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NC-09: Are Democrats exaggerating / inflating McCready’s military record?

  It’s nothing new for liberals to construct conservative-sounding imagery when running in areas that normally vote Republican.  If you read what Democrats and their slobbering sycophant sidekicks in the driveby media say about young Democrat Dan McCready, you’d think DEMs had recruited GI Joe, himself. First, the Democrats: And now some drive by goodness:   […McCready}  indulged a love of military history, visiting Gettysburg and devouring Ken Burns’ Civil…

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NC-09: Mr. McCready and the company he keeps

  You can often tell a lot about a person by looking at the people closest to them.  For instance, we know that Dan McCready was very cozy during the 2018 version of this race with some of the most radical leftists the nation has to offer.   But if you look at his private business, you’ll see that two of his closest advisors have a track record of sticking…

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Phase TWO of Team Forest’s hostile takeover of the Mecklenburg GOP?

  Mecklenburg County was the site of one of the worst electoral blowouts in the state for the GOP.  (Hell, the county GOP probably qualifies for FEMA funding.)  State senator Dan Bishop was the most significant elected Republican left standing after the votes were counted in Mecklenburg County in November. In  the real world,  folks in charge of a disastrous performance resign in shame or are fired.  In politics and…

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NC-03: All 3 legislators in GOP race basically neck-and-neck in Civitas rankings

  Usually, the epithet “liberal” gets reserved for general election contests. But it is already getting tossed around  quite, um, “liberally” in the Third Congressional District GOP primary. SO, we decided to do some research to see if we actually have some liberals slithering in the field — starting with our three legislators.  (After all, there’s much more documentation available.) For years, Civitas has been the gold standard for rating…

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Wow. Look at what’s brewing on Twitter.

  I swear.  I don’t know WHO to pull for on this one.   And the response?  

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NC-09: Ginger McCready, useful leftist tool

  The Dan McCready campaign wants to paint the picture of a decorated war hero, committed capitalist, and devout church-going family man who simply wants to go to DC to fight for his hometown folks and their values. It’s pretty clear from looking at McCready’s company website that he is simply a front man for a group of Obama-loving crony capitalists from Charlotte.  It’s pretty clear from his campaign report…

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NC-09: Chris-freakin’-Anglin!

  The dirtbag Democrat-turned-Republican saboteur (and Raleigh resident) who helped throw the 2018 NC Supreme Court race to Queen of the Commies Anita Earls is BACK.  This time he’s trying to work his black magic in the Ninth District GOP primary for US House. For all the damage he helped do to this state — and its court system — we are wishing Chris Anglin one hell of an (electoral,…

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#ncpol: Walker vs. Tillis ????

  Mark Walker  is the latest  name being thrown about by folks who really want to see special-interest-cash-whore Thom Tilli$$$ move on to do something else:   Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) is under fire from conservative activists for supporting a Democratic effort to block President Trump’s emergency declaration to fund his border wall.   The activists have also raised Tillis’s legislation to shield special counsel Robert Mueller from any interference…

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NC-03: Joan & Michele in the BIG city

  Our moles are everywhere.  Including our nation’s capital. Word got back to us today that two of the leading ladies in the Third Congressional District race —  Thom Tillis and Mike McIntyre fan Joan Perry and former NCGOP vice chairman Michele Nix — were in Washington, DC today trolling the swamp for special interest dollars. Both women were seen schmoozing with various lobbyists.  One mole told us of seeing…

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NC-09: Two more added to the GOP mix

  Fayetteville’s Stevie Rivenbark and state senator Dan Bishop of Charlotte joined Stony Rushing and Fern Shubert in the GOP field for the Ninth Congressional District.   Ms. Rivenbark is a healthcare professional and single mother of two who plans to make pro-life issues and The Second Amendment the cornerstones of her campaign. If you thought the radical left hated Mark Harris, wait until they get a load of Dan…