Womack is BACK.


Robin “Hip Replacement”  Hayes WILL INDEED have a competent, credible challenger in the 2019 race for NCGOP state chairman.  Sources tell us Lee County GOP chairman Jim Womack will be taking another stab at sending Dallas and his Grandpa home for good in their clown car. 

To refresh your memories, here is coverage of their one and only debate from two years ago.  (The video has been taken down from Facebook.)

2016 and 2018 were nothing short of disastrous for Chairman Hip-Replacement and his grandson, Dallas.  Notable losses during those periods include:  two associate justice spots on the NC Supreme Court,  FOUR Appeals Court seats, NC Senate super-majority, NC House super -majority, and governor.

Many observers see the NCGOP as being ONE ELECTION CYCLE AWAY from losing every gain it has made since the 2010 elections.

While Chairman Hip Replacement has stumbled and bumbled, the Lee County party — under Jim Womack’s leadership — has prospered.  The GOP has become competitive again in a very very very Democrat county.  They came within inches of taking the majority on the county board of commissioners AND the county school board.

Field organizing and fundraising also went well under the leadership of Chairman Womack.  One Lee County politico told me, just after the 2018 vote:

“Jim had volunteers out the wazoo.  You could pick a polling place in the county.  And you’d have to walk  a gauntlet of ten to twenty Republican activists promoting the Republican candidates before you got inside the front door.”

On the fundraising front, another of my Lee County sources had this to offer:

“Our candidates had all the money they could possibly need.  I heard from candidates saying ‘Wow, this is more than I asked for. It’s more than I need.  What do I do with it?’  “

Lee County is home to a Democrat machine controlled by the iron fist of former Lt. Gov. Dennis Wicker.  I’m told the Democrats, and of course  their friends who like to play on both sides of the political fence, HAAAAAAAAATE  Womack with a passion.

Womack, as a former county commissioner and current party chairman, has been a stickler on the issue of transparency.

Said my Lee County source:

“[…] As a commissioner, Jim made it his mission to read, scrutinize and question EVERY contract that came through the county manager’s office.  He asked a lot of questions that ended up embarrassing Dennis and the boys.  It would not shock me to see Democrats donating to the efforts to prop up Hayes and slander Womack.  They see him as dangerous to the whole business-as-usual thing. They hate him so much.  On one hand, they might like to get him out of Lee County.  But, on the other hand, Wayne Goodwin and that crowd in Raleigh would have to deal with him full-time.[…]”

Admirers in Lee County joke that Womack does not appear to ever sleep.  He’s notorious for firing off emails during the wee hours of the morning when most people are asleep.

Observers speak admiringly of Womack’s offensive against the Wicker machine and the success GOP candidates had in knocking off top Wicker  machine lieutenants.    (One of the most notable success stories out of Lee County in 2018 was the victory of Arianna del Palazzo, a 24 year old Republican making her first run for office.  She knocked off a 72-year-old long-time incumbent Democrat county commissioner known for his close ties to Wicker.  Womack is credited with recruiting del Palazzo and mentoring her through her campaign.) 

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.  Will the NCGOP choose insanity or recovery and revitalization in 2019?

18 thoughts on “Womack is BACK.

  1. This is all well and good, but as we learned 4 years ago, unless grassroots activists can simultaneously take majority control of the State Central Committee, a grassroots chairman will be undermined and ultimately removed.

    And of course, even if grassroots activists managed to take control of both the state Chairmanship AND the Central Committee, all Moore and Berger have to do is activate their “Party Affiliated Committees” and fundraise in the party’s name, letting their cronies know not to donate to the party, but rather directly to the Committees. Then they simply accuse the grassroots leadership of not being able to fundraise, despite having undermined the fundraising themselves, and bada-bing, bada-boom, take control back during the next cycle.

    1. So glad to see Jim back in the running, but alas, I am afraid Adam is right. I’m not sure the NCGOP can be saved from itself.

  2. If this party does not pull together we have lost already. Thank God I have no kids and will survive the slow death of our country. See Mark Valentine’s comment on my page. Don Yelton.

  3. So Grandpa will be “hip” after his surgery? That’s cool. Dallas will still be a moron.

    I would LOVE to have Jim as party chairman. Hopefully he can win. Unfortunately, I don’t think “they” will let him. He has my vote.

    1. Adam, you are not thinking outside the box. Moore and Berger are on the cusp of losing their majorities and they know it. Womack is a strategic warfighter and can think both in the box and outside the box. He can finally bring the NCGOP fully into the digital age. He can also out fund raise Hayes without the GA and big donors That were pulling against the NC Republicans Party. The only reason anyone has to support Hayes is to see him and Dallas totally finish off the NCGOP politically. The two best things NC Republicans have going is Womack and Forest. Both must win. All that said, let’s make this as simple and seamless as possible and be sure we elect the best delegates at precinct, county and district conventions. That includes District Chairs that will enable us to win again and not sabotage the Central Committee, the NCGOP, and our candidates. We have to bring back the grass roots to win. The Ds have been beating us on every front with Hayes and Woodhouse.

  4. If the NCGOP can be revived, Jim’s the man. Tenacious is a mild adjective. Patriot is an understatement. What you see is what you get!
    Someone who never stops fighting for us. Reminds me of a certain other fellow with a slogan like #MAGA!

  5. *** Nostrawoamck ***

    How many predictions have come to fruition from his claims in 2016. Almost all.

  6. Last time Woodhouse denied accurate delegate lists to Womack so he couldn’t reach out in advance. This time, conservative-run county leadership teams should send delegate lists directly to Womack as well as NCGOP.

  7. Hayes & Woodhouse have got to go! The NCGOP is crippled under their ineptness. Time to clean house and FIGHT like a – I hate to say it – Democrat! I keep wondering when the GOP will get a spine.

  8. Oh, crap! I’d better get to work on using party resources to re-elect my sock puppet figurehead, Robin, so I can retain my control of the NCGOP.. Another one of those fancy high dollar “shareholder reports” mailed to all the delegates, perhaps?

  9. If the grass roots people are the real power and have all the good ideas, why can they not fundraise? What Moore and Berger do should be irrelevant. Is it possible the majority actually like Berger and Moore – and Hayes and Woodhouse for that matter?

  10. When you run against an incumbent, you have to lay out why you are better than the incumbent, which includes laying out what the incumbent has done wrong. Womack played too nice last time and did not do that. He needs to realize that in politics nice guys finish last. Hayes’ record is what in the military would be called a target rich environment. Hopefully, he will make a solid case of why we need a change.

  11. Hey, friends. Don’t you worry about that hip replacement. I’ll just let Dallas run the party while I’m out, as he does anyway. I doubt that there will be much I will have to rubberstamp then, anyway. And just think of the plane fuel that will save the party while I can’t fly.

  12. If Jim runs, he has an uphill battle to beat Grandpa. If there are more than two candidates such that the opposition vote is split, he has no chance. I hope we can be smart and pull together to make this happen.

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