Wainstein Report provides a wider opportunity to reform UNC

uncLefties across the state and country are giggling mercilessly over the bad publicity being doled out against the UNC-Chapel Hill athletics department.  Heck, a lot of faculty members have been trying to kick basketball and football off campus for decades.  But this new focus on courses with questionable academic value might bounce back to smack these giddy lefties right in the face. 

Clearly, forces in Raleigh and Chapel Hill will be launching an effort to clean this mess up.  My question is this:  Why stop with AFAM studies and the athletes?  

unclogoGov. Pat McCrory took some heat early in his tenure in Raleigh for questioning the value of some of the university system’s liberal arts offerings, and encouraging system leaders to reorient their focus toward more serious, career-oriented curriculum offerings. If we’re really outraged about bogus courses with questionable academic value, why not take a look at — for starters — Queer Studies, Women’s Studies and whatever the hell it is  Gene Nichol gets paid to do? (A professorship named after one of the members of Dave Matthews’s band?  Seriously ?????) 

What sort of future does a degree in Poverty Studies, Queer Studies, African American Studies, or Women’s Studies prepare you for?  I’ll tell you — a professional leftist agitator sucking at the taxpayer teat and eventual tenured university faculty member. 

Let’s not allow current events to turn into a witch hunt against the athletic department.  It’s a great opportunity for the “conservative revolution’s” Board of Governors — even the Democrat who gave Thom Tillis a lot of money and got a Do-Over revote in the House — to fumigate our state university system and redirect it toward honestly preparing our young people to be competitive in the 21st century and beyond.

3 thoughts on “Wainstein Report provides a wider opportunity to reform UNC

  1. The GOP appointees on the Board of Governors are clueless. Expect no reforms in the UNC system from this group.

  2. Lefties are giggling?

    How do you come up with that? I figure that UNC being a lefty-left school is a bastion of lefty thought and therefore lefties would be crying over this news.

    Anyway, I blame the GOP. Look what happens when they take over the NC General Assembly. This scandal was never a problem while the Democrats were in office. The kids did not go to class and everyone was happy. The teams were winning and all was right with the world. Then the Republicans come along and upset things.

    I think the lefties are crying over this and will retaliate against the Republicans. The Republicans cut the UNC budget and the school was forced to have no-show classes because they could not afford to buy seats in which the student-athletes could sit during class.

    Students who earn a degree in no-show classes end up working for companies who operate tholl roads.

  3. UNC…University of NO classes! THE MOST CORRUPT public university in America.

    The value of ‘degrees’ from UNC just went WAY down…

    UNC has long been controlled by wealthy NC lieberal elitists and these are the results…UNC is now a HUGE embarrassment to WE the people and the State of NC.

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