The driveby media’s history of taking kooky conspiracy theories and running with them

Never mind that the whole Trump-and-Russia worked together to deny Hillary The White House story has no evidence to support it and is looking more and more like the stinky piece of crap that it is.   The Democrats and their accomplices in the driveby media have picked up the ball and are determined to run it across the goal line.  No matter how many reputations are ruined.  No matter how much damage is done to the national morale or the nation’s security.  

But THIS is not the first time they’ve done it.  It is not the first time a story accusing a Republican presidential campaign of conspiring with an evil foreign power to screw Democrats has been trumpeted in the national headline.  In 1980, a bunch of Carter-era national security types went public with a yarn about how the Reagan-Bush campaign sent a secret delegation to Iran to urge the Iranians NOT to release the American hostages being held there until after the American election was over.  

Just as with the current Trump-Russia nonsense, there was no evidence to support this Iran “October Surprise” hogwash.  One of the accusers got a book published, entitled — naturally — ‘October Surprise.’  The author got a lot of TV face-time that allowed him to beat up, unchallenged, the new Reagan-Bush team.

Despite the lack of factual basis, the Democrats on Capitol Hill howled about the ‘October Surprise.’  They demanded hearings.  They demanded legal action.  (Sound familiar?)

In 1988, as George Bush was running to succeed Ronald Reagan, ‘October Surprise’ reared its ugly head again.  The media — with the aid of congressional Democrats — tried hard to wrap it around Bush’s neck.

Here in North Carolina in 2016, there is yet one more example.  The filthy lying N&O is teaming up with something called The Southern Coalition for Social Justice to spin a yarn aimed at whipping up racial tensions in Robeson County.

I have a dog in this particular fight.  Robeson County is my ancestral home.  It’s been sickening to watch corruption, the welfare state and racial agitators tear the place apart.  What had once been a wonderful place to live has now been turned into a socialist crime-infested hellhole. 

Now, more about the yarn:

[…] For 28 years, Julia Pierce has tried to reopen the investigation into the 1988 murder of her father, who was killed during the final days of a historic political campaign in Robeson County.

Julian Pierce, a civil rights lawyer, would have been the state’s first Native American judge. But weeks before the election, Pierce was killed with three shotgun blasts in his home outside Pembroke. Three days later, the Robeson County sheriff announced that Pierce’s killer had committed suicide and the case was solved.

Julia Pierce has never believed that. She contends that the sheriff, Hubert Stone, was behind the murder. Her father had campaigned against drug trafficking, racism in the justice system and corruption in the county. And troubling evidence from the crime scene has raised new questions about state investigators’ account of the murder.[…] 

Yeah.  Accuse the former (white) sheriff — now dead and buried in the cemetery of murdering a Native American civil rights activist and politician.

The social justice crowd has always had a bone to pick with Stone.  Hubert Stone was a lawman cut from the Buford Pusser (‘Walking Tall’) and “Dirty Harry” mold.  He ws not a ‘kind and gentle’ sort of guy.

This crowd tried for years to pin some kind of criminal wrong-doing on Stone.  I will admit that Stone made some bad choices on the ethics front during his lifetime, but can’t find any credibility in the criminal accusations.

But here is what you get from the social justice crowd when they go after the late sheriff:

[…] Robeson County is roughly divided among whites, blacks and Lumbee Indians. Whites dominated the county for ages, but their hold on power began to loosen in the 1980s.

1988 was a volatile time in Robeson County. In February, two Indian activists took the staff of The Robesonian newspaper hostage, demanding an investigation into government corruption and drug dealing. In early March, voters approved a referendum to consolidate the county’s segregated school systems into one.

And Pierce, a lawyer for Lumbee River Legal Services, was running in a judicial district designed to elect a minority judge. His opponent was Joe Freeman Britt, the district attorney listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Deadliest Prosecutor, with 47 death-penalty convictions.

Britt recently died, as well, so he can’t speak for himself either.  MORE: 

[…] Pierce had campaigned to merge the schools. He complained to family and friends that the sheriff’s office was corrupt and protected local drug dealers. Several witnesses said Pierce had an old briefcase filled with documents that would expose drug-related corruption within the sheriff’s office. It has never been found.

Ok, look.  A rumor getting some play in a statewide newspaper.  MORE: 

[…] Subsequent events bore out the talk of corruption. Hubert Deese, a Robeson County drug dealer sent to federal prison in 1994, was Stone’s unacknowledged son, according to the investigative report. […]

Okay.  So, the man had an estranged, out-of-wedlock son who ventured over onto the wrong side of the law.  THAT makes Stone corrupt? Really? MORE:

[…] Stone wrote a letter of character reference to federal prosecutors in 1987 for a man whom the current district attorney recently called one of the biggest drug dealers in Robeson County history. […]

I once inquired about this one.  Stone DID write the letter.  But did it only as a political favor to some of the convict’s family members, who had been longtime supporters at the polls.  (That’s one of the bad decisions on the ethical front I cited earlier.  It looks bad, but — again — I don’t know how you label that criminal.) MORE: 

[…] In the decade after Stone’s retirement, Operation Tarnished Badge brought guilty pleas from 22 Robeson County officers on theft, assault and drug-related charges, the biggest police corruption scandal in North Carolina history.[…]

Now, they’re trying to tie Stone to a federal operation that took down his successor — a native American named Glenn Maynor.  Tarnished Badge was all about behavior that occurred during the Maynor era at the sheriff’s department.  (Maynor had fired a good chunk of Stone loyalists and remade the department in his own image.) Though, facts like that are inconvenient when you are trying to whip up racial tensions against white people. MORE: 

[…] But in 1988, the widespread talk of corruption consisted only of allegations.

Stone pressured Pierce several times to drop out of the race, according to Pierce’s campaign manager, his daughter, his ex-wife and others cited in the report from Pierce’s lawyer. Stone admitted as much in a 1990 interview with documenary producer Nicole Lucas Haimes; Stone said he didn’t want Pierce to run against Britt, his friend and ally.[…]

Again, here’s another bad decision by Stone — talking to a leftist documentary producer.  No good, for him, would come from that.  

And since when is one politician pressuring a candidate in another race to drop out a crime? 

To get elected countywide in Robeson, you need to get your racial group’s votes, and a good chunk of the votes of another racial group.  Stone did a great job of pulling votes in from across the racial demographic lines.  His Buford Pusser style rankled liberals inside and outside of the county.  But there are an awful lot of longtime residents who recognized the good he did for them and the county while he was in office. 

So, there you go:  Bullshit at every level of the media being presented to us as FACTS that we should buy into ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. 

Don’t believe everything you see and read.  Take the information you see and read, and do further research from multiple sources.  There are a lot of people out there — sad to say — that want to mislead you and take advantage of you.  Don’t let them win.