with other states in our region, none of which have renewable energy mandates, as our rates skyrocket. Germany, which went hog wild on wind and solar now has consumer electric rates three times what ours are. That is the future that fools like Steinburg taking this special interest money are pushing on North Carolina, and why we do not need people like him in the legislature.

          • Holly Audette
            September 1, 2017 at 11:08 pm

            OK. What County do you live in within both the Cook and Steinburg districts.and what are your Republican credentials?

          • john steed
            September 2, 2017 at 8:01 pm

            You are old enough, according to one of your other posts to recognize John Steed as a non de plume and probably where it comes form He was the lead character in the long running British TV spy dramas “The Avengers” and “The New Avengers” in the 1960s and 1970s, played by actor Patrick McNee.

            I have met Hennessy, and while I do not know his actual age, I would bet money that he was not even born when this show went off the air. He would not even recognize the name, I suspect, and if someone asked him about The Avengers, he would probably respond with something about the more recent superhero movies with that name.

            From your description of your role in politics, my own involvement both in campaigns and in the party would trump yours, and I have NEVER worked for any Democrat, so I do not have to make silly excuses for doing so like you do.

            It is rather humorous to me that someone who has actually worked for a Democrat in a campaign raises so much stink about someone who merely has contributed to a Democrat. And you defend someone who votes like a Democrat on an important issue.

      • Representative Bob Steinburg
        September 2, 2017 at 1:52 pm

        So What? I never gave any money to Democrats, including thousands to Roy Cooper in 16 and in 12 for AG. THere is,a big difference between an opportunist and someone who simply wants to conti ue representing northeastern North Carolina. Im not running, nor have or ever shown any desire to do anything in politics other than represent the people i love and serve in this part of our great state. I’m not going to use northeastern North Carolina as a stepping stone to anything.

  14. Holly Audette
    September 1, 2017 at 8:39 am

    These comments and this article fool no one. Totally contrived. Clark Twiddy made thousands of dollar contributions to none other than ROY COOPER in 2016 and before. Tens of thousands of dollars in candidate contributions while claiming to be an, “outsider”. His family made huge contributions to Marc Basnight. This is another fraud perpetuated that NENC voters will clearly see through. Another deep pocket realtor who has no problem investing in Democrat efforts against the GOP trying to now buy a seat claiming how committed he is to the GOP. I can’t wait to watch all the fraud participants excuse these contributions. Jordan Hennessey wants to be a king. He is desperate to maintain control over a senate seat. He has a history of throwing Republicans under the bus to further his own ambition. Apparently Clark Twiddy who gave money to Bob Steinburg in the last two elections is just like him. This new district includes many counties. NENC has rejected the deep pocketed realtors in the past who have a history of supporting Democrats and sway with the wind depending on who is in power. Time will tell if that trend continues. Clark Twiddy has been asking people state-wide to support his bid for Lt. Governor for several months, including at the State GOP Convention this summer. He obviously was not truly committed to that position when asking for support. Like his donations to Democrats while claiming to be a devoted Republican, he clearly keeps one leg in one place and his other in another. If he walks away from one commitment so easily and so quickly while already indicating his statewide ambition, serving in the legislature is simply a stepping stone to his greater announced statewide ambition. How many NENC values will he sellout to appease a statewide audience just like so many of the GOP leaders did in Raleigh on HB-2. Clark Twiddy a great GOP conservative outsider? Hardly and his 2016 contributions to the one person working the hardest to hurt the GOP in NC, Roy Cooper, prove it.

  15. GUWonder
    September 1, 2017 at 10:49 am

    Steinburg claims to have voted against subsidies for renewable energy, but the end of those subsidies was in the Budget Bill, and no one in the majority party votes against budget bills when they come to the floor. Steinburg is being dishonest by making it sound like he supported ending those subsidies. He did not. Those subsidies were ended because about 20 real conservative (not including Steinburg) told Tim Moore they would vote against the budget if they were not ended, and forced Moore’s hand to write the subsidies out of the budget bill. Steinburg trying to claim credit for this is very, very dishonest.

    A more significant bill on subsidy for wind and solar was passed this session, which put these subsidies on the electric ratepayer instead of the taxpayer as before, and Steinburg voted FOR that abomination. As part of that legislation, Steinburg voted to extend a major overcharge of NC electric customers for 30 more months that has already cost NC ratepayers a billion dollars they should not have had to pay, and that all goes into the pockets of his special interest friends, the solar and wind crony capitalists. This ripoff of electric tatepayers alone is very good reason to send Steinburg packing.

    And what about the renewable energy mandate? NC is the only state in our region that has one, and it causes higher electric rates. The NC GOP platform calls for its repeal, but Steinburg supports keeping it. Answer that one, Steinburg!

    • Representative Bob Steinburg
      September 2, 2017 at 1:57 pm

      Todd Bennet, why dont you have the guts to put your name on this post instead of joining with others on this site who hide in the shadows? You have my cell number. Call me. I thought you had a backbone. Dont be,a coward. I know who you are. I know who most of you are. Step up.

      • GUWonder
        September 2, 2017 at 2:46 pm

        Guess again. Nope, I am not Bennett. It does seem that you do not have the backbone to address the issues raised about how you are hurting average North Carolinians by pandering to the wind and solar special interests. Why should we have to pay higher electric bills to subsidize these parasites?

        As to counties, you are hurting them, too. Every time one of these renewable facilities is built, 80% of the value of the land and improvements is taken off the local property tax books under the state law you support. That is cheating both the counties and their taxpayers, as the average Joe has to subsidize the taxes those special interests should be paying on their property..That is pure banditry.

        And will it be the counties or the state stuck with the decommissioning costs when these facilities wear out? The corporate shells that own them will undoubtedly be worthless then. Either way, it will be the taxpayers. In your pandering to these special interests, you have not provided adequately for the eventual decommissioning costs which will likely be substantial.

  16. The Plowsharer
    September 1, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    As a lifelong Chowan County resident 1 thing that I will never do is vote for anyone that donated to the election of Roy Cooper. That speaks volumes about their character.

    I have spent a considerable amount of time sitting on Mr. Steinburg’s porch since he first decided to run for office. I have not met a more honest person in politics in my life. When I call him he returns my call. When I need to see him he is always available . Even when he is grocery shopping with his wife we always take time to talk. I absolutely do not agree with him on every subject and Bob respects that. That being said if I wanted someone I was in agreement 100% of the time then I’d run myself.

    After a phone call from a dear friend I was told about a “blog” this morning. Personally I consider it an attack page and I would be absolutely disgusted to learn Sen Cook is involved. After making a few dozen phone calls and reading I also learned a lot about the little man trying to jump from Cook’s coat tails to Twiddy. Arrogent rude, over baring , demanding and an overall person that wants to use others to further his “career” . Quoting an article ” “He’s a person who makes an impression on everyone he meets.”
    Obviously that is a fact and for all the wrong reasons. If Mr. Twiddy decides the Lt Gov isn’t for him and chooses to run having this little man involved will surely rub people wrong. This also brings in another questing. Why was Twiddy so fast to jump from running for Lt Gov?? He really had his heart into it didn’t he?

    The one thing I have learned about this “blog” is how quickly so called “Republicans” will eat their own. It is disgusting and this page reeks of the venom that I speak of. Democrats at least have the backs of their colleagues.

    In closing you can continue to attempt to beat Bob down which I have absolutely no doubt you will. In the end however Rep. Bob Steinburg will have something Twiddy, the little man and obviously now Cook lacks and that integrity.

    • Toxhandler
      September 1, 2017 at 5:24 pm

      A lot of those “Republicans” aren’t all that conservative and are deserving of rebuke, thus, comparisons to “united” Democrats aren’t particularly valid.

  17. A True Conservative
    September 1, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    With the exit of Rep. Millis and Sen. Cook, two stellar conservatives in the General Assembly, it’s time for a new conservative leader to emerge at the forefront. Mark Brody is the best option to run for Lt. Governor. He was ranked #2 for conservative effectiveness by Civitas and is not afraid to stand up for conservative values. As RNC Committeeman and member of the RNC Conservative Advisory Committee, Co-Chair of the House Freedom Caucus, Co-Chairman of the House Community College and Agriculture Committees, Board of Director for a Union County Charter School, and a huge advocate for homeschooling and school choice- Mark Brody would be my top choice for Lt. Governor. I want a PROVEN conservative who has actually taken conservative votes.

    • A Conservative Champion
      September 1, 2017 at 1:41 pm

      PLUS- Mark Brody supported our Republican Governor and Lt. Governor in the last election. He gave $1000 to the McCrory Campaign and $2000 to Dan Forest Campaign. Mark Brody is a team Republican who advocates conservatism.

    • A Conservative Champion
      September 1, 2017 at 1:56 pm

      Correction: Vice Chair of House Freedom Caucus

  18. Paul Rich
    September 1, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Holly I looked you up on NC BOE and the one who has thrown Republicans under the bus is you!!! Perhaps you have a history of not only supporting DEMOCRATS but also working as a paid consultant for them??? Pursuant to data disclosed on the State Board of Elections website, you were paid by former DEMOCRAT Representative Bill Owens to be his campaign consultant. To the tune of several thousands of dollars and contributed several thousands of dollars to his campaing. Ultimately working against a local Republican in your community who had recieved the support of several Republican lawmakers. So YOU did nothing to help the GOP during the historic November 2010 elections that put Republicans in charge of the legislature for the first time in more than a century.

    • Holly Audette
      September 1, 2017 at 4:52 pm

      I am so very glad you brought this up. I am 53 years old and twice have supported Democrats to the advantage of the GOP. I have always been a member of the GOP and an active member at that. I write a weekly conservative political column in The Daily Advance where I advocate every single week for conservative causes. I am happy to have anyone review my conservative and GOP credentials.The year I worked for Bill Owens, the GOP had a slim majority but not a veto proof majority. Bill Owens was a well-respected house member who had developed friends in the Republican party. He voted for our Republican Speaker for example when Republicans previously gained a slim majority. The year in question, our party asked 11 NENC GOP members to put their name against Bill Owens in that election. They all turned it down. In fact every elected Republican in NENC signed on to support Bill except one that year. Why, because he was head of a group of blue dog Democrats whom the Republicans counted on to join them to override the then Democrat Governor’s continuous vetos. You can have all the bare majority votes you want but all your legislation is dead if the Governor vetos it. Those critical votes included the Republican budget. The 12th person asked agreed to run against Bill Owens. New to NC and with suits filed against him from folks who contracted with him to build their houses, this was a problem. Many of us who supported Bill Owens that one time had worked years and years to get a competitive opportunity for our party. We gained a lot of ground and a lot of respect and credibility. To back this candidate with those issues who might gain our party one vote but not enough to get a veto override versus the well-respected incumbent who was crucial for the coalition that helped my party override the vetos that would have defeated critical legislation was a choice many of us believed was in the best interest of the GOP. Rep. Owens promised he would change to unaffilliated at the end of his term and he kept to that promise. Mr. Owens gained the support of so many of us in Party leadership because he was critical to the success of the GOP at that time. Before the GOP had solid majorities following 100 years of Democrat dominance, coalitions with Blue-dog Democrats were very important to legislative successes for us. So, Sir, I made that decision to continue to participate in the advancement of the GOP in the state. I did not work for Rep. Owens in any other election even though he ran numerous times. Would you like to make the case For Mr. Twiddy how it helped the GOP to give money to Roy Cooper for AG in 2012 and for Governor in 2016? The second time in my life I worked for a Democrat was when my district was gerrymandered strictly for a minority representative. This was the district the corrupt Eva Clayton and Frank Ballance dominated.I worked for a Democrat trying to break that corruption with the understanding if there was a GOP candidate, even though they could not possibly win, I could not work for him in the general election. Again, if we could break the corrupt minority machine with anyone outside of it, we advanced the opportunity for someday possibly having a Republican representative. I would recommend you check that district and election results out and see no GOP candidate came even close to striking distance. When you live in a specifically designed minority district with a vast majority of voters unwilling to even consider a Republican candidate, you work towards the goal of breaking that cycle incrementally. I worked for the GOP candidate in the general election as I indicated I would and I think he may have gotten 20% or so of the vote in the district.I may be wrong about that number but it was a trouncing as was the case every year that district maintained those boundaries. So, I have made my case why twice in my 53 years I worked for a Democrat to advantage the opportunity for the GOP Party. In both of those occasions I resigned positions with the party as the rules required. Again, I ask. Explain how giving thousands of dollars to Roy Cooper in 2016, with the GOP in firm control of majorities in the state needing no Democrat office holders to achieve their budget or major legislative goals, with NENC the reddest part of the state how it advances the GOP to give any money to Cooper.If I was a candidate asking for my Party’s support, Sir, I would fully expect to have to explain any past support for members of another party. I would freely do so just as I did here. I made my rare choice for the express purpose of helping my Party which I am still proud to have done. I am not a candidate however asking for the Party’s support. Mr. Twiddy is and he is not answering how the GOP benefited from his contributions to Roy Cooper. Nor is he explaining how Mr. Cooper has helped the GOP either.

      • john steed
        September 1, 2017 at 7:27 pm

        I think you were asked about the historic 2010 election, and it looks like you were not on board with the GOP then.

        My question though, is about a key issue and which side your writings take on that. What position do you take on wind and solar energy? That of the GOP platform or that of Obama and Gore?

        • Holly Audette
          September 1, 2017 at 10:54 pm

          And I answered about that election. 2010 when the new Republican majority was not veto proof in the House and was not expected to be, necessitating a coalition with some Democrats. Perhaps you were not able to comprehend. I am not an advocate of alternative energy for a number of reasons which have nothing to do with anyone’s platforms. I am an advocate of state representatives delivering as many possible economic development tools to local governments for them to review, consider and pursue or not for their areas they serve. Now, how about we go back to the CANDIDATES positions and tell me what reason a Republican would give money to Roy Cooper in the 2016 Governor’s race that benefits the Republican Party, OK Jordan? I will answer questions about me but know I will include in that answer this same issue each time awaiting an explanation that supports your claim Clark Twiddy is a conservative Republican in the model of our Lt. Governor. Here are some questions for you. Where do you reside and what reason do you have for why a contribution to Roy Cooper in 2016 is beneficial to the Republican Party? Oh and what campaigns have you had a primary role in in NENC in say the last six years that were historic GOP victories?

        • Representative Bob Steinburg
          September 2, 2017 at 2:10 pm

          I am a conservationist in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt who believes in bringing options for economic opportunity to the people I serve. I put the tools in the tool boxes of commissioners to use or not, their choice. Al Gore is an enviromentalist and a radical one at that. I do not believe like them that we should worship the earth and that animals have rights etc. I do believe God gave this great earth to use to our benefit, a resource if you will, but to care for and protect it at the same time to preserve for future generations. We need more conservationists, not less. A true Conservative is a Conservationis, or in my view, should be.

          • GUWonder
            September 2, 2017 at 2:33 pm

            Here is the nub of the problem. Bob Steinburg says he is a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. If we remember history, Teddy was a big government progressive Republican, so much so that he bolted the party in 1912.

            Wind and solar are no more an ”economic development tool” than abortion is a “mental health care tool”. Wind and solar raise electric rates which is a big negative as to real economic development. Real industry looks at electric costs when they decide where to locate, and doing things that raise electric rates is just nuts if we want to attract them to our state. Germany is already seeing companies leave due to wind and solar jacking up electric power costs.

            And, Bob, you still will not answer the question about your going against the state Republican platform which calls for repeal of the renewable energy mandate. You want to keep it.

          • john steed
            September 2, 2017 at 7:48 pm

            Conservatiionist? NO, not hardly.

            Solar farms are contrary to conservation of our prime farmland, but then you are more of a wind guy than solar.

            Wind turbines are a direct threat to the conservation of our birds and bats, and will lead to the extinction of many species:


            And, of course, there is massive pollution in manufacturing these wind turbines in China:


            You Solyndra Republicans are pushing a corrupt crony capitalist ”industry” that cannot stand on its own two feet in a free market without government intervention. It is harmful to consumers and even to the environment. That is NOT conservative.

        • Jennifer Allen
          September 3, 2017 at 7:56 am

          Do you live in the district? How would you create jobs in Chowan County? You don’t have a lot of companies wanting to come to ENC.

          • GUWonder
            September 3, 2017 at 2:00 pm

            One thing that should NOT be done if we want to create jobs in eastern NC or anywhere in NC is to cause electric rates to skyrocket, as that makes a big negative factor on new industry coming in. the more expensive and unreliable wind and solar capacity that is added in NC, the more our electric rates will go up. Duke Energy has already cited the higher cost of renewable energy in their rate increase requests. It’s not just the higher production costs that raise rates but also the fact that wind and solar are only intermittent sources and have to have expensive backup sources for when the sun is not shining or wind is not blowing (or blowing too hard). Conventional power production runs most efficiently when it stays running and having to start and stop it for the whims of renewable production is expensive, as well as is the cost of maintaining extra capacity.

            None of the states in our region were stupid enough to impose renewable energy mandates, so NC will more and more be the state in our region with expensive electricity compared to other places companies could locate in our region. States with renewable energy mandates have already seen electric rates go up 29% ,more than states without renewable energy mandates, and it is expected that renewable energy mandates will lead to a 42% rise in electric costs by 2020, according to NC Civitas. Several states have already repealed or at least scaled back their renewable energy mandates due to the burden on both citizens and business.

            In North Carolina, when SB4 imposed our renewable energy mandate during the period of Democrat controll, almost every Republican voted against it. Thom TIllis was one of the only, perhaps the only exception, and that was because he had heavy personal investments in a small bank that specialized in lending to renewable energy companies (read: conflict of interest). Unfortunately, all the money that these boondogglers toss around has corrupted too many Republicans on this issue.

            The state Republican platform calls for the repeal of the renewable energy mandate. We need to elect legislators who will follow the Republican position, and Bob Steinburg simply does NOT.

    • Holly Audette
      September 1, 2017 at 11:12 pm

      And I looked you up in the state BOE and hmmmm, no Paul Rich registered in the district. And no record of me donating a dime to the campaign you claim I did. So, what County do you reside in Mr. Rich and what are your Republican credentials?

  19. Paul Rich
    September 1, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Holly. Bla Bla Bla. I grew up in the Elizabeth City area. I am well aware of the political landscape. But I don’t live there anymore so I don’t believe I’ve ever met you before. A relative from that area is who told me originally about you working for Owens and that’s what prompted me to check the state elections website. My relative also told me that you work for or publicly support numerous local registered Democrat politicians to get them elected to local offices. Is that true???? It’s starting to appear whatever is best for Holly, Democrat or Republican, is who might get the blessing of Holly to run for office.

    • Holly Audette
      September 2, 2017 at 5:06 pm

      Where do you live now, “Paul”?Again, so interesting you would expend so much energy on me and not explain how your guy Twiddy is a great GOP stalwart and giant of conservatism. I already answered the question about how many Dems I have ever supported in my life and why. Introducing BS about your supposed relative and asking me the question again doesn’t change my answer, nor does it make it any less obvious you are trying to distract from your inability to explain how Twiddy is a great Conservative Republican despite giving thousands to Roy Cooper in the last election. How well do you know Mr. Twiddy? No much about his background, his character, legal issues, history of donations? You guys have worked hard to dig on me, I am not a candidate, Steinburg whom you find deficient, so how much have you dug before promoting Twiddy as the superman of the conservative Republican cause-great virtuous character, etc.? How about we equal this playing field. Where do you live currently? Are you using your legal name? Have you ever supported any candidate or politician who is not a Republican? You have made a big deal about my credentials to advocate for Steinburg, shouldn’t you be held to the same standard for your advocacy of Twiddy? Come on Mr. brave soul. Put your bonafides out there in a verifiable manner since you want to establish those standards for assessing my credibility. Name, where you live so we can check your registration, history of political activism, etc. Maybe my relatives would like to weigh in on you. You think readers outside the handful who always comment on this site who obviously hold hypocritical double standards-you know, the you aren’t credible because-but hiding behind anonymity so no one can assess you to the same standard-handful, don’t see your cowardice in attacking credibility while refusing to have your scrutinized? I absolutely thrive in this kind of environment because I know that as you make it personal to me instead of defending your favored candidate to the same, “conservative” standard you do others, your hypocrisy is very apparent. I have no problem with your scrutiny of me as I could care less what you think. I just find it amusing. Like middle schoolers. Unable to address the substantive issue and just say oh yeah, well YOU are this that and the other. Make the case why Twiddy contributing thousands to Roy Cooper in 2016 makes him a candidate who is a devoted conservative Republican? Talk all you want about whether it will “matter” or not but since you want to say Steinburg isn’t conservative enough, make the case Twiddy is and how his contributions to Cooper demonstrate that. Then tell us your personal information so your life can be scrutinized to the same standard you are trying to discredit me with.

  20. Raphael
    September 2, 2017 at 8:28 am

    Bob Steinburg and his surrogate, Holly Audette have loosed a demon on Clark Twiddy concerning his contribution history that Twiddy now has to slay if he wants a political career, but they do not seem to have thought this through very well. This is a demon that Trwiddy will be much more able to slay in a State Senate race where local people know him and against an opponent like Steinburg to whom he has made contributions himself in the past. How can Steinburg get traction with this issue when Twiddy has been contributing to Steinburg? Once Twiddy is in the Senate, it will be his performance on issues there that will matter in future races, not what will then be ancient history over his contribution record. Twiddy has been placed in a position that he has to put this issue behind him at the earliest opportunity.

    It has been mentioned that Audette has worked as a consultant. Is she Steinburg’s consultant inn this race? If so, it does not look like she has served him very well. This attack on Twiddy has put Twiddy in a position that he almost has to run for the Senate if he wants to run for anythiing.

    • Representative Bob Steinburg
      September 2, 2017 at 2:27 pm

      Maybe you need to run your logic of ztwiddys campaign donations to Roy Cooper by Twiddys campaign manager Doug Raymond first. He used that argument against an opponent of the client he had a few years back against another Republican who was the choice of the Senate and ask him how that worked out for the other guy. His client was Norm Sanderson who is now Senator Norm Sanderson. Republicans in a primary won’t support anyone who gave money in the thousands in 2016 to Roy Cooper. You can make book on it. He gave to him in 12 too for AG. THIS IS THE SAME ROY COOPER WHO IS TRYING TO BURY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ANY WAY HE CAN, WHO TRIED TO EMBARASS US FOR SUPPORTING HB2, A BILL I WAS A PRIMARY SPONSOR ON AND LIKE DAN FOREST STOOD UP FOR IT THROUGH THE END. THE SAME COOPER WHO EANTS TO TEAR DOWN OUR MONUMENTS and OUR HERITAGE. Anyone who is a Republican and who wants to run for public office and has given to Democrats will have a difficult time prevailing in a Republican primary. And hedging ones bet by giving thousands to Republicans biggest enemy Roy Cooper? Good luck with that.

    • Holly Audette
      September 2, 2017 at 4:43 pm

      Again, you make my point about his fickleness. Twiddy made contributions to Steinburg in his last two elections but now claims he has neither the temperament or the conservative gravitas to serve. Fickle, no commitment to anything including his two month old campaign for Lt Gov.Totally self-serving as evidenced by his contributions. I am prohibited by my agreement with the newspaper I write a column for from being a consultant for anyone while writing my column. You are advocating for Twiddy, does this make you a hired gun? I proudly advocate for Bob Steinburg having been his constituent for years and know him and his commitment to the region well. In my opinion you are foolish to think Twiddy’s contributions will be acceptable to the majority of Republicans in this district. The word is out, Twiddy and his backers are freaking out because this strategy is exposing so much about him that it undermines any chance he has in politics, period. The argument proving his Democrat ties means he is disqualified for Lt Gov but just fine for State Senate thank you, is amusing. You who claim the mantle of defining who is a good conservative are laughable as you spin to try to say Clark Twiddy is a great conservative Republican with his history of his contributions. You are working awfully hard to put the focus on others because you cannot defend Twiddy as a conservative with the best interest of the GOP at heart. In NENC you think it will be ok to people that in the last election, 2016 Twiddy gave thousands to the biggest GOP opponent in the state? I cannot wait for this primary. And by the way, no one did anything to Twiddy. Twiddy did what he did to Twiddy. And much more that will totally and completely change any positive opinion people have of him in politics now. No one but Twiddy i responsible for his actions, choices and past behavior. Forcing him to run for state senate? Boy you sure think little of NENC Republicans if you think they will not care about Twiddy’s thousands to Roy Cooper. Funny how so many of you want to talk about me while you hide behind aliases refusing to answer questions about you including even basic information.

    • Jennifer Allen
      September 3, 2017 at 7:59 am

      I met Twitty at GOP Convention. Thank God he has money! He has the personality of a cold fish.

      • Ronal Regan
        September 5, 2017 at 3:46 pm

        I found Clark Twiddy very personable at the state GOP convention.. He must have had a bad moment.

  21. GUWonder
    September 2, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    It seems both sides have grenades they can throw at each other.

    Steinburg has the fact that Twiddy has contributed to some Democrats as well as to Republicans, including one particularly odious Democrat, Roy Cooper.

    Twiddy has the fact that Steinburg has thumbed his nose at the NCGOP Platform on wind and solar, and taken a position closer to Obama and Gore as a major cheerleader for the wind / solar special interests.

    At first blush, both are negatives to GOP voters, but which is going to play better with GOP activists and voters?

    The fact that Twiddy has been contributing to Steinburg and Steinburg has been accepting those contributions will substantially weaken the impact of the contribution issue for Steinburg.. For the politically aware, the series of very bad appointments McCrory made for or impacting Dare County, particularly both rounds of Marine Fisheries Commission appointments, would give any Dare County resident a pass in contributing against McCrory, at least to some degree. Loyalty is a two way street, and when McCrory did the backstabbing first, it has to be considered. (Personally, I voted for McCrory in spite of his record of MANY bad appointments all across the state, but I can see someone seeing it the other way). HB2 is only a saving grace for McCrory to a limited extent because even before he lost the governorship, McCrory was doing all he could to arrange a sellout and climbdown on that issue, and he embraced the final betrayal on HB2.

    The wind / solar issue would seem to be more powerful because it impacts more than just political philosophy. It is a kitchen table issue that impacts our own monthly bills, particularly our electric bills. Steinburg is in bed with a special interest that is pushing our electric bills upward, and no electric ratepayer should feel good about that. He is also taking campaign money from this special interest, which makes it look like a quid pro quo, raising integrity questions as well.

    Some of the bomblets thrown at Twiddy involve ”family” contributions, but who among us is their brother’s keeper as to political affiliation and contributions? I think that argument will backfire and people will be offended by it. Many people have spouses, children, parents, and siblings of a different political stripe than their own. In own case, three of my four closest relatives are solid Republicans, but one is a flaming liberal Democrat. I would be highly offended at someone blaming me for his political contributions or involvement.

    I notice that Steinburg abruptly stopped participating in this thread when I asked him point blank about his support for NC’s renewable energy mandate, a position directly at odds with the NC Republican Platform which calls for repeal of that mandate. That mandate reflects crony capitalism and a direct attack on free enterprise, and it is the main cause of wind and solar increasing our electric bills. We need to send free enterprise Republicans to Raleigh not special interest Republicans who embrace crony capitalism.

    • Representative Bob Steinburg
      September 2, 2017 at 2:37 pm

      Todd Bennett, you can continue to hide behind BY GUWONDER if you like, but your political observations are, as they are so often flawed. We have had many conversations about this but now you choose to hide beyond a pseudonym for fear of asking me directly. I will answer you directly when you admit to us all, who already know this is you, an answer. I don’t do well
      with political cowards. Never have, never wii

    • Holly Audette
      September 2, 2017 at 5:25 pm

      What? I thought you had to be a “pure, complete, absolute Republican” to meet your standards? Free enterprise Republicans? Is that Roy Cooper? In this proposed district McCrory did VERY well. Not because people loved him, but because Republicans HATE Cooper. I cannot wait for Twiddy’s campaign to follow your lead in making the case it is no big deal that Twiddy gave thousands to Cooper in 2016 compared to a legislature who has said over and over he brings renewable energy to the local governments in his district for them to review and decide if is good or bad for their constituents. I cannot wait for Twiddy to be defended by the “pure” and “real” conservatives who accept nothing but their version of purity for others but Twiddy and Cooper, not a problem with “conservative” purity there. I cannot wait while you assume this posture and assume there is not so much more that you either refuse to unearth or choose to ignore about him-that will make your evaluation of good candidates for the conservative GOP cause incredible from here forward. Can’t wait until the handful of you refusing to allow personal scrutiny of your own conservative purity start throwing up your hands crying oh we just did not know our fair hair boy was THAT kind of guy. Forget relatives contributions, although you sure have no problem with “relatives” informing people on this site, selectively, defend how Twiddy’s own contributions allow him to meet your pure conservative standard you insist of others? then reveal your own such stellar credentials and allow your claims to be objectively evaluated. Provide your legal name and residency so we can see if you have any business saying who is a “good conservative Republican” and who isn’t. The fact you proclaim Twiddy as such answers the question of credibility in and of itself.

    • Holly Audette
      September 2, 2017 at 6:01 pm

      How come your comment-a dishonest comment about Teddy Roosevelt has no comment button? Steinburg said he was a conservationist in the Teddy Roosevelt model, he did not say he was a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. You are intellectually dishonest. Perhaps you would like to make the case how Twiddy meets your standard of, “conservative enough” to satisfy you and how it reconciles with contributions of thousands to Roy Cooper in the last election, 2016? We know Steinburg doesn’t meet your standard, how does Twiddy? Also, please provide your name and residency so people can review your credentials for proclaiming who is and who isn’t good enough the same way you judge others in that context.

  22. Representative Bob Steinburg
    September 2, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    Todd Bennett, you can continue to hide behind BY GUWONDER if you like, but your political observations are, as they are so often flawed. We have had many conversations about this but now you choose to hide beyond a pseudonym for fear of asking me directly. I will answer you directly when you admit to us all, who already know this is you, an answer. I don’t do well
    with political cowards. Never have, never wii

    • GUWonder
      September 3, 2017 at 8:16 am

      Your fixation with Todd Bennett, who I am not, makes me wonder if you are in bed with the CCA environmentalists, too?

      If you think opposing the corrupt parasitic wind crony capitalists is not a winning political issue, maybe you ought to take a look at how it has worked in the state of South Australia for Nick Xeonpon in federal Senate races. Xeonphon was originally elected as an independent to the federal Senate from South Australia on a platform of opposition to video gambling machines, but largely having dealt with that issue in his first term turned to opposing wind turbines on the grounds that they were a threat to human health and that they were unreliable in producing electricity.

      ”The scientific evidence shows that low frequency noise [from wind turbines] does affect brain activity and can severely affect people’s sleep patterns…The problem with wind energy is that it can never replace coal powered energy because it’s not reliable enough for base-load power. The billions being spent on wind energy take away from investment in base-load renewable energies such as geothermal and tidal energy.” – Senator Nick Xenophon, Media Release, 2 August 2012.

      A blackout in his home state of South Australis caused by over reliance on wind turbines helped make Xeonpon’s point about wind’s unreliability.

      In last year’s election, Xenophon launched the Nick Xenophon Team and ran candidates for other seats, startling the big parties by winning 3 of South Australia’s 12 federal Senate seats.

      Nick Xenopoon has been in the forefront of fighting Big Wind in the Australian Senate:
      . . .and it has proved a pathway to political success.

      • Holly Audette
        September 3, 2017 at 12:45 pm

        Here is what makes me wonder. The handful of you claiming the mantle of what is conservative or not all personalize the debate if anyone expresses a view different than yours. Then you go after that messenger personally “assessing” their conservative “credentials”. Bu hiding behind anonymity you do not allow anyone else to scrutinize your own conservative credentials. Why do you hide? Are your opinions so very significant you “fear” debating openly and substantively? Are you too cowardly to hold yourselves to the same standards or is your ego so massive you think your opinions are valuable enough for someone to provide you the concern that “forces” you to hide who you are? GROW UP and come out from under your Linus blanket and agree to be personally scrutinized to PROVE your conservative worthiness. What a bunch of whiny, cowardly bullies. Can’t debate issues in an open civilized way. You label those candidates you dislike with childish names and anyone who disagrees with you with the very old, very tired, very ignorant, you must think in lock step with me or I will humiliate you with the personal. You are completely pathetic for being unwilling to openly and honestly debate issues, policies and candidates and hold yourselves to the same scrutiny you apply to others. Sorry boys and girls, I do not whine and cry when bullies come at me. I don’t need to get under a sheet to yell insults in hopes no one can see where they are coming from.

        • GUWonder
          September 3, 2017 at 2:58 pm

          You can’t attack the message, so you attack the messenger.

          The facts speak for themselves. On renewable energy, you are either for free enterprise as the state Republican platform does, or you support big government crony capitalism and the resulting ratepayer / taxpayer ripoffs.

  23. Jennifer Allen
    September 3, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Hello…we are in the United States. GUWonder
    Do you live in Bob’s district? I do…

    • Holly Audette
      September 3, 2017 at 12:47 pm

      Thank you for that response Jennifer because I had serious visions of tin foil helmets going on in my head!

    • GUWonder
      September 3, 2017 at 1:08 pm

      The Big Wind and Big Solar boondoggles span the globe and there is lots of cautionary material available on the web from places that have gotten sucked in deeper in this mess than NC already has.

      For example, on consumer costs, there is Germany, which thanks to going all out on wind and solar, now has consumer electric rates three times those of NC. That is the direction that the Democrats and those Republicans who are in bed with these special interests want to push NC.

      On reliability, there is the blizzard that hit the UK a few winters ago, where it was cloudy and windless, so no production from wind or solar and lots of demand. It was a very near run thing for the conventional power supply to keep the grid up. Too much reliance on wind and solar very nearly caused their grid to crash in the middle of a blizzard, when people probably would have died. And the left wing enviros there are demanding even more wind and solar. UK electric consumers have also seen a significant rise in their power bills due to wind and solar.

      Wind and Solar are two of the most expensive and unreliable ways to produce electricity and we should be discouraging, not encouraging their use. Plus they are a blight on the landscape.

  24. Todd Bennett
    September 3, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    Wow. Wish Chase would let me live rent free, too. Alas.

    I sign what I post. Always.

  25. Jennifer Allen
    September 3, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    It’s just five of Twiddy’s friends and a few kooks in the party. Let’s just keep messing with them. It’s called “rope-a-dope”….people won’t remember this stuff by next year.

    • john steed
      September 4, 2017 at 8:54 am

      Wow! You must be in pretty think with the establishment to call those who support the positions of the GOP platform ”kooks” while you yourself make excuses for a politician who works against the GOP platform on a key issue and instead supports the positions of Obama, Tom Steyer, and Gore on that issue. Especially when your politician has just voted for and actively promoted a bill that continues a billion dollar ripoff of NC electric consumers to line the pockets of his favorite liberal special interest.

      Let’s keep messing with them. It’s just a couple of establishment twits, one of whom has a record of working for a liberal Democrat in a legislative race.

      • Holly Audette
        September 4, 2017 at 1:09 pm

        Oh Jordan! Heroes of the GOP “Platform” -self-proclaimed GOP and conservative purists supporting a candidate who gave thousands in the last election, 2016 to Roy Cooper the biggest GOP nemesis. Such purity in your suport there, right. Again, the reason you were not worried about his legal background, his contributions and his inner circle including RV Owens who has supported Democrats consistently statewide-even Terry McCauliffe’s run for Governor in VA-is because all you cared about was continuing to be the state senator representing Dare County without having to face election. Time will tell who the GOP in this district believes helped the GP more, Twiddy or Steinburg. Twiddy is a perfect candidate for you to back despite your hipocrisy on insisting on conservative GOP’s who meet your “purist” definition. He chooses races and abandons them willy nilly. He chooses sides politically willy nilly-all decisions motivated by self-interest not the GOP or conservative causes. Since your own ambition so obviously informs your support of a man who helped Roy Cooper against the GOP in 2016 and not your demand for “pure” conservative Republicans. How about you reveal your legal name and residency so we can scrutinize your GOP credentials to determine whether you are, “good or bad” the way you do others who advocate here. You want to claim people are not conservative enough, not anti-establishment enough-how about you allow the same evaluation of you? Or do you need to operate like an anonymous bully who can’t stand the same heat he throws at others? Like a petulant child who stomps his feet and cries if anyone scrutinizes your credibility to define who has worth or not.Come out and play like the big boys and girls, in the light, proud of our values, advocacy, history and candidate preferences. Show your identity and let us look up all the background you love to do on others whom you disagree with. Got things to hide perhaps? Not as “pure” as you demand of others. You have already proven it by backing a Roy Cooper supporter and not answering how that advances the GOP or conservative causes.

  26. GUWonder
    September 3, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    After all the breast beating about Clark Twiddy’s contributions, I thought I would take a look myself. First, the FEC report shows Twiddy’s contributions are ALL GOP contributions. One interesting one was to one of Thom Tillis’ primary challengers, which I would say is a big plus for Twiddy. He had Tillis figured out as a phony.

    On the SBOE report, Steinburg and his supporters fail to mention Twiddy’s multiple contributions of hefty amounts to Pat McCrory during 2015 and 2016. Also multiple contributions to Dan Forest, Bill Cook, and Bob Steinburg, and one to Beverly Boswell. All of his contributions to party organizations are to GOP organizations.

    There are indeed two contribtions to Roy Cooper. One was in 2011 for the 2012 elections cycle, which was the year that the NCGOP under Robin Hayes did NOT even run a candidate against Cooper. In no way could that be construed as a contribution against a Republican, because Cooper had no Republican opponent that cycle. The other was in 2014 before Cooper formally became a candidate for governor, so it is a bit of a stretch to say that is a contribution in the governor’s race. Given the odd year, it looks more like a ”buying access” contribution for some business purpose. When the chips were down in the Governor’s race and it heated up in 2015-2016, ALL of Twiddy money, and a good chunk of change at that, was behiind Pat McCrory.

    Steinburg and his people are blowing smoke. They have a dog that won’t hunt. I would not be ashamed if I were Twiddy to face Steinburg down on that contribution record, especially when compared with Steinburg’s own record of mosstly just contributing to himself and very little to anyone else.

    • Holly Audette
      September 4, 2017 at 12:52 pm

      You are hillarious! The site, unlike in your post, was already put on here at the request of another. Anyone who wants to can see for themselves about the Twiddy contributions-including the thousands for Cooper in 2016. The fact Twiddy gave to both candidates says he has a pattern of being fickle, just like announcing his candidacy for one position a couple of months ago and now looking at a different race.It does not matter who ELSE ha gave to. There can be no case made that helping Roy Cooper in 2016 helped the GOP or the conservative cause. I have asked you over and over to reconcile your demand for conservative purity with Twiddy helping Roy Cooper. Sure you can claim he was buttering both sides of the bread was good for his business. That ignores, again, the question how it helped the GOP or conservative causes. A question refused to be answered by those promoting him. YOU may believe your pet issue is more important than thousands of dollars to Cooper in 2016 in a GOP primary and I may disagree, but I so look forward to having the results prove which side is right. So now that we have that behind us, would you like to provide your legal name and residency so we can scrutinize your perfect conservative credentials the way you scrutinize others who express opinions here that you disagree with? I notice you all just continue to refuse to hold yourselves to this same scrutiny choosing instead to bully messengers while hiding under your Linus blankets.

      • GUWonder
        September 4, 2017 at 9:19 pm

        The contributions to Cooper were given in the 2012 election cycle, when Cooper had NO GOP OPPOSITION (thanks to the Robin Hayes regime) and in the 2014 electioin cycle when Cooper was not even on the ballot. All of Twiddy’s contributions in the 2016 election cycle in the governor’s race were to Pat McCrory and they were pretty substantial.

        What really takes the cake is that YOU actually WORKED FOR a Democrat candidate running against a Republican. You might want to read the definition of “party disloyalty” in the NCGOP Plan of Organization, since that definition would fit YOU if you held any office in the party at the time. You whine about a contribution by Twiddy in an uncontested race and another in an election cycle when he was not even on the ballot but you have actually actively worked for a Democrat in a contested partisan race. Oh, and the Plan does NOT allow legislative leaders to grant indulgences to let people commit party disloyalty. If the legislative leader involved was Tillis, then that explains a lot as Tillis was never a very loyal Republican and has always liked to play footsie with the Democrats. It would appear that what you were doing was playing games with the elitists in Raleigh against the grassroots Republicans back home.

        You must really like paying more for your electricity if you can stomach Steinburg’s betrayal of the GOP platform on this issue to the Big Wind / Big Solar special interests.. I suspect that most GOP primary voters will NOT once it is explained what Steinburg has been doing to them. Civitas calls those guys ”Energy Crooks” while this site calls them “solar goons”. Either way, their interests are NOT those of the average NC citizen who pays an electric. The fact that you make excuses for them raises questions about your conservatism…

  27. Holly Audette
    September 4, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Mr. John Steed, this blog has a funny way of not letting people respond directly and leaving the button off. You want to tell me you are a “better” Republican than I am but still unwilling to let that be objectively reviewed by giving your real name and residency. Comic Book character-makes sense. So how about I simply do what you do. I will declare myself the champion, declare myself the better Republican and declare that your mother wears army boots.
    GUWonder, you contradicted yourself. First the line about giving to all Republicans. Later pointing out Cooper contributions. Later one Democrat. Did you miss Paul Tine contribution when he was a Democrat? I love dribbling this stuff out. You all either are very lousy at this or intentionally ignoring facts. Given that you claim anonymously to be the great arbiters of who is a good or bad Republican yet you will not allow yourselves to be scrutinized the same, the hypocrisy of you supporting Twiddy while holding that supposed mantle is actually becoming amusing. Let’s keep playing ok? I declare I am the arbiter of what is really orange? I alone claim the mantle of this truth. I will allow you to scrub my personal life in any way you wish to determine my credibility regarding knowing what is really orange by providing my real name and a weekly column published under my real name? Now-let the battle royale begin. Challenge me with regards to the mantle I claim and show me why I am not the ultimate arbiter of what is orange!

    • GUWonder
      September 4, 2017 at 9:57 pm

      Again attacking the messenger to obscure the fact that you cannot attack the message. Your personal attacks and obsession with making an enemies list (both you and Bob keep guessing who people are) show why many on this and other political sites do not use their real names. Many of us post on many topics, not johnny one notes like you and Jennifer, so there are also other peoples enemies lists to consider. BTW, I do not see the two of you posting on the thread about Tillis. Do you think he is a wonderful Senator?

      Twiddy’s contributions to Cooper were in the 2012 cycle when Cooper was running for Attorney General and did not have a GOP opponent and in the 2014 cycle when he was not even on the ballot for anything. In the 2016 cycle, all of Twiddy money in the gubenatorial race, and there was a big chunk of change given, went to McCrory. You can try to slice and dice and spin all you want, but those are the facts.

      You worked for a liberal Democrat legislator in a contested race in which there was a GOP candidate. Come down off your high horse.

    • john steed
      September 5, 2017 at 8:42 am

      My, my, what an ego you have. Internet political discussion boards are supposed to be focused on issues and politicians, not on us mere peons who comment on them. In your own mind, it seems that being a weekly columnist for a minor newspaper makes you a super star who we should all bow down to. Sorry that is not the case. I will continue to focus on the issues and politicians, not trying to blow my own horn.

      As to John Steed, as I told you, he is NOT a comic book character, but the lead character in the British spy drama on television”The Avengers” which ran throughout the 1960s, played by actor Patrick MacNee, with his sidekick Emma Peel played by actress Diana Rigg. It was followed in the 1970s by the New Avengers, also starring MacNee. Here is the intro to the TV series:


      I had also considered using as a nom de plum the name Simon Templar, who was lead character in a somewhat similar TV series, “The Saint”.. Templar was played in that series by actor Roger Moore, who later played James Bond..:


  28. Holly Audette
    September 4, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    How about Twiddy to Marc Basnight in 2010 $4000? That is trying to buy influence too, right? Which of course we should all just understand? You think he was supporting the GOP platform with that one? Clark Twiddy the candidate claiming ultimate, “outsider” status? Again, you want to be arbiters of good and bad Republicans. You want to scrutinize but not be scrutinized yourself. Tell me how Marc Basnight helped the GOP again?

  29. Holly Audette
    September 4, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Another Cooper contribution of $2000 in 2012. Hmmmm. Another just buying influence as the ultimate, “outsider” excuse? No challenger so COOPER DID NOT NEED THE MONEY to win. Imagine how many Republicans could have been helped as the GOP worked to grow their influence and competitiveness in the District?

  30. Holly Audette
    September 4, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Walter Jones contributions, 2016. Makes some GOP happy but surely not the Princes of ultimate conservative GOP purity!!!! You want to insist on your standard it is your sword to die on now. Except of course your cowardice will keep your anonymity because you cannot stand to be held up to the same scrutiny.

    • GUWonder
      September 4, 2017 at 10:06 pm

      You do not seem knowledgable enough to be a newspaper columnist.

      Walter Jones ranked as the most conservative Congressman in the state in 2016 and was challenged by a Washington, DC lobbyist / publicist who was financed by people close to John Boehner and by a New York City money man obsessed with two issues, amnesty for illegal aliens and gay marriage. You might want to refer to the Daily Haymaker articles on that race to educate yourself. Walter Jones is and was the only A rated Congressman in North Carolina on fighting illegal immigration, according to Numbers USA, which explains why the amnesty crowd was after him.

      Twiddy gave to Republican primary challengers against establishment amnesty supporters Thom Tillis and 9th district Congressman Pittenger.. And he gave to anti-amnesty Congressman Walter Jones.

      • Holly Audette
        September 6, 2017 at 11:22 am

        Ok, Mr. Anonymous. Care to state your legal name and residency so we can assess your credentials the way you judge others? Not everyone sees Walter Jones the way you claim, even with ACU ratings which are largely based on spending decisions. He is frequently labeled, “liberal” by angry members of the GOP. Care to deny this? I am sure those who consider him this are much worse informed or lcking intelligence compared to you-but who could actually know that considering you refuse to debate in the open like an adult and instead hide under your sheets. For example:”Another show of Jones’s character occurred in February, when he joined every member of the House Democratic Caucus in cosponsoring the Protecting Our Democracy Act. The bill called for a bipartisan citizens’ commission to investigate allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election”. So you can ignore the point about “purity” being in the eye of the beholder if you wish but it is a political reality. We will simply have to agree to disagree and see whether the voters think Steinburg is not a conservative enough Republican compared to Mr. Twiddy. Whether allowing local governments the option to choose their ec. dev. tools is a bigger betrayal to the GOP than support for Basnight, Cooper and even Walter Jones. I do agree with your point that Jones’ last opponent, being a candidate of the establishment was the absolute death knell to the opposition. The man continues to carry that water to this day. We shall see if Mr. Jones consistent opposition to the President, joining the left at so many opportunities to undermine the President, including on the wall and the President’s first ex. order on vetting, will hold his, “hold your nose” support together perpetually. Jones claims it is his conservatism that requires he consistently oppose the President. We will see if that flies with GOP voters again. Your insults continue to amuse me as you are too cowardly to hold yourself to the same scrutiny you hold others to, hiding behind your Linus blanket so others cannot evaluate whether you have the gravitas to be judging anyone else in this regard.

        • GUWonder
          September 6, 2017 at 5:14 pm

          ”Allowing local governments to choose their development tools”? What nonsense. First the important impact of Big Solar and Big Wind to consider is upon individuals, we the people, NOT upon governments. Raising our taxes and electric rates is a negative impact upon citizens.

          But even upon local governments, the law that Steinburg supports hardly gives them choice. It requires that the special interests of Big Wind and Big Solar be given an 80% exemption on their local property taxes. Local governments are given NO option there. They have to give these special interest parasites that tax break, and the rest of the struggling taxpayers in the county have to make up the difference from what these rich out of staters are allowed escape taxes on.

          In the longer term raising electric rates, which is what expensive and inefficient renewable electricity does, will hurt, not help economic development.

          A government mandate to buy an expensive and inefficient product is an assault on freedom, whether the product is Obamacare insurance or renewable energy, but that is exactly what your politician buddy supports in at least one of those similar cases. He is anti-freedom.j Good thing he does not get to vote on the other one, which is a federal issue.

          As to Walter Jones, if you were not such a johnny-come-lately to this site with a tunnel vision for one politician, you would know that most readers of this site agree that Jones was the conservative in the last two primaries. Jones was one of two NC Congressmen to join the effort to bring down the Boehner speakership. Jones has been a rock solid budget hawk voting against CRomnibus and Omnibus and debt ceiling increases and big spending budgets. Jones has also been a rock solid immigration hawk, consistently opposing amnesty for illegal aliens. He is a member of the Liberty Caucus in the House. One of his colleagues who came down to campaign for him in the primary was Congressman Dave Brat, the man who beat Eric Cantor in the primary in Virginia. But you may like people like Cantor and Boehner, I suspect.

          The one area where there is some debate is that Walter Jones subscribes to the isolationist brand of conservatism that goes back over a century and whose most recent major national proponent has been Pat Bucnanan, former Reagan White House staffer and presidential candidate himself. You must be more in tune with the internationalist brand of conservatism. I have mixed feelings between the two, myself.

          From your comments you must be supporting long time liberal lobbyist Dacey’s challenge to Jones. If you are so upset about those few contributions of Twiddy, maybe you ought to review the much much longer list of Dacey contributions to liberal Democrats. You can search for the columns on that subject right here at the Haymaker.

          As to Congressional ratings, since ACU tried to whitewash the record of Mitch McConnell when he had a conservative primary challenge from Mat Bevin, who is now governor of Kentucky, ACU’s ratings have lost credibility. The ratings most informed conservatives look to these days are Heritage Action for America and Conservative Review.

          I will continue to discuss the facts and issues and politicians with you, but no amount of personal bullying or name calling, both of which seem to be your stock in trade, are going to get me to make this a personal attack match. I will continue to focus on the politicians and the issues. I note that I am not the only one on this site you are trying to bully that way, and they are people who have been posting here a lot longer than you.

  31. Raphael
    September 5, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    I have picked up two interesting data points from reliable sources on how this awful Senate map came into being.

    The first is that those who had real input into the Senate map were Senate President Phil Berger and the mapmaking consultant. Unlike the House committee, where the committee chairman David Lewis was a major player in drawing districts, nobody on the Senate committee, including its chairman had much of a role. They were handed down by Berger and his mapmaker. The rest of the committee in the House other than Lewis were little more than bystanders as the entire committee seems to have been in the Senate.

    The other was that at an open meeting of the Dare County Chamber of Commerce, which is a Democrat bastion, there was discussion of creating a Senate district where Dare County would have the Senator, and in open discussion they agreed that Bill Cook would carry Dare County if he were still in the district. The leaders then appointed a committee to look into a course of action, and whatever happened from there went underground. Of course, their objective was a Democrat from Dare County, given the makeup of the Chamber. Funny thing, the district ended up more Democratic than it was and without Bill Cook. A Dare County Democrat now has a decent shot at the seat, especially against a non-Dare Republican. Did someone in the Dare County Chamber of Commerce pull some strings with either someone in Berger’s office or with the mapmaking consultant?

  32. Todd Bennett
    September 5, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    CCA members did give Bob money early. Bob received an education on the fisheries from both sides and attempted to intervene on behalf of science and fairness at a MFC meeting. He got an education that day, as he needed an escort from the facility because of irate CCA members.

    Bob is not into anything for Pay to Play reasons. If he was, he’d be in the CCAs pocket.

    There is an amazing blind spot on this energy issue. Why? I believe it is because the Rep will do anything he can to bring anything to the district. He has bought the green sales pitch. It feels good too. I’ve tried fighting it based on ending selective corporate welfare. It is wrong and a bit too close to fascist. Plenty of other reasons too.

    Bob disagrees, but it isn’t for money.

    Now, all that said, remember that I am now labeled a spineless yellow dog coward who has political observations that are flawed….by a sitting House Member ….so you judge for yourselves.

    • john steed
      September 6, 2017 at 9:23 am

      Todd, you are someone I respect, but Steinburg clearly knows he gets money from these Energy Crooks for doing what he does, so he is not clean. Those who are in bed with crony capitalism and corporate welfare are called special interest Republicans, and Steinburg is clearly one of them. All of them find it profitable to their campaign accounts, and some of them in other ways, too/

      If the GOP is going to restore its integrity, we need to use the primaries to wipe out the special interest caucus within the GOP caucus. These political prostitutes are a stain on the GOP. Steinburg is one of them, but there are a lot of others like Saine, Dollar, Szoka, Bell, Murphy, etc.

      • Todd Bennett
        September 6, 2017 at 11:38 pm

        Well he may be a true believer. Interesting posts in this thread for sure.

        • Jennifer Allen
          September 7, 2017 at 3:35 pm

          I think we need some like Todd Bennett to challenge Greg Murphy. Todd’s one of those God – fearing people that would be great in Raleigh. Get RINO like Murphy out.

          • john steed
            September 7, 2017 at 5:25 pm

            At least we agree on that one. Murphy is another Tom Steyer Republican on crooked green energy, and gets off the reservation on lots of other issues, too.

  33. Ronald Regan
    September 5, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Rep. Steinburg needs to list all the solar/wind money funneled to him via their employees if he is attacking Clark Twiddy for being a business owner looking out for his interest.

  34. Mattie Lawson
    September 7, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Lively posts. Don’t you have better things to do than attack each other? This illustrates why it is tough to get decent candidates. You all made your points. Move on. Personally, i believe the dealmaker should be alliance to our party platform. Comparing the Democrat platform to the Republican platform should be enough to convince any voter where to place their loyalty. Which one takes best care of our childrens’ futures? Which candidate honors the platform that protects us? No brainer. Take care dear patriots. Storm’s acoming.

    • john steed
      September 7, 2017 at 5:29 pm

      If we had candidates who adhere to our platform instead of pushing Obama / Gore / Steyer ideas, I would agree with you. When a Republican goes off the rails and goes against the platform, the way to deal with him or her is in the primary.

      Party loyalty is a two way street and one side of that is our elected officials being loyal to our platform instead of falling under the influence of special interests. That problem exists in both Raleigh and Washington.

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