Vinroot, Gantt team up for May





The 2000 GOP nominee for North Carolina governor and the 1990 & ’96 Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate  are teaming up for an assault on May’s vote on Amendment One:


Dear Friend,

We have an important message to share with you from Harvey Gantt and Richard Vinroot. Both used to be Mayor of Charlotte. Harvey Gantt is a Democrat, Richard Vinroot is a Republican. Both have had a major impact on our state. They don’t always agree on everything but they do agree on one major issue:

Richard Vinroot opposes Amendment One because it is “unnecessary and may have unintended consequences.”

Harvey Gantt opposes Amendment One because, “those consequences may harm women, children and families throughout North Carolina. And, even worse, the amendment will write discrimination into our constitution.”

This powerful new web ad showcases the emerging consensus against the amendment. Regardless of party affiliation, faith, neighborhood or background people across the state are calling on others to vote against the amendment on May 8. It is an important message for voters to hear.

Will you donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $1,000 or more so that we can air messages like this one across North Carolina? We cut our first television ads last week and we are ready to hit the airwaves with information about the harms of Amendment One.

As Richard Vinroot declared in the video, “If we defeat Amendment One on May 8, it will not cause any harm at all.”

Now that is something that we can all agree on!


Jeremy Kennedy

Protect All NC Families

PS – Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more will help us win this critical battle. Please consider a gift today.


Isn’t that special?  <sarcasm> It helps SO MUCH to have GOP leaders blurring the differences between themselves and lefty Democrats. </sarcasm>

A leading Charlotte conservative tossed in his two cents on this unholy alliance:

If any of you still wonder about the decline  of the Mecklenburg-Charlotte Republican party, which has occurred over the past 20 years, this alliance epitomizes the problem !!!  The result:  Democrats control the mayor’s office and city council 9 to 2!  The county commission is 5 to 4 Democrats, but that will be worse after the November election!  Under the leadership of Vinroot and McCrory and Democrats, our taxes are the highest in the state…..and you can count on a city tax increase this year.  These so-called Republicans paved the way!

3 thoughts on “Vinroot, Gantt team up for May

  1. I see my decision not to support Vinroot was correct when he was running for office. The video title should be “Two Progressive Peas in a Pod.” They cancel each other out!! The NC democrats and republicans are like professional wrestlers, they portray themselves to be strident opponents in public, but behind the curtain, out of the public eye, they drink together, back slap each other and have a good old time putting on a show for the folks. How I despise their duplicity!!!

    What’s the difference between the republican progressive establishment and the democrat party? NONE! As can be seen by this video.

    Vinroot speaks of “unintended consequences” …. Pray tell what that would be Mr Vinroot? If by the the very words of the local spokesperson against the marriage amendment in WNC, nothing will change. One Man, One women is already the law. The only thing the Marriage Amendment will do is ensure is that homosexual activists will come to NC and sue to have the marriage law now on the books overturned by activists judges.

    Homosexual activists and their supporters are pushing for validation and approval, not for any bogus infringement of rights.

    Everyone that has drunk the koolaid from the homosexual propaganda campaign has been played and fell right in into their radical agenda. Even Thomas Jefferson wrote bills and legislation against homosexual behavior. But we ignore the sound foundations of our founding, for the expedience of being politically correct, and tolerant to the extreme. Even teaching harmful sexual practices to our children … it’s insanity! And I will have NONE OF IT!!

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