#ncpol: NCGOP abandoned Barbara Jackson BEFORE EARLY VOTING EVEN STARTED?


That’s the shocking allegation we’ve picked up from at least three NCGOP heavy-hitters who attended state party meetings this weekend. All three confirmed for me that they spoke with state party staff during the 2018 campaign about what appeared to be a lack of effort — when  compared to what was done for Paul Newby and Mark Martin in their last races — for Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jacksons reelection.

All three confirmed for me that party staff told them the state party decided to abandon Jackson due to polling that was done prior to the start of early voting. 

Barbara Jackson’s loss allowed radical leftist Anita Earls to ascend to the state’s highest court.  Couple that with the resignation of Chief Justice Mark Martin and you have the radical left cementing its control over the state’s court system for YEARS to come. 

Here’s the most shocking part of the story, as retold by one of my three NCGOP sources:

“Dallas laid down the law that nothing would be done for Justice Jackson because  in-house polling showed her coming in third.  This polling referred to was done prior to early voting starting.  The decision to abandon Justice Jackson was made prior to early voting even starting.  They pulled the rug out from underneath her early.   That lady didn’t stand a chance.”

6 thoughts on “#ncpol: NCGOP abandoned Barbara Jackson BEFORE EARLY VOTING EVEN STARTED?

  1. 3rd? that’s interesting…
    I think if support was withheld it was due to knowledge the fraudulent Anglin was going to siphon votes.

  2. Which is exactly why we need new Conservative leadership in North Carolina. I regularly get phone calls from voters, some from the parking lot from the polling place to ask me what judge to cast their vote for. Unfortunately, even with party designations, many just skip these races, even they are the most important race in my opinion. I don’t fault any one for losing a battle, but I do fault those who don’t show up to fight a battle. Yellow must be the new Red in NC.

  3. Dallas Woodhouse promised to get a Republican running as a Democrat into the Supreme Court race to counter what the Democrats were doing along the same lines. He failed to do that, and that failure doomed Barbara Jackson. That miserable failure should have led to Woodhouse walking the plan k at NCGOP. There was also apparently no effort by Woodhouse or Hayes to demand that the judicial elections include primaries.

    Woodhouse was active in recruiting legislative candidates, including a number of homosexuals to run for utterly hopeless legislative seats, but was MIA in recruiting for the race that really matter.

  4. Since when does the hired help – the “party staff” – have authority to make such decisions? They are supposed to carry out policy, not make policy. What we have is a state chairman and a central committee that has abdicated their authority to the hired help. We need a “fruit basker turnover” at the NCGOP and get some genuine leaders in office. “Figurehead Robin” just does not cut it.

  5. I think judicial candidates ought to have successful campaign consultants help them. Thinking you can just go to Republican men and women’s clubs and you will win an election or depend on the NC GOP to help you get across the finish line is delusional. You must take it into your own hands to make sure that a professional is helping you with your campaign. And It has been obvious for quite a while now that Hayes and Woodhouse need to go

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