Woodhouse-Haley 2016

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley — looking more and more like The Palmetto State’s Renee Ellmers — has been getting some abuse from conservatives for her “response” to Barry Obama’s speech the other night.  She has confirmed that her speech was meant as an attack on Donald Trump, and that the folks at the RNC approved.

None of this stopped NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse — fresh from being rescued from the Tea Party hordes by Joyce Cotten, her daughter and Zan Bunn —  from showing Haley some major love on Facebook:




Not a lot of folks were agreeing with ol’ Dallas:











9 thoughts on “Woodhouse-Haley 2016

  1. Woodhouse has been shown to be a Karl Rove operative in the last election. It looks like he is still a Rove operative, or at least one of the establishment’s rent boys.

    I would not even think about giving the NCGOP a dime as long as Woodhouse is around.

    Haley is a scalawag who attacks southern heritage to please the DC beltway establishment so she can try to get the VP nomination with one of the establishment presidential candidates. She also wants Muslims as immigrants, something San Bernandino showed is a dangerous thing.

  2. IF Rubio is the nominee and chooses Haley to run then history is ignored and Rubio cannot count Electoral College votes. South Carolina does not add to the needed margin and will vote GOP to begin with. In the business world the term “value added” means an advantage to your product(s). Haley adds nothing to the GOP conservative brand and proved that with her “RNC approved” remarks. DEFEAT from the jaws of Victory.

  3. Party executive directors are supposed to run the technical nuts and bolts of everyday party operations, not promote particular candidates for public office. Woodhouse is once again pushing a specific candidate, this time a wannabee vice president.

    Many conservatives got a belly full of Nikki Haley when she went full PC on trashing southern heritage Southerners have long memories and that will not be forgotten nor forgiven. God help any GOP candidate that puts Haley on their ticket.

  4. “Woodhouse has been shown to be a Karl Rove operative in the last election.”
    BINGO (and) BINGO!
    Now we know WHO turned Nikki Haley into a TRAITOR!
    Bush Lover (and political has been) Karl Rove! I KNEW IT!
    Hey Karl (and Nikki) Americans are sick and tired of the Bush-Clinton” dynasty. HELLO?
    As the Bob Dylan song says: “The times, they are a changing'”.
    And I agree, Nikki Haley is South Carolina’s “Renee Ellmers”. Shame on you, Nikki, for selling your soul!

    1. Nikki Haley sold her soul to the left months earlier when she went PC on the Confederate flag. She did that to get the attention of the MSM and the beltway GOP establishment in her ambitions to run for vice president. She threw our Confederate ancestors under the bus to further her own political ambitions.

      If Woodhouse is in Charleston solely for the debate, what in the hell is the NCGOP doing paying his expenses? He should not be on the clock for salary either. Why should our contributors be paying for a junket that has nothing to do with the ED’s function? Who approved such nonsense?

        1. Woodhouse is not a member of the RNC. There is no reason for him to be there, especially not at NCGOP expense. The ED carries out policy at the state level, not helps make it at the national level. This becomes just a junket for him at the expense of party contributors.

          1. expenses who keeps up with those and if someone keeps up with them who will ever see them – insert sarcasm – its all donor money right ? Free money everywhere – insert disgust

  5. “Yknow, I said in another post: what do the RINOS have on Nikki Haley, to make her a traitor like that? I also said that somebody must have the goods on Haley. Then somebody else said: “Nikki Haley is the Renee Ellmers of South Carolina.”
    Then I went: Hmmmmmmm…..!
    Turns out, there were allegations of Nikki Haley having one (oops…..two) affairs, and that she was named as one of three “other women” in a divorce case.
    Mind you, these are “allegations”, but when she all of a sudden turns into a Traitor like that, the world wonders……………!

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