Senate appropriations package gives treasurer Folwell visions of The Olympics


Well, it’s clear somebody in a high place in Raleigh has been watching The Olympic Trials:

“Like Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, they not only showed courage in attacking these long-term needs, but really ‘stuck the landing’ with this budget.”

That’s our state treasurer Dale Folwell heaping praise on the state Senate’s recent end-product.  Here’s more from Mr. Folwell:

I would like to thank the members of the North Carolina Senate for advancing such a fiscally responsible budget. The current proposal fully funds the State Health Plan, the state retirement systems and the state’s debt service as well as setting aside, for the first time ever, money for the Pension Solvency Reserve. Additionally, it provides unparalleled resources for water and sewer infrastructure needs at a time when communities are struggling to maintain fiscal stability while meeting public health and environmental responsibilities. It also fully reimburses the State Health Plan for COVID-19 expenditures related to the testing, treatment and vaccination of plan members and their dependents.