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Monkey Business Report: A tangled ‘technical corrections’ web dating back to JULY

We’ve raised some questions about the pretty willy-nilly disbursement of $700,000 via the recent “technical corrections ” bill approved by the General Assembly.  Several cases of five- and six-figures being doled out to various communities with little specific detail about how the  money is to be used.  Apparently, this all…

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Monkey Business Report: Pat McElraft and ‘technical corrections’

We told you earlier about the honorables on Jones Street tossing around $700K  of our money in  a quite care-free fashion with little to no strings attached.  At first, it looked like senator Harry Brown (R-Onslow) was the ringleader here.  After all, he was the primary sponsor of the ‘technical…

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#ncpol: Sheriff v. Sheriff in Columbus County

Republican Jody Greene knocked off incumbent Lewis Hatcher by 37 votes on Election Day.  Meanwhile, approximately 180 absentee ballots went missing. Greene was also besieged by questions about his residency and the fact he and his wife had been voting in two different counties. Greene was hurriedly sworn in as…

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NC-09: Malcolm in the middle?

We told you earlier about former state board of elections chairman Josh Malcolm’s college-aged, live-at-home daughter getting paid to campaign for Dan McCready in the Ninth Congressional District race.   Now, my  main man Nick Ochsner appears to have uncovered another sticky situation for Malcolm: Records show the immediate past…

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#ncpol: What is this “fight” you speak of, Grandpa?

After weeks of hiding — and sending Dallas out to advocate for a new election  and even telling legislators to change the law to allow for a new primary — NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes has come out,um, swinging: We won this round. Democrat Governor Roy Cooper tried to intimidate the…

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Monkey Business Report: Technical Corrections

In the legislature, “technical corrections” are sort of like the “consent agenda” you hear about in city council and county commissioner meetings.  Meant to be for correcting things like spelling, grammar and other typos, “technical corrections” are a fantastic opportunity for the honorables to sneak stuff in under the radar…

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NC-09: “Baseless” in 2016 = NOBLE in 2018-19

It’s funny how Pat McCrory’s concerns about vote fraud in 2016 – which sound a lot like the stuff we’re talking about NOW — were derided by leftists as “baseless”.  But, in 2018, when  they’re on the losing end, they’ll fuss about the same stuff and defend their efforts as…

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NC-09: Can We Talk?

It sounds like the Mark Harris campaign  is in the mood: Perhaps this is a first step toward an armistice / truce in this fight over the Ninth Congressional District?  It’s interesting how quiet the McCready campaign  has gotten, and how Robert Pittenger is suddenly no longer interested in being…

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NC-09: 48 subpoenas (and NO ONE to serve them)

Hillary Clinton’s lawyer has stepped up to represent Dan McCready (D) in the political sideshow currently engulfing the Ninth Congressional District.  Marc Elias has written to former state board of elections chairman Josh Malcolm to lay out his need for 48 subpoenas to be issued to witnesses ahead of the…

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From “Genius” to “Tarheel of The Year”: Lefties inflate ‘The Round Rev’

At first,I thought the news of William Barber being named a MacArthur  “Genius”  was the work of ‘The Onion’ or another of James O’Keefe’s hijinks.  But NO, it was true. Now comes The N&O.  With all of the possible choices for ‘Tarheel of The Year,’  they had to pick “Rev….