The Round Rev: GUILTY !!!


George Soros’s favorite preacher  NOW has a criminal record:


[…] Civil rights leader the Rev. William Barber was convicted on trespassing charges Thursday stemming from a 2017 protest at the General Assembly.


Earlier Thursday, Barber said that he organized a sit-in at the General Assembly after its Republican leaders repeatedly refused to meet with him. He told jurors, “I was there because the Constitution gives you the right.”


“My motivation was believing that the Constitution of North Carolina says that everything you do in government should be done for the good of the whole,” Barber said, “… that I have the right to instruct the General Assembly at the legislature.”[…]


I am not so sure that “instructing” the legislature includes screaming at the top of your lungs and pounding on office and legislative chamber windows.



Being rude and disruptive gets people thrown out of public AND private buildings all the time.


The real travesty is this reprobate was allowed to tie up state court resources for TWO YEARS over this nonsense.




[…]Barber took the stand in his defense on the third day of his trespassing trial, having been charged in 2017 after leading a call-and-response chant outside Sen. Phil Berger’s office, declining to leave and being led away in zip-tie handcuffs.


The misdemeanor charges could result in only a few hundred dollars punishment, but Barber insisted on a jury trial. The First Amendment has loomed around the evidence of his protest, bringing numerous objections from the prosecutor.


Barber, the only witness called by his attorneys, said he led roughly 50 people into the General Assembly on a Tuesday morning, having spoken and met with legislators dozens of times throughout his turn as president of the NAACP of North Carolina.


He said he and protesters wished to present letters and address grievances over the Republican-led effort to thwart the Affordable Care Act, which he said denied health care for hundreds of thousands statewide. Barber said he had requests for a meeting go unanswered.


Police for the General Assembly have testified that the substance of the protest had no bearing on Barber being arrested with two dozen others outside Berger’s office. Assistant District Attorney Nishma Patel has repeatedly drawn testimony away from the Constitution and back to the rules of the General Assembly building, which prohibit disruptions.


Patel: “Your voice was quite loud, wasn’t it?”


Barber: “I don’t know your characterization of loud.”


Patel: “It was loud.”


Barber: “It was my preaching voice.”


The civil rights leader often stood in the witness box Thursday because of arthritis issues that have long plagued him, and he spoke in a subdued voice that contrasts with his Moral Monday tenor and his Sunday preaching.


Patel: “Your voice was louder than it is right now.”


Barber: “I’m not reciting.”


He acknowledged being told to lower his voice, move away from the office and leave or be subject to arrest.


“To be clear,” Patel asked, “after being notified by an officer of the General Assembly to leave the building, you were not leaving the building?”[…]