NCGOP: One flaming-hot MESS

The NCGOP hierarchy had meetings this weekend.  Here’s SOME of what we learned:

  • Party chairman Robin Hayes pretty much told the party’s Personnel Committee to pound sand.   Hayes informed party leaders that he had ram-rodded contract extensions and “bonuses” for executive director Dallas Woodhouse and two other aides through without obtaining a blessing from the committee (which IS party policy).   This apparently has party leaders from across the ideological spectrum highly-peeved at the old man. 
  • Financial discrepancies?  Party leaders have apparently discovered a $900,000 discrepancy between the financials presented to them by party staff and what got reported to the FEC.   Sources tell us there is some indication an unnamed source contributed money to the party to make up for the shortfall.  The contributor(s) has / have not been named.  Nor has there been a publicly-offered explanation on the $900,000 discrepancy. 
  • Grandpa Robin’s health.  (You can’t make this stuff up.)  Hayes confirmed to the assembled party leaders that he will be seeking reelection as party chairman.  But did note that he has a hip replacement scheduled for the near future.  “I’m running,” Hayes reportedly told the group.”I might be doing it on my back, but I’m running.”

Sources say that at least one credible challenger to Hayes will be stepping forward shortly.  And at least one credible candidate for the open vice-chairman’s post will be coming forward shortly.

Stay Tuned.

9 thoughts on “NCGOP: One flaming-hot MESS

  1. I don’t know a single member of the grassroots who supports these two (granted, I don’t know very many outside of Mecklenburg any longer) so who exactly is still sending money to the state party?

    1. In the race for meck county chair the question of “if the candidates support the continued leadership of Hayes and Woodhouse” needs to be made a serious issue

  2. The Plan of Organization clearly states that it is the Central Committee, NOT the chairman, which contracts with the Executive Director for his / her services. I cannot see how a contract not approved by the Central Committee would be valid. And,. of course, the Central Committeer relies on its Personnel Committee for recomendations.

    1. And while the central committee does have this power all the central committes power comes from the executive committee which should have veto power over central committee actions if needed

  3. What a Huge failure in our leadership… this is so Sad for NC
    Hayes, Nix, And Winehoues are enemies to the Grassroots Christian Conservative Republicans in North Carolina and must be replaced if the NCGOP is to ever gain the respect of the Conservative Right again.

  4. Many errors here.

    There is no issue with the reports, other than the person looking at them did not understand what they were looking at.

    It’s not possible to underreport or overreport a million dollars. That is impossible. The bank records would not match, the computer system would reject the reports,

    And how exactly wound be spend a million dollars we don’t have ! What a joke

    And for the record, not one single NCGOP employee is under any kind of contract. Everyone works At Will

    1. Spend money you don’t have? Dallas, that’s what you did with those credit cards back in college. That’s what they do every day in Raleigh and Washington. People do it all the time. I think those people were concerned about the $900,000 in questionable spending that was not authorized and had to be covered by some sleight-of-hand at the last minute by an unnamed donor or donors.

      It’s possible to report or not report anything on those campaign reports. Just like them taxes. They rely on honesty and God knows there’s little of that running around in politics these days.

      Didn’t know what they were reading? There was a hell of a lot of people in that room with a hell of a lot more business experience than you son! This ain’t the first time they seen a financial statement.

      At-will? Well, there sure was a roomful of people who heard robin hayes say pound sand, dallas and his two friends are staying for two more years and getting more money.

      Son, if you’re gonna lie, make sure there are no witnesses to bust you.

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