Wayne Goodwin’s free pass on O-Care catastrophe in NC

goodwinThe remnants of our state’s mainstream media and their partners over at BluePrintNC have been obsessed with beating on NCDHHS secretary Aldona Wos.  We got warnings — just before October 1 — about how North Carolina would be one of the worst-hit states by ObamaCare.

We’re getting reports of people seeing 300 to 500 percent increases in their out-of-pocket costs.  We’re getting stories like this and this about sticker shock for average North Carolinians.

Aldona Wos has very little to do with any of this.  But state Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin DOES:

[…] You probably think the Department regulates insurance companies and agents — you are correct, we do. Any insurance business in this state first must be approved by the Commissioner, and companies and agents must meet rigorous standards before they receive a license to do that business. […]

We get powderpuff coverage like this about Goodwin skedaddling to NYC for a fundraiser.  But where are the tough questions?  I mean, the guy DOES brag that “any insurance business” in the state MUST come through him. 

If our mainstream media had ANY integrity they’d be putting Goodwin and his actions / inaction re: O-Care under the microscope.  I guess we’re going to have to wait for Gerrick Brenner and Chris Fitzsimon to give them permission.