The NCGOP finance report: Chartered jet(s), primary-meddling and $$$ to Charlotte lawyer

We all know party chairman Robin Hayes has his own plane, and that the NCGOP has kicked in some $$$ for fuel for said plane.  So, WHY is the state party chartering a private jet (or jets)?

THIS comes from the latest campaign finance report for the state Republican Party:

flyExclusive provides chartered jets for folks WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY above my pay-grade.  Was the chairman’s plane unavailable?  What business was so urgent for the state party that it required a chartered jet?

Another interesting item on the state party report:   A $5,000 payment to the campaign for state Rep. Kelly Hastings.

The problem?  He had a primary against fellow Republican Charlene High.

Oh, and one more interesting tidbit: $20,0000 to a Charlotte law firm — paid in FOUR $5,000 checks over an 11 day period.

I thought Tom Stark was on retainer to handle all party business?  Perhaps, with all of his banning and surveillance-related activities and his quixotic kamikaze run for state senate, there just isn’t ANY TIME.