The GOP establishment: Here They Go Again …. (Give us your votes, then SHUT UP!)

Tea Party folks have been told for months now that we need to get on the bandwagon — for the sake of unity.  We need to join the cheering section for Pat and Mitt.  We’ve done our part, but what do we get in return?  We get party hacks at the state and national level aggressively sabotaging Tea Party-aligned candidates in primaries.  (See Williams, Arthur; Jeter, Charles;  Tarte, Jeff and Hudson, Richard to refresh your memories.)

I’ll never forget Renee Ellmers lecturing a bunch of us here in Moore County about we just don’t understand the complexities of doing business in DC.  *It was very important to raise that debt ceiling — even though we are already hopeless mired in trillions of dollars of debt. *

The latest slap in the face is the RNC’s effort to shut grassroots activists out of platform-drafting and other convention activities.  *Those tea-baggers can be soooooo embarrassing.  They’ll probably want to hamstring us with this anti-choice and anti-tax nonsense. Those rubes need to go back to the trailer park. *

We’ve had our marches and rallies.  We threw out a bunch of folks in DC and Raleigh in 2010 and replaced them with new blood.  Unfortunately, the newbies started to enjoy life in Raleigh and DC a little too much.  The GOP controls the U.S. House.  All spending has to originate there.  Federal spending has SKYROCKETED since Boehner, Cantor, Ellmers & co. took the majority in 2010.

It’s all such a horrible slap in the face.  The Constitution says these people only have as much power as we give them.  If we keep sitting back, smiling and nodding, and saying  ‘thank you’ for the federal money taken from our wallets and laundered back to us with a smile from our local ‘honorables’  — how will things ever  get better?

These establishment folks are probably saying to themselves:  Who cares about the whining from these teabaggers?  Where else have they got to go?

In ‘Atlas Shrugged’, John Galt got tired of being run over and abused by the establishment bureaucrats and politicians, and simply dropped out of ‘the game.’  Can you imagine what kind of eggs would be laid at NCGOP headquarters the day after the election, if 10-20000 of us teabaggers simply left the line for Governor or 2nd district US Congress BLANK — or voted Libertarian?

The ruling class is demanding we get onboard with the plan and show some respect.  Well, respect is a two-way street.  If you’re going to stand up at the podium in Tampa and mouth a bunch of rhetoric about freedom, and then run your party like a fascist police state, how does that make you any different from the riff-raff we are trying to evict from the Executive Mansion in Raleigh and from 1600 Penn in DC?

The number one mission is to evict Barack Hussein Obama from 1600 Penn.  Once we clean out THAT HOUSE, we can start ‘cleaning house’ within the state and national GOP.