Southern Software NOW donating services to Moore County


A well-placed source within Moore County government tells me that Southern Software — the Southern Pines-based developer of county public safety’s administrative software package — is officially out of the county budget.  The company had been paid approximately $24,000 per year to maintain their software installed on the county network and to support county employees using the software package.

Critics have cried foul about the payments because Commissioners Nick Picerno and Larry Caddell each serve on the company’s board. (Picerno founded the company.)

My source says the move was strongly encouraged and supported by Caddell and Picerno.  Southern Software does millions of dollars in business nationwide.  $24,000 from Moore County was not a make-or-break deal for the company.  Southern Software will continue its work with Moore County free-of-charge.

My source says this scenario will remain in place for as long as either Caddell or Picerno serves as a Moore County commissioner AND has a professional tie to Southern Software.  It’s not unusual to pay software companies for support. Intuit charges for support of Quickbooks.  Apple charges for support of their products (more than one year past the date or purchase).  It MAKES SENSE to have Southern Software support their product. What doesn’t make sense is smearing a company JUST for the sake of scoring  few political points.