WHO wants to “run” Civitas?

We’d heard scuttlebutt for some time that incumbent Civitas president & ceo Francis DeLuca was looking for a chance to make a run for it. DeLuca made it official a few days ago with his announcement of a “Spring 2018 […] retirement.”

The ink had barely dried on DeLuca’s letter when this got tossed out into cyberspace: 

Civitas is Latin for civics.  Unlike most traditional think tanks, Civitas Institute emphasizes educating the public and mobilizing the grassroots movement by providing them the information, skills, and tools to effectively engage with elected and public officials to help successfully implement public policies that protect freedom and liberty.

Founded in 2005, Civitas Institute fights to remove barriers to freedom so that all North Carolinians can enjoy a better life.  Located in Raleigh, NC, Civitas seeks a President & CEO to lead its next phase of growth.

The President & CEO will be a seasoned executive with management skills, business acumen, and an understanding of fundraising.  The President will guide a small staff to conduct research, sponsor educational activities, and disseminate information to promote the public’s understanding of the benefits of limited government and free market economies.  The President & CEO will oversee a budget of approximately $2.2 million.  A visionary leader with a commitment to providing a voice for those who feel unheard in North Carolina, the President & CEO will serve as the organization’s chief spokesperson.


The primary responsibilities of the President & CEO will include:

  • Overall executive leadership and management of the Institute, including reporting to the Board of Directors
  • Effectively and persuasively articulate the mission of Civitas to the grassroots, elected and public officials, and media outlets (digital and traditional)
  • Overseeing fundraising strategy creation and implementation
  • Increasing the organization’s visibility among relevant audiences, including donors, allied organizations, and the grassroots
  • Networking and collaborating in an effort to strengthen the organization’s community and influence
  • Developing strategies to more effectively realize the organization’s mission
  • Managing a small staff and making staffing decisions


The ideal candidate for this role will possess the following attributes:

  • Demonstrated philosophical alignment with the Civitas Institute’s mission
  • Significant management experience (10+ years), including organizing conferences and events; overseeing publication of periodicals, research reports, website, social media, digital communications
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, including ability and willingness to serve as the organization’s public face
  • Understanding of/experience in the nonprofit sphere — including knowledge of like-minded organizations and donors (strongly preferred)
  • In depth knowledge and understanding of state public policy
  • Strategic thinking skills and ability to effectively execute an existing strategy
  • Proven ability to inspire and lead a team in a collaborative, collegial style
  • Strong relationship building and networking skills
  • Demonstrated ability to increase brand awareness of an organization or entity

Application Instructions

Qualified candidates should submit the following in one PDF file with your name in the file:

  • Résumé
  • Cover letter detailing the candidate’s qualifications, philosophical interest in leading Civitas, and salary requirements
  • List of 3+ references

Please include “President & CEO, Civitas– Your Name” in the subject line of your email.

Materials should be emailed in one PDF document to Claire Dixon with Talent Market, who is assisting with the search: claire@talentmarket.org.

While we thank all applicants in advance for their interest in this position, we are only able to contact those to whom we can offer an interview. No phone calls, please. […] 

If you get this job, you should know that you WILL NOT be the BMOC at Civitas.  THAT honor is reserved for ”the man in tap shoes” — John Hood.  Rest assured that Hood will be looking over your shoulder, breathing down your neck, and throwing you under the bus at every possible opportunity.

Also notice how often “fundraising” and “donors” get mentioned in the job description.  Sounds like John’s Uncle Art is getting a little tired of forking out most, if not all, of the cash to run the place.

(Here’s some advice to the next top dog at Civitas: Submitting — caving in, surrendering — to the Goodmon-funded thugs will not endear you to conservative-minded folks who might be willing to fork out some coin to support a real, bona fide conservative watch dog. )

9 thoughts on “WHO wants to “run” Civitas?

  1. The timing of Col. DeLuca’s “retirement announcement” coupled with the IMMEDIATE job search notice… and the recent controversy re: John Hood”s KILLING of CarolinaPlotthound is “interesting”… some would say “curious”. ???!!!???

    1. The word I hear is that the straw that broke the camel’s back with Hood was deLuca speaking at a meeting in eastern NC a week or two ago warning of efforts to make our courts politically appointed instead of elected. Appointed courts are near and dear to Hood’s heart. Of course, deLuca was on the conservative / grassroots side of that argument and Hood on the liberal / elitist side.

  2. Not my carnival, not my rickety ferris wheel, but John really didn’t have a choice. Doctor Joe has never been one to “filter” his racist tendencies, but the Josh Stein thing was way over the line, even for Guarino. Republishing those comments was a mistake. Not everything is a conspiracy to hide information, or suppress the voices of dissent. Sometimes it’s just common sense.

    1. 1. CPH did not “republish” anything. It supplied a link to the site.
      2. There were numerous options to Hood well short of killing the CPH website. Not having CPH post future links to Guarino’s site being the obvious one.

    2. To the far left, every conservative is a “racist”.

      The left has a real double standard here. The “Josh Stein thing” was a nothing burger compared to the direct anti-Catholic statements of several liberal Democrat US Senators recently. They aren’t retiring, even though they directly attacked the religion of judicial nominees, stating blatantly their objection to devout Catholics serving as judges. . DeLuca, not only never said anything like that directly, but even the link in question never suggested that Stein should not be AG due to his religion. It seems that liberals can directly attack the religion of a conservative but a conservative cannot even mention the religion of a liberal in passing. That is horseshit.

      The real problem with the “Josh Stein thing” was that conservatives backed down to a couple of extreme left bully boys and their bogus charges. These guys were what the communists used to call “agitators”, and giving in to them is just not a smart move. If you do it once, they will keep playing the same game with you on more and more frivolous issues. The way to deal with them is to tell them to stick in where the sun does not shine.

  3. If the Locke Foundation is so successful then how come we have a bloated government and 2 GOP US Senators who claim to be conservative but are weasels. The majority of our congressmen are just as bad, The judiciary that is now full of republicans at the top one would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Once in a great while a small success,much like a bee sting, a republican on a college Board or committee will initiate a conservative maneuver.
    But,all in all, the dogs bark and the caravan passes.
    Is $2.2m a joke? I bet George Soros funded foundations waste that much money on Starbucks coffee.

  4. I know Francis was not happy about the demise of the CPH, but there might be more to the story. Maybe he’s just tired of the BS.

  5. The more Francis was successful at raising non-Pope funds for Civitas, the more dissatisfied Art seemed to be at Civitas’s “independence” from the Pope empire. Hence we now have Hood/Art (with Art back on the board) re-asserting their control.

    1. Francis is a grassroots guy and a conservative and understands practical politics. Hood is an intellectual and an elitist with no real understanding of practical politics and no feel for the grassroots. As soon as Hood was put in a position over Civitas, this was a train wreck waiting to happen.

      Francis has always had a great sense of conservative policy, but Hood started putting the brakes on him. Where Hood gets his policy positions, on the other hand, makes you scratch your head. Many of them do not come across as conservative to the grassroots,and some almost look like Hood is being a flack for Soros. In particular, Hood seems to be on a tear to reduce citizen control of public officials and conservative influence on public officials on a broad front – primaries rigged for incumbents and big money, political appointment of judges, pandering to the Democrats on redistricting, etc.

      Civitas used to have a widely respected legislative rating until Hood put his thumb on the scales, which has now made it a joke, which is sad. That rating served a very useful purpose up until recenetly.

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