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Moore County-Robbins water deal looking more and more like a long-shot

My #1 mole in the Moore county bureaucracy tipped me off that commissioners Craig Kennedy and Nick Picerno recently connected with state Senator Jerry Tillman in Raleigh for a fact-finding mission on how to best address the county’s water issues.  The leaders met with state…

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Pinehurst 2011: Google search reaps even more water talk

A media report on a 2010 public hearing before the Moore County Board of Commissioners featured this item: And Nancy Roy Fiorillo of the Pinehurst Village Council said the town of Pinehurst would love to give the county money to own its own water system,…

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Pinehurst 2011: Water, Agua, eau

  Moore County has had more than its fair share of water drama in recent years.  Long periods without rain have mad water access  — in a county with limited natural water resources — an adventure. Southern Pines has its own water plant and reservoir….