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GOPe: Throwing Richard Burr under the bus?

      It’s one thing to see conservatives and RINOs squabble, but it definitely IS a head scratcher when a RINO-on-RINO fracas breaks out.     For instance, take this campaign release from Georgia’s appointed US senator Kelly Loeffler (R):   Hmmm.   Loeffler…

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ANOTHER Richard Burr stock market scandal?

    We all know about the stock sales just before the coronavirus lockdown crashed the economy.   This time,  it apparently involves a Dutch fertilizer company:   The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, sold off almost $47,000 dollars worth of shares…

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Anger “building” in DC over Burr coronavirus investing

  Some people are dismissing the hubbub as pro-Trump forces paying our senior senator back for giving the Democrats so much help during the Russian collusion hoax.   Some are dismissing it as liberals and Democrats trying to score points on a hapless GOP incumbent….

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Tillis getting dragged into Burr mess?

    Believe it or not, the one who appears to be doing the dragging is a Republican congressman known as a solid conservative and rock-solid Trump loyalist on Capitol Hill:   […] On Friday, Burr spokeswoman Caitlin Carroll sent a statement from Burr on…

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Turning up the heat on ‘Tricky Dick’

    Our senior senator —  a guy who has survived so many elections by people reassuring / saying to themselves “He’s better than Erskine Bowles / Elaine Marshall / Deborah Ross”  —  can’t seem to shake the scrutiny of his investment practices, which are being…