Tillis helped BIG TIME in passing two key parts of ‘Bidenomics’

If you’re enjoying the current economic climate, THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER says our very own Thom Tillis is one of the people you need to THANK for it:

As President Joe Biden and his Cabinet fan out across the country touting his economic record, major features of “Bidenomics” would not be possible if not for Republican support in Congress for a $1 trillion infrastructure measure and a U.S. semiconductor production bill.

While the Biden administration attempts to frame his economic record as a “middle-out” and “bottom-up” approach to the economy, in contrast to Republican’s economic philosophy, the most popular parts of the president’s package of policies were negotiated and ultimately passed with Republican support

Nineteen Republican senators helped get the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act legislation over the finish line in August 2021, roughly doubling the funds spent over a decade on roads, bridges, the electric grid, and broadband. Seventeen Republican Senators helped advance the CHIPS Act in July 2022, which provides tax and other incentives to expand U.S. semiconductor production.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) backed both pieces of legislation.

Now, many of those Republicans find themselves in an awkward position as the policies they helped build are at the heart of the president’s reelection strategy, but the majority of them are standing by their previous votes.[…]

This crowd of quislings includes a lot of the usual suspects, like Mitt Romney (R-UT), Bill Cassady (R-LA), and Todd Young (R-IN).  But – surprise, surprise — that crew of weasels also includes our very own senior senator:

[…] Ultimately, Republican senators who helped both bills get over the finish line, like Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC), overwhelmingly said they don’t regret their votes that may have inadvertently helped build the Bidenomics reelection strategy.

“I think people need to understand how a bill becomes a law,” Tillis said. “The only reason those bills became law is because Republicans supported them.” […] 

When he runs for reelection in 2026, we’re going to be told: “He’s better than a Democrat.”  Is he, though?  Is he SERIOUSLY?

The best chance we have to throw his sorry butt off of Capitol Hill is Dan Bishop – who Tillis’s GOP lackeys are desperately trying to con into coming back to Raleigh.  Tillis is loaded up with PAC money.  He’s loaded the NCGOP infrastructure with so many of his trolls and lackeys. He’s been elected twice without cracking 50 percent of the vote.

 Thom doesn’t need us.  And we certainly don’t need him.