“The Great Unifier” urges supporters to seek REVENGE

Barack Hussein Obama (MMM-MMM-MMM) — who came to power in 2008 promising to lower the sea levels and end racial division — is urging his supporters to seek REVENGE at the ballot box THIS year.

Let’s see.  The last four years have included: skyrocketing unemployment and debt, business closures, a downgraded credit rating, rampant growth in government, and terrorists murdering our citizens and trashing our embassies, among other things.  Looking at that abysmal record, I’d say freedom-loving, hard-working Americans from coast-to-coast have the best case for vengeance.  A case for a malpractice suit, perhaps? 

Mitt Romney was not my first choice, as far as presidential candidates go.  But since the next president will be named either Obama or Romney, the Mittster is the BEST choice we’ve got.

I do have to hand it to Romney, though.  He responded to Barry’s “revenge” remark masterfully: “[V]ote for love of country, not revenge.”

Amen.  For those of us in the liberty and tea party movements, that’s been our motivation for at least four years now.  Make that your motivation when you head to the polls tomorrow.