The tolerance crowd is not practicing what they preach

Leftist love to tell us how tolerant they are, and how the rest of us should be JUST as tolerant of people who think, look and act differently than we do.  But tolerance appears to be a one-way street with these people.

In the wake of the overwhelming vote supporting the marriage amendment to the state constitution, you’ve got amendment opponents coming out of the woodwork cursing churchgoers, calling them names, and denigrating the ol’ Tar Heel State at warp speed.   Tolerance for ME, but not for THEE

A great example of all of this “tolerance” can be found in the Opinion section of our local Oscar and Emmy-winning, Pulitzer Prize-nominated, Nobel Prize runner-up of a daily newspaper. 

This vote last Tuesday was not about “hate” — despite what Steve Bouser wants to tell you.   A clear majority of the voters simply are not comfortable with judges rewriting laws of nature that have stood for centuries in order to create out of thin air a third and fourth gender.  A great majority of the people who voted for this amendment are good Christians who would be the first to lend aid and comfort to a distressed or under-the-weather neighbor who JUST HAPPENS to be gay.

 A great majority of Christians are not interested in details of what you do behind closed doors in your home.  However, many DO take offense when leftists assault thousands of years of Christian tradition and values for the sake of contemporary feel-good trendiness.

If the lefties want to corner the market on compassion, they need to show some — and some grace — on those occasions when they don’t get their way.