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Say Goodbye to runoffs

It’s really, um, funny to hear the statist ruling class elite that runs things in Raleigh moan about “wasting money.” (I heard John Hood on TV this weekend babbling about runoffs being the last vestige of Jim Crow in North Carolina. ) What has them…

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Lazy media STILL beating that dead horse re: runoffs

      I swear. ┬áListening to mainstream media types whine about the poor participation in last week’s runoffs is a lot like asking asking a bartender for a beer, and having him snap back at you to “Go get it yourself !” Our thrice…

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The Morning After: Looking back at Tuesday’s vote

        Well, the mainstream media did its best to tamp down enthusiasm about the state’s runoff elections. (Our local paper ran a grand total of TWO stories about the runoff — even though a local yet highly-despised resident was on the ballot….

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Moore GOP chairman out in left field on runoff elections

Bob Levy is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. ┬áHe’s been a real peacemaker here in Moore County since Richard Morgan and his cronies were pretty much deposed from power within the county party. Recently, our local thrice-weekly Nobel Prize-nominated, Oscar and Pulitzer…