The Replacements



NCGOP leadership has compiled a list of candidates to replace the party’s two members who recently resigned from the state board of elections:


State law says Governor Doofus gets to pick one name from each list to serve on the board.   For conservatives, the best picks would be Jeanette Doran and Don van der Vaart.   (I probably just killed their chances right there.). Van der Vaart is a smart cookie with an instinct to fight when fighting is needed.   We’re in war mode right now, and the NCGOP needs as many fighters as possible out there.


Jeanette Doran is a conservative attorney who would complement van der Vaart well.   One thing the two have in common?  They both have ties to the Art Pope Conspiracy.™


A good runner-up to Doran would be attorney Stacy Eggers of Watauga County.  This guy drove the liberals in Boone CRAZY while he served on the county board of elections.


A good runner-up for van der Vaart would be former legislator and city council member Trudy Wade of Greensboro.  Wade was respectably conservative during her time in city and state government.  She also had a combative style that we’re going to need a lot of between now and November.

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  1. Doran is at John Locke Foundation. GOP reps needs BACKBONE and stamina and strong knowledge of Constitution. I’ve NEVER understand WHY the 2 reps DID NOT RAISE HE__ when they discovered what was going on? Does anyone know. And then the wife of one state on social media they were ‘forced’ to resign. WHAT the H did they think would be the reaction to their non-stance? You don’t VOTE and then cry wolf. YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON. I swear, does NC NOT have people that are fighters, zealous Conservatives, stalwarts ready for battle????

    1. I hope you can answer this question since you seem to know a lot about The John Lock Foundation. One of our former governors
      Jim Martin has refused to endorse our republican candidate for president. Art Pope has refused also and has vocally bucked the president
      over his China trade tariffs where Pope buys most of the cheap products he sells. Now I am informed that Martin sits on the Board of the
      Locke Foundation and in fact allows his name to be used in the organization. My question is, Does the Foundation pay Martin to sit on this
      Board and how much? That would explain Martin’s duplicity.

      1. JLC Foundation is all about Constitutional Govt. I am a member. I do not find Martin sitting on the Board. News to me? Not saying untrue, not aware. I’ll do more research. I’ve reached out to have your question answered. Thanks for the prompt.

        1. I am told that Martin serves on the board of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.
          Formerly called the Pope Center.

  2. This whole debacle raises an interesting question for the NC GOP—who recommended the two SBOE GOP members who just quit in the first place? They appear to be totally clueless and seemingly had no idea what was going on. Why can’t the NC GOP get its act together? To be sure there are plenty of smart conservatives in the state who could have served on the SBOE without having to have the two dingbats who were appointed. This is a question a lot of us are asking today. Would be nice to get an answer.

  3. May we receive a SBOE update from the Pasquotank Co person? Understand a ltr/email sent out by Bell DEMANDING NEW process/policy be followed or risk of termination? Can we obtain an update on this mandate? WHERE are the court battles? Tomorrow is Oct 1!!!! Time is of the essence.

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