We’ve got mail. Lots and lots and lots of email.

The emails from the ECU medical school — dealing with the whole issue of transgendering minors — have finally been released.  After months and weeks of stonewalling — trying to shake down requestors for outlandish fees — East Carolina administrators have finally released more than 4000 pages of documents and emails to legislative investigators in Raleigh and the folks at Education First Alliance. 

Folks are reviewing the contents of the documents as we write.  Sources tell me info turned over by ECU includes “training” for doctors on how to teach kids to “tuck” and “bind.”  (For “tucking,” think about the recent Target scandal.) 

Basically, we are learning that many of the ECU-connected folks who have been running around saying neither they nor the school have anything to do with transitioning minors WERE LYING.  Some of these ECU-connected folks even made these denials in print and on video for various media outlets.

Folks at Duke and UNC should keep holding their collective breath.  We understand these emails also shoot holes in your deceitful denials.  

The emails should prove embarrassing for many in our veto-proof “conservative” majority.  They’ve sat on their hands for months — refusing to do any investigating or oversight.  Many of them — including Speaker Timmy himself — have dismissed the whole matter as “nothing.”  If these guys and gals are just willy-nilly handing out tax dollars without ANY oversight or investigation, what good are they to US?

The contents of this email drop should produce dozens and dozens of articles that will prove to be mighty uncomfortable to the political establishment.  The full force of the law should be exerted to stop this evil experimentation on our kids.

Some folks in power — in Greenville and in Raleigh — need to hang their heads and resign in disgrace.  They failed us.  They lied to us and failed to do the due diligence we expect of them.

If not for the blogosphere and grassroots activists, we might not have ever learned the truth about what’s been done at our state universities with OUR tax dollars.

The drive-by media should also hang their heads in shame.  They’ve ignored this story and /or lied about it for far too long. They’ve done a real disservice to so many Americans who count on them to be their eyes and ears.

Sit back and buckle up.  There’s going to be some really fun reading on The Internet for at least the next few weeks.