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NC-09: Horrible News

  That’s “who” sent this email out this afternoon: “Horrible News”  is an alias tied to the email account used by NCGOP communications director Jeff (*$#@*!) Hauser.  Just like the crazy email sent out not too long ago under Dallas’s smiling face and letterhead, this one raises questions like: I assume they’re talking about The Ninth Congressional District.  HOW DO THEY KNOW the race is “close” when the GOP has…

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Moore County commissioners lash out at county’s state legislators

  It’s been rare to see something like this in collegial, get-along  Republican Moore County.  But here it is, in a prepared statement from Moore County government: Senator Tom McInnis and Representatives Jamie Boles and Allen McNeill did not inform the Moore County Board of Commissioners regarding bills they recently sponsored, Senate Bill 190 and House Bill 281, respectively, authorizing the commissioners to create a special tax district for the…

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NC-03: The doctor fights back

  Politics IS a full-contact sport.  (As if you didn’t already know this.)  Far too often, I see really good people play way too nice and get their reputations destroyed. Judging from a video taken at a recent Third District GOP confab, congressional candidate and state Rep. Greg Murphy (R-Pitt) is deciding to assertively stand up for himself. Considered by many to be a front-runner in the race, Murphy has…

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NC-09: WHO hid the Robeson County ballot harvesting evidence?

  Jay DeLancy and Raleigh’s Voter Integrity Project really want to know: Earlier last week, I was able to ask State BOE Director of Investigations, Joan Fleming, about the disparity between the Absentee Ballot Request logs used by two counties in their investigation into alleged criminal behavior by McCrae Dowless in Bladen County.     Last week’s post only offered an attachment of the Bladen documents, but not images of the forms themselves….

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NC-09: So far, it’s ALL Stony.

  It’s one thing to talk about running for Congress.  It’s another to step up, pay the filing fee, and sign on the dotted line.  The first day of filing in the Ninth District do-over got started today.  Union County board of commissioners chairman Stony Rushing — by late Monday — was the only one to sign on the dotted line. I hadn’t heard of Rushing until Mark Harris quit…

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#ncga: House’s anti-Folwell bill sitting in Murphy’s Health committee

  Remember how we told you about the hospital lobby drafting a bill clipping treasurer Dale Folwell’s wings and passing out a lot of cash to get the House to move on it?   The bill restricts the treasurer’s ability to manage the state health plan.  (A number of years back,  the health plan was moved into the realm  of the state treasurer because too many legislators were making mischief…

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#ncga: House bill seeks in-state tuition for illegal aliens

  Check out HB 319 filed on Thursday.  Sure, its sponsors are a bunch of Democrats. Sure, it’s filed in a Republican-controlled chamber.  But with a smaller majority, and a lot of stinkin’ Tilli$$$ Republicans slithering around,  ANYTHING is possible. The “In-State Tuition Equity Act” would grant  in-state admission status  to UNC system campuses and the state’s community colleges.  So, kids who have flouted this country’s  citizenship and immigration and…

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NC-09: The battle to topple Ginger McCready

  The US Marines have got to LOVE Ginger McCready, the Democrats’ great white hope in the crusade to steal the Ninth Congressional District after 60 years of uninterrupted Republican rule.  No Marine, or ex-Marine, has done more public whining and crying about anything than  lil’ Ginger. It  just demonstrates the damage the left’s efforts to turn military service into just another way to pay off your Harvard and Yale…

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Convention News ! Get your hot-and-fresh convention news!

  There were a lot of county GOP conventions today.  In the 3rd and 9th congressional districts, there were a higher number of candidates in attendance than at other county gatherings.  (*I’m told there are some sort of special elections coming up in both locales.*) So, without further ado: Attendance.    I’m hearing that the GOP grassroots is not exhibiting a lot of excitement this year.  Many counties that met…

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#ncpol: N&O’s ‘Randy Andy’ breaks from Twitter to lead new driveby assault on GOPer

  The newest kid on the block at The N&O has learned that place’s playbook very quickly and very well.  You’ll typically find Paul A. “Andy” Specht on social media posting selfies, hawking subscriptions to his employer’s money-bleeding, dying flagship publication, or generally making snarky comments about GOPers.   In other words, carrying on the legacies of John Frank and Colon “Toilet Boy” Campbell quite effectively.  Andy’s latest contribution to driveby…