NCGOP carrying ROMNEY across the finish line??????




Yep.  That’s the bill of goods wonderboy super-scribe Rob Christensen is trying to sell us in the pages of The N&O:

The North Carolina Republican delegation arrived at the GOP national convention this weekend with a tailwind of its own that had nothing to do with Tropical Storm Isaac.

Normally, when the Tar Heel GOP goes to national conventions, it is hoping for a powerful lift from the national ticket – the kind of coattails provided in the past by a Ronald Reagan or a Richard Nixon.

But not this year.

With significant advantages over the Democrats in money and through redistricting, North Carolina Republicans are in their best position in recent memory.

If anything, the state Republican Party may be in a position to give the national ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan a lift, not the other way around. […]

Whaaaaaaaaa  …???   Talk about REACHING.  It sounds like some hacks at NCGOP are already jockeying for some post-November perks and promotions.  Rob does have a point about the state GOP outraising their counterparts at Democrat HQ.  But, if you Google old articles from Rob’s paper, you’ll find that NC Democrats were outraising NCGOP in October 2010.  (In November 2010, the GOP took over the General Assembly.)

That shows a monetary advantage doesn’t always clinch the deal.  You STILL have to properly sell yourself to the voters.  The presence of Barack Hussein Obama @ 1600 Penn and the pick of Paul Ryan for VP are THE main factors behind the fundraising windfall for NCGOP.  (It also helps to control both Houses in the General Assembly.  It’s much easier to shake down special interests for campaign funds when you call the shots on Jones Street.)

The real question that needs to be looked into is how all of this money is being spent.  The McCrory campaign is sucking up all of the money to be had in the state.  According to insiders I’ve talked with — the great majority of those funds goes to the hacks and consultants populating the McCrory campaign and NCGOP HQ. 

(I called NCGOP HQ not so long ago.  There must have been two dozen people with phone extensions listed on the automated answering service.  Who are all of those people, and what do they do all day that justifies an office and phone extension at NCGOP HQ?  I have a friend who worked at NCGOP HQ under a previous chairman.  I think they had FOUR full-time employees working at HQ at that time. )

The GOP has a great shot at gaining a majority on the Council of State — where many of the spending and policy decisions for state government are made.  Yet, the NCGOP’s financial windfall is NOT making it to the campaigns of the Council of State nominees.

The national and state GOP is lucky that there is so much anger and frustration across the countryside aimed at President Barry.  Both party establishments have tremendous PR problems with the party grassroots.  The national party establishment went along with President Barry’s desire to raise the federal debt ceiling.   The state party has meddled in local primaries by inserting — and actively campaigning for — their cronies. 

(Speaker Thom Tillis has taken some heat for his meddling in legislative primaries in the Outer Banks and in Mecklenburg County.  Tillis’s candidate in the Outer Banks — who got clobbered in the July runoff — is now, reportedly, supporting the reelection of a Democrat Member of Congress.)

Gubernatorial nominee Pat McCrory’s poll numbers are anemic.  As every month goes by, McCrory’s poll numbers decline while Democrat Walter Dalton’s rise.  Libertarian candidate Barbara Howe and “Undecided” are also faring quite well.   The fundraising windfall COULD mean really good things for the party statewide if the money ever made it past the hacks and consultants suckling on the state GOP apparatus. 

According to Public Policy Polling, congresswoman Renee Ellmers — in an overwhelmingly GOP district — only leads her Democrat opponent Steve Wilkins by 44-28.  (That’s 28 percent undecided, boys and girls.)  The poll shows she has an 81 percent UNFAVORABLE rating. 

The Organizing for America hordes are skedaddling across the state making mischief.  Barry’s street money has also yet to be disbursed. 

The GOP may very well have a great day on November 6.  If it does, it will have VERY LITTLE to do with Tom Fetzer, Thom Tillis, Skip Stam, Wayne King, or Robin Hayes.