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Campaign 2011: IS IT OVER YET ??????

    Ah, yes.  This wonderful expression of democracy we’ve been treated to here in the county of Moore for the last few months will mercifully come to an end Tuesday evening.  In case you’ve been busy for the last few months, let me recap…

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Moore Votes 2011: Here come the celebrity endorsements

            The week before an election typically brings celebrity endorsements and bombshell news stories detailing political scandals.  Here in Moore, we are beginning to see the celebrity endorsements for council and mayor in Southern Pines and Pinehurst. Some weeks back,…

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New State law on campaign signs

    In August, the state legislature enacted  a law which should have a significant impact on political campaigns and local efforts to police sign ordinances: Towns and municipalities no longer have jurisdiction over some campaign signs placed on their borders. In August, the N.C….