The DNC in NC: cheering abortion, booing God, and LITERALLY soaking the rich

Well, the freak show in Charlotte is winding down.  We’ve been treated to a celebration of abortion, the booing of God, and serious – I think – attempts to make us believe things are going GREAT.

 (By the way, check out the latest economic / unemployment news. )

We knew the Dems were serious about soaking “the rich,’’  but didn’t think they literally meant it. Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, fell in the pool at the Ritz-Carlton  during a party for Wall Street muckety-mucks.  (The party’s hosts included  Reggie Love –  a former Duke basketballer most famous for carrying President Barry’s bags and being, ahem, decorated  while passed out at a UNC fraternity house —  and  North Carolina state treasurer Janet Cowell – most famous for losing millions of state employee pension money in an apparent quid-pro-quo sweetheart Facebook stock deal with one-percenter Erskine Bowles. )

Folks who are still smarting over John Boehner’s  dubious vote-counting at the RNC were treated to a little de ja vu all over again with the vote on restoring the word “God” in the Democrat platform.  Vote-counting appears to be a bi-partisan problem.

The media is raving today about an alleged “barn-burner” of a speech from former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm.   These people were wowed by the woman being blamed by many for literally wrecking her state’s economy.  I have encountered scores upon scores of economic refugees from Michigan here in North Carolina.  It screams volumes about your party when you are celebrating a woman whose tenure as governor made people flee the state by the thousands because they (a) can’t find work or (b) simply can’t afford to live there anymore.

One of the best stories to come out of this little adventure in Charlotte was the decision to move Big Barry’s speech indoors from Bank of America Stadium.  Reportedly, the decision was made due to the threat of thunderstorms.  Checking the weather forecast in Charlotte, the odds of Elvis rising from the dead to kick off a comeback tour were better than a thunderstorm occurring that night.  The decision likely hinged on the fact that they couldn’t round up 70,000-plus people to listen to Barry – and didn’t want to see TV pictures of 50,000 empty seats.

I am amazed at how many sensible people I encounter locally who have bought into the spin that the current economic mess is ALL George W. Bush’s fault.   Those folks need to look back to see that the economy REALLY started tanking the moment Barry gave his victory speech in November 2008.  Barry was IN THE SENATE voting FOR all of the stuff that is now being blamed for the current economic crisis.

The real culprits in this economic mess are the members of what I like to call “The Ruling Class” – a bipartisan group centered mostly in Raleigh and DC.   They believe they are smarter than you and me, and that they were destined to govern the rest of us.  To them, it’s all about “getting something done’’ rather than DOING THE RIGHT THING.   HERE is a great book that does a really good job explaining what these people are all about.