WarRoom’s Bannon praises Dan Bishop, dumps on Richard Hudson

One of the more popular national talk shows in MAGA country featured congressman Dan Bishop (R-NC) yesterday.   Bishop was on to talk about the inquiries into alleged corruption within the Biden family.  (Click here to watch.  Bishop comes on at the 6:50 mark.)

WarRoom host Steve Bannon was on a roll with his usual theme of blasting DC Republicans for a lot of tough talk but little action:

[…] “Republican voters are fed up to here with passivity in the face of so many things that need to be done.” […] 

Right out of the gate, in his interview with Bishop, Bannon hit the congressman with some commentary about one of his Tar Heel State colleagues:

[…] “And [Hudson’s] on TV saying when he goes home nobody is talking about [Biden family corruption]. 

[…] “Nobody’s talking about Hunter Biden [,Hudson says]. What they’re talking about is the economy, immigration, crime. […] I looked up [Hudson’s] record, and he voted for the debt ceiling [increase].”

[…] “All that’s just Fox News, TV for stupid people.  This guy has been terrible.” […]

Richard comes home to talk to people?  When?  And what does he call home?  His residence-of-record is a couple of miles from me, as the crow flies.  But NOBODY ever sees him. WHO does he “come home” to talk to?

In Pinehurst, we get a lot of tourists and seasonal residents passing through.  But when you look just at year-round residents, we’re still a small community.  Most locals know, or know of, each other.  I saw Hudson’s predecessors here — the late Howard Coble and Renee Ellmers — a whole lot more than I see Hudson.

Bishop was diplomatic in responding to Bannon’s comments:

[…] “My experience has been different from what Richard described. I was in Davidson County, North Carolina Saturday for a gathering. […]

It’s amazing how many people in rural North Carolina are on top of the details of a lot of things. […] I asked who watches congressional hearings.  Seventy-five percent of the hands in the room went up. […]

I get [questions about the Bidens] constantly. I get it when I call on people.”  […]

You watch and / or listen to Dan Bishop and you see and hear a PUBLIC SERVANT.  Bishop has been a leader in the effort to crack down on the weaponization of the federal bureaucracy.  He’s also been a leader in extracting concessions from Kevin McCarthy and his RINO disciples.  He is a loud, passionate voice among a shrinking number of people in DC that conservatives can always count on. 

Dickie “The Strangler” Hudson represents Kevin McCarthy and his biggest donors.  We are a distant, distant third place for him. Sadly, Hudson can get away with treating us like this because there will always be rooms full of old people ready to clap like seals at the mention of his name.