Thom @ 24% (Where is THE LOVE, people?)

thom-smokingThe portside proletariats over at Public Policy Polling have produced some data that MIGHT hurt the feelings of Susan Tillis’s husband.  According to PPP, our junior senator — two years into his first term — has ratings of  24% favorable, 35% unfavorable, 41% no opinion.  That is as of February 18. 

Richard Burr is not much better, according to PPP.  He sits at 29% favorable, 40 percent unfavorable.  In the Senate primary, PPP has him with 56 %, while Greg Brannon has 13%, Paul Wright has 4%, and Larry Holmquist has 3%.

In the general election Burr leads a matchup with Democrat Deborah Ross 43/37.  He stands at 43/36 against Democrats Chris Rey AND Kevin Griffin.

24In the governor’s race, PPP has McCrory up 43/41 over Roy Cooper in a general election matchup.   As far as the GOP primary goes, McCrory is pulling down 69% of the vote to 5% for Brawley and 4% for Charles Moss.  Roy Cooper leads Kenneth Spaulding 55/12 in the Democrat primary for governor. 

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,291 registered voters, including 597 likely Republican primary voters and 575 likely Democratic primary voters, from February 14th to 16th. The margin of error is +/-2.7% for the overall sample, +/-4.0% for the Republicans and +/-4.1% for the Democrats.

10 thoughts on “Thom @ 24% (Where is THE LOVE, people?)

    1. True, their polling is so bad, I don’t know how they stay in business. Still, if they’re even close, my advice to all the Tillis haters who can’t wait until 2020….take it out on his buddy Burr just to give Tillis a taste of what’s next.

    2. Actually, this number makes sense, as it reflects a lot of other polling on the GOP establishment in Congress. Democrat voters rank them low because they do not like Republicans of any stripe. Republican voters rank them low because they are disgusted at the GOP establishment and its Congressional leadership constantly caving in to Obama instead of fighting him. Put together, that results in a very low number.

      Polls have been showing for at least a year that over 70% of Republican voters disapprove of the GOP Congressional leadership in DC with over 60% going so far as to say they have been ”betrayed” by the GOP leadership in the House and Senate. This angst with the DC GOP establishment leadership is reflected in the vote for anti-establishment candidates in the presidential primaries.

      That is, of course, also going to reflect on any Senator like Tillis or Burr who constantly votes the McConnell leadership position.

  1. The love is there. It is like the love between an old married couple. Thom won the Republican primary without a runoff and then defeated an incumbent United States Senator.

    That was a great expression of our love for our Senator. The love is still there but true love does not have to be flashy. True love stands the test of time and I feel confident that our love for Senator Tillis will be strong at the end of his first term.

    Love knows no bounds, love is kind. Open your heart and let the love flow in. You will find a wonderful peace.

    1. I would compare the 2014 election to a drunk and horny guy at closing time at the bar and the only unattached female is a 200 pounder. When he wakes up with her in the morning and is sober, he realizes what a bad mistake he has made as she sits there in bed picking her nose.

    1. Conservatives have the opportunity to send a message to the Bobsey Twins who misrepresent us in the US Senate on March 15, by sending Tillis’ even more liberal twin Richard ”Tricky Dick” Burr home.

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