NCGOP: One flaming-hot MESS

The NCGOP hierarchy had meetings this weekend.  Here’s SOME of what we learned:

  • Party chairman Robin Hayes pretty much told the party’s Personnel Committee to pound sand.   Hayes informed party leaders that he had ram-rodded contract extensions and “bonuses” for executive director Dallas Woodhouse and two other aides through without obtaining a blessing from the committee (which IS party policy).   This apparently has party leaders from across the ideological spectrum highly-peeved at the old man. 
  • Financial discrepancies?  Party leaders have apparently discovered a $900,000 discrepancy between the financials presented to them by party staff and what got reported to the FEC.   Sources tell us there is some indication an unnamed source contributed money to the party to make up for the shortfall.  The contributor(s) has / have not been named.  Nor has there been a publicly-offered explanation on the $900,000 discrepancy. 
  • Grandpa Robin’s health.  (You can’t make this stuff up.)  Hayes confirmed to the assembled party leaders that he will be seeking reelection as party chairman.  But did note that he has a hip replacement scheduled for the near future.  “I’m running,” Hayes reportedly told the group.”I might be doing it on my back, but I’m running.”

Sources say that at least one credible challenger to Hayes will be stepping forward shortly.  And at least one credible candidate for the open vice-chairman’s post will be coming forward shortly.

Stay Tuned.