UNC-CH’s BofT spent $35 MILLION to DEFEND race-based admissions ???

According to an official UNC-CH alumni publication, THAT’S exactly what happened:

[…] In a separate issue, BOT Vice Chair John Preyer ’91 questioned Carolina’s effort to defend itself against the lawsuit, which was first filed in 2014. “I think that it’s instructive … to reflect on what’s happened with the Supreme Court case where, for nine years, we’ve spent in the neighborhood of $35 million to lose a high-profile case, in which we were found to have been in violation of the 14th Amendment,” he said.“I want everybody to think about it because this is a moment of humility. I know that a lot of people thought we were fighting a good fight, and it needed to be fought, but as it turns out we were doing something we actually shouldn’t have been doing.”

Preyer questioned whether the University would have been better off spending the $35 million on providing reduced or free tuition “as opposed to trying to litigate a position that ultimately was found to be in violation of the law.”

After the ruling, Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz announced UNC will provide free tuition for students whose household income is below $80,000.[…]

2014 was the halfway point of Pat McCrory’s gubernatorial term.  He and the Republican majorities on Jones Street had control over UNC AND its board appointments.  After 2016, we still had GOP control on Jones Street.  How was this $35 million dollar quixotic clusterf*** allowed to happen?

Once again, it’s demonstrated how little of an ROI we’re getting for our Republican registrations and votes.