Trashing The Constitution from the bench: ‘Viewpoint discrimination’ rears its ugly head AGAIN





In DC, they are ignoring the guidelines laid out in The Constitution regarding legislative process.  The Supreme Court has come up with creative dandies like “freedom of expression” as well as a “right to abortion.”  (The former creatively extrapolated from the First Amendment, which keeps us from being jailed for criticizing the government,  and the latter from The Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable search and seizures.)

Recently, in North Carolina, we’ve had THREE  judges magically create a principle of “viewpoint discrimination”  to aid and abet leftist plaintiffs.  The first prominent case involved a federal judge demanding that the legislature reinstate funding to Planned Parenthood.  Then, a federal judge smacks down the state’s issuance of “Choose Life” license plates.   Now, a Wake County judge has found “viewpoint discrimination” in the legislature’s decision to halt automatic NCAE dues deductions from public school teacher pay checks.   (It was doubly-disappointing to see alleged libertarian Bob Orr representing the NCAE.)

Allowing the NCAE to confiscate dues payments from monthly paychecks IS the awarding of taxation power to a private entity.  That’s a frightening concept in itself.   (The Constitution says government has the power of taxation.)

The Constitution does not address “viewpoint discrimination.”

This bit of creative jurisprudence COULD come back to bite the lefties in the butt.   The NCAE is notorious for dumping tons of money on — and campaigning for — leftist politicos.  What about the “viewpoints” of conservative-leaning educators who have no interest in bank-rolling Barack Hussein Obama or Bev Perdue?  What about the viewpoints of pro-life taxpayers who object to state tax money being handed over to Planned Parenthood — a private organization?

Lefties in Congress and the legislature — and on the bench — have been slowly but surely breaking away from the specifics of our founding documents.   It’s getting to the point where the alleged watchdogs in the mainstream media are treating this disrespect of the Constitution with a big ol’ “ho-hum.”  It’s as though there is a purposeful effort to make diverting away from The Constitution NO BIG DEAL. 

This blatant disrespect toward our founding documents from the bench and from the legislative chambers is a bad deal for you, me and OUR COUNTRY.