The Pinehurst Hot Mess: Hypocrisy ALERT !!!


Suggest cutting down a pine tree in Pinehurst, and you’d think you proposed euthanizing grandma.  Building projects get delayed or killed outright by bureaucrats and politicians and loud, obnoxious activists butt-hurt over the cutting of pine trees.

DC lobbyist — and erstwhile Pinehurst Village councilman — Patrick “Parachute Pat” Pizzella likes to drone on in his annoying, squeaky high-pitched voice about “historic pine trees”.  (Whatever the hell those are.)  He used the nonsense about these “historic” trees to help kill a plan to re-configure the very-annoying daily fiasco at the Pinehurst Traffic Circle.

If you consult the Moore County Historical Association, you’ll learn that as late as the 1930s pine trees in this area were clear-cut and shipped off to the northeastern US.  (The Yankees have been making trouble around here for a long time, apparently.).

The pine tree sap was used as a treatment for tuberculosis.  During that era, you could stand in downtown Southern Pines and clearly see the entirety of Pinehurst’s Carolina Hotel — something you CAN’T do now.  (The MCHA has photos to prove all that.)

With all this current hysteria about pine tree “murder,” you’d think The Village of Pinehurst would be the last entity to go and willy-nilly cut down pine trees.  Certainly not with Comrade Strickland and his band of fringe lunatics currently in the majority.

But, no. The village government is slaughtering pine trees on village-owned property — specifically on the property surrounding the Fair Barn and its accompanying tracks and stables.  The photos accompanying this article were taken today off of Monticello Road between Blake Boulevard and Parker Lane.  You can see the piles of wood chips — the carcasses of murdered pine trees — piled up on village property by village contractors.  (We paid for this, people.)

This “crime” had to be approved by village manager Jeff “Slouch” Sanborn and his team. Why is the village manager being allowed to do this when the village government and its groupies has such an extensive record of fighting the cutting of ANY trees?

If Sanborn knew this was going on and approved of it, he should be FIRED.  FIRED. FIRED. Fired, and escorted out of town by Pinehurst’s Finest. <sarcasm>How can we continue to fund the salary of someone so callous and indifferent to the slaughter of “historic” trees? <\sarcasm>

I believe Comrade Strickland should reassemble his crack investigative team that so nailed Lydia Boesch and Kevin Drum on those bullshit “ethics” charges.  This time, the allegations will have substance.  (Photos don’t lie.)

Folks, remember what you’ve seen and read in this post.  If it’s “illegal” for you to cut pine trees, it damn well better be for Jeff Sanborn and Comrade Strickland.  No double-standards.  This is STILL America, after all.