Mr. Bishop is coming home. (*SIGH*)

One thing you can say about Dan Bishop is he likes to stay on the move. He spent four years as a Mecklenburg County commissioner. Two years as a state House member.  Two years as a state senator.  And now — four years into his career in DC with the US House of Representatives — he’s on the move again.

Bishop, an attorney, has decided to come back to Raleigh — a city he kissed goodbye just FOUR years ago — to run for state attorney general.  Democrat incumbent Josh Stein is leaving the post to run for governor.  Former legislator and veteran state courts official Tom Murry (R) has been campaigning for the AG post for some time.  Murry has been positioning himself as dependably conservative. One has to wonder why Bishop would jump into a GOP field that already has a competent, down-the-line conservative in place and running hard. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Bishop is a good guy.  He talks a good game.  He effectively communicates conservative ideas. He’s had a respectable conservative voting record.  But it seems – with him – like we get a lot of initial fanfare that fades away quickly.

We heard a lot initially about how he was going to get some answers about the travesty known as J6.  There are still, more than two years later, a lot of uncharged (and some overcharged) people rotting in federal prison.  Dan got a lot of face-time in the media.  We got a few hearings.  But there’s been little to no movement on dealing with that travesty of justice.

We were told of how Bishop led the revolt against electing Kevin McCarthy speaker.  Supposedly, he and his holdouts were going to sit on their hands until McCarthy and the RINOs conceded some things to conservatives.  Bishop and his followers came around to support McCarthy.  Meanwhile, many of us are sitting around waiting for evidence of those “concessions” Dan & co. allegedly shook out of McCarthy and how they benefit us all, as a whole.

Dan has also made some noise about Hunter Biden and has earned himself some positive publicity. There’s still a lot of work to be done there.  It’s a shame to abandon it all and return to Raleigh.

We’ve been hearing about how McCarthy acolyte Dickie “The Strangler” Hudson and state senator Phil Berger led the cheering section encouraging Bishop to ditch DC.  (Berger’s top political strategist also works his campaign magic for Bishop.) Neither of those two guys are friends of conservatives.  We’ve heard Berger is promising to “look after” and “take care of” Bishop and the state DOJ if Bishop is elected AG in November 2024.  (I bet he will.)

Meanwhile, Bishop’s departure from Congress means we have no one left representing the state in DC who could even somewhat honestly be called “conservative.”  Surely, the NCGOPe hierarchy has a suitable RINO in the wings — Cotham or Moore, perhaps — waiting to fill the soon-to-be-void in the 9th district.  

Do we want an AG beholden to Phil Berger?  Or would we prefer one that would indict or prosecute the president pro tem should that need arise?  (I can see Murry doing that in a heartbeat.  And that is what likely has the NCGOPe so scared and looking so hard for some insurance against — an antidote  to — Murry.) 

This move certainly takes Bishop out of pocket for a possible challenge to ratfink Thom Tillis in 2026.  How would it look to get elected AG in 2024, and then turn around and run to return to DC two years later?

How comfortable can we be that — if he wins — Bishop won’t be ditching us for something else in two to four years?  There is a pattern out there already.

I’ve heard from more than a few connected folks who tell me they’re alarmed at how Bishop struggles to produce a coherent response to: “Why do I want to be the AG?”  

The aftermath of the 2024 election will leave our state without any conservative representation in DC for the first time in AGES.  Dan has been positioning himself as a national conservative leader.  Kind of like Mark Meadows did before he moved to 1600 Penn.  Kind of like Jesse Helms did from 1972-2002. It’s a shame to see all of Dan’s work trash-canned so quickly.

The hopscotching between jobs and locales is more than a little frustrating.  So is the apparent lack of a mission statement explaining what he wants or even why he’s out here.

In the AG’s race, it’s important to not fall for celebrity over substance.  Bishop is better known than Murry.  We encourage a good close look at Tom Murry.  I think we may have a real diamond in the rough on our hands there.