Who Am I? Ah’m gonna be yo’ next guvnah. BOOYAH! (Who ARE you?)


He’s back.  Hide your kids.

The sanctimonious, Bible-thumping, corn-pone snake oil salesman (and sidewalk wrestler) from Harnett County is hauling his carcass into the political spotlight ONE more time.  The right Rev. Bobby Etheridge is trying to move his “spending-spree-with-other people’s-money” routine — so rudely interrupted two years ago by the lovely Mrs. Ellmers — from our nation’s capital to our fair state’s Executive Mansion in Raleigh.

Fresh off of his tour as a national laughingstock — thanks to THIS VIDEO — BobbyE is joining Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton and state Rep. Bill Faison in the 2012 Democrat primary for governor.

I swear — my Democrat friends need to shut up about the GOP presidential field.   So far, we have a Lt. Governor who no one outside of his immediate family could pick out of a lineup, a state legislator sued by his wife for abandonment, and Bobby.  (Erskine Bowles has sensibly declined to participate in this quixotic exercise brought on by Boss Bev’s surprise decision to not seek reelection.) 

Etheridge has been on the public payroll for far too long.  He voted for ObamaCare, TARP, the stimulus  and all of that other stuff that got us into this economic mess. He needs to go try and find a real job in the private sector, and try to earn a living in this mess of an environment he helped create.  His antics in that notorious video demonstrate that he doesn’t have the discipline or class to represent the people of North Carolina — at any level.  (You or I would be facing assault charges.)

EVERYBODY who runs against BobbyE needs to run THAT video at every opportunity.  Roger Daltrey singing “Who Are You”  (AKA The CSI theme) needs to blare in the background of all of his campaign appearances.  Remind the people WHO Bob Etheridge really is.

Gee.  This Democrat primary NOW has the potential to be fun.  (Who will BobbyE try to choke first?)