The smarmy, hypocritical faux outrage over lying in politics

Lying in politics?  *Seriously? THAT HAPPENS ????*

It’s really, really appalling seeing and hearing all of these media and politico types moan about this George Santos, a newly-elected congressman from NY, allegedly lying about his background.  Some are actually suggesting that he be put out of office NOW.

(Are you kidding me?)

If we immediately kicked out every proven liar in politics or the media, things would be very quiet in newsrooms and legislative chambers across the country.  Let’s look at just a few examples we’ve joyfully overlooked in recent years, shall we?

JOE BIDEN. He was run out of the 1988 presidential campaign in 1987.  He actually had the gall to take a speech by British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock as his own, word-for-word.  Biden even spoke as though his dad worked in mines and played ‘football’ during breaks from work.  (Biden’s dad had a new car dealership nowhere near any mines.)  The discovery of the Kinnock speech tape crucified Biden.  The media ran him out of the race, suggesting that he did not have “the integrity to be president.”  (Actually, it was more because they were in the tank for Mike Dukakis.) Biden kept getting reelected by the people of Delaware.  Twenty years later, he got elected vice-president. Twelve years after that, he got elected president.  Apparently, he found “the integrity to be president” somewhere between 1988 and 2020.

BILL CLINTON.  Joe Biden was the poster boy for lying in politics until THIS GUY came around.  Back in 1988, Clinton was just coming onto the national scene. He became famous then for giving an outrageously long keynote speech at the Democrat convention.   ‘Slick Willie’ stole the title from Biden and has never looked back.

RICHARD HUDSON.  Yes, our current congressman is quite an impressive liar.  When he first ran for Congress, he and his cronies established a fake “marketing business” in Cabarrus County and made ol’ Rich the CEO.  It existed only on paper.  This was done so he could run as a “small businessman.”  That sounds a lot better than “career political hack,” which is what he was and IS.

Don’t get me wrong.  Lying is BAD.  But how can we attack anyone for fibbing when we have forgiven (and reelected) so many people who have lied so much worse than this guy Santos has?